BLACK CROWN is a young label, full of proposals to innovate the padel world. Their main goal to make padel equipment is providing only the best to any kind of player, the variety is what impulse them.

With the Black Crown padel rackets, in Padel Nuestro we want to satisfy the demands both of the players who start in this sport and of those of high competition, who need a series of different properties from the amateur players.


Buy Black Crown padel rackets

You will find Black Crown padel rackets at an unbeatable price in our online store. For instance, the Black Crown Jet or the Black Crown Piton 5.0 with amazing discounts. With the high quality and guarantee by Black Crown, you will enjoy your game as no one else. Black Crown stands out by its complete equipments which help you to achieve the best performance.

Choose among all the models, the one which best fits to your game. At Padel Nuestro you will find the widest variety of Black Crown padel rackets for players who look for control or power. The brand offers high quality padel rackets.

  • BLACK CROWN PITON 7.0 Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level ...
    £195.29 £229.75
  • BLACK CROWN PITON NAKANO 3K, FOR ADVANCED LEVEL Black Crown Piton Nakano 3K - This paddle stands ou ...
    £156.18 £183.80
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 8.0 This striking red design racket Black Crown Piton 8.0 is ideal for profession ...
    £140.61 £229.75
  • BLACK CROWN PITON The Black Crown Piton is an exceptional padel rack with great control and very go ...
    £140.56 £165.37


  • Black Crown Piton 5.0 padel racket with renewed design, a new evolutuion Piton which will not disappoint you for sure
    £105.64PVP £211.37
    50 %
  • Black Crown Piton 6.0 Chrome - Stand out in padel matches with this black Crown padel racket with a modern design and made with quality materials.
    £137.80PVP £257.32
    46 %
  • Do you already know the new Black Crown Omni? This racquet is exclusive for stupendous high-level players that seek an ideal balance between potency and control, obtained thanks to its round shape and medium balance.
    £229.70PVP £243.54
    6 %
  • Black Crown Power Genius - Take a look at the new Black Crown padel racket, which will offer you the best performance on the court.
    £215.00PVP £238.94
    10 %
  • Black Crown Genius - Meet the new Black Crown Genius racket, which will give you an excellent performance in each game.
    £215.00PVP £238.94
    10 %
  • Black Crown Piton Attack 12K black green | Move around with greater security to defend the court with this high-performance and long durability Black Crown padel racket.
    £195.24PVP £229.75
    15 %
  • Black Crown Piton 9.0 Soft - Take a look at this Black Crown padel racket, that stands out for its power and high performance.
    £197.54PVP £220.56
    10 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K - Turn heads on the court with this Black Crown padel racket made with quality fabrics and technologies.
    £181.92PVP £220.56
    18 %
  • Black Crown Piton 9.0 - This Black Crown padel racket is designed in a round shape, with a medium balance. It allows you to get shots full of power without leaving control behind.
    £197.54PVP £220.56
    10 %
  • Black Crown Spider Black - Stand out in the most important padel matches with this Black Crown padel racket, an exclusive design that gives great power in hits.
    £114.83PVP £211.37
    46 %
  • Black Crown Piton Attack | This Black Crown padel racket offers an aggressive design in black and red colour, ideal for players in a defence position, equipped with the best benefits.
    £123.97PVP £211.37
    41 %
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 6.0 TITANIUM | Get the best offer in the new Black Crown padel rackets buying online in your trustworthy sports store.
    £127.74PVP £257.32
    50 %
  • Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level.
    £195.29PVP £229.75
    15 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 2.0 is one of the most balanced advanced-level racquets with excellent touch and feelings. Buy with the best.
    £109.36PVP £183.80
    41 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano 3K - Una pala que destaca por los tonos de azul de su diseño, fue creada para el nivel avanzado de pádel, es sumamente cómoda.
    £156.18PVP £183.80
    15 %
  • Black Crown Masai Control | Discover the new Masai Control, one of the most awaited novelties by Black Crown. Comfortable with a fresh design.
    £127.74PVP £183.80
    31 %
  • Black Crown Piton 8.0 - Keep your eyes on the track with this modern and bold Black crown blade in red for professional players.
    £140.61PVP £229.75
    39 %
  • Black Crown Piton is very different from what we are used to in the market, betting for the black and gold.
    £140.56PVP £165.37
    15 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano - A perfect padel racket for potency and soft for a better control Striking design in black, pink and white colour, an explosive combination for the most daring ones.
    £136.66PVP £160.83
    15 %
  • Black Crown Carrera -
    £91.85PVP £183.80
    50 %
  • Black Crown Spider | With a renewed design, high-quality materials and the latest technologies of the brand, comes the new Black Crown Spider power. A high performance racket for the most select players.
    £91.85PVP £211.37
    57 %
  • The new padel racket Black Crown Piton 4.0 comes with its usual quality and a spectacular design in light red.
    £90.98PVP £202.18
    55 %
  • Black Crown Shark – Go to the padel court with this Black Crown padel racket made for intermediate level players looking for a polyvalent padel racket.
    £73.43PVP £82.71
    11 %
  • New Black Crown Piton 3.0 padel racket, for competition or professional players
    £79.86PVP £183.80
    57 %
  • Black Crown Wolf – Stand out on the paddle court with these control padel racket made for intermediate level players. It’s made with highly resistant materials.
    £57.81PVP £64.33
    10 %
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