BLACK CROWN is a young label, full of proposals to innovate the padel world. Their main goal to make padel equipment is providing only the best to any kind of player, the variety is what impulse them.

With the Black Crown padel rackets, in Padel Nuestro we want to satisfy the demands both of the players who start in this sport and of those of high competition, who need a series of different properties from the amateur players.

  • BLACK CROWN SPIDER The new Black Crown Spider, a power racket with an original and cool design in b ...
    £113.00 £201.48
  • BLACK CROWN REVOLUTION Get the new Black Crown Revolution, a round padel racket that provides excep ...
    £104.24 £258.42
  • BLACK CROWN ASIA Enjoy maximum comfort on the court with the new Black Crown Asia, a high-performan ...
    £104.24 £245.28
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 7.0 Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level ...
    £126.98 £219.00
  • BLACK CROWN ASIA SOFT Feel free and comfortable in your matches with the new Black Crown Asia Soft, ...
    £130.52 £210.24
  • BLACK CROWN PUMA Z1 Versatility, control, power and performance come together to create the new Bla ...
    £157.68 £210.24
  • BLACK CROWN PITON The Black Crown Piton is an exceptional padel rack with great control and very go ...
    £134.02 £157.64


  • Black Crown Puma | Top and highly efficient padel racket with the shape of tear-drop and light weight. Padel racket made of carbon and glass fibers.
    £86.72PVP £227.76
    62 %
  • New Black Crown Piton 3.0 padel racket, for competition or professional players
    £76.17PVP £175.20
    57 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 2.0 is one of the most balanced advanced-level racquets with excellent touch and feelings. Buy with the best.
    £95.48PVP £175.20
    46 %
  • Black Crown Spider | With a renewed design, high-quality materials and the latest technologies of the brand, comes the new Black Crown Spider power. A high performance racket for the most select players.
    £113.00PVP £201.48
    44 %
  • Black Crown Revolution - You can already get this new Black Crown, directed to professional players or advanced level who seek the best potency accompanied by extraordinary control. At the best price.
    £104.24PVP £258.42
    60 %
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 6.0 TITANIUM | Get the best offer in the new Black Crown padel rackets buying online in your trustworthy sports store.
    £143.66PVP £245.28
    41 %
  • Black Crown Asia | Feel control in each movement with the new Black Crown of 2018. A round racket with a striking design in black and red. Get it at the best price on your favorite padel website.
    £104.24PVP £245.28
    58 %
  • Do you already know the new Black Crown Omni? This racquet is exclusive for stupendous high-level players that seek an ideal balance between potency and control, obtained thanks to its round shape and medium balance.
    £218.96PVP £232.14
    6 %
  • Black Crown Panther | Advanced level padel racket which is very light with the frame made of carbon fiber, for you to hit hard the ball.
    £82.08PVP £227.76
    64 %
  • Black Crown Piton Attack 12K black green | Move around with greater security to defend the court with this high-performance and long durability Black Crown padel racket.
    £140.86PVP £219.00
    36 %
  • Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level.
    £126.98PVP £219.00
    42 %
  • Black Crown Mortal | Save now by buying this new Black Crown padel racket on your favourite online padel store. It's perfect for high-level players that enjoy a polyvalent game, balanced between potency and control.
    £95.48PVP £214.62
    56 %
  • Black Crown Asia Soft | The new high-end control Black Crown is now available for demanding players seeking maximum control with excellent power, achieving a controlled game.
    £130.52PVP £210.24
    38 %
  • Black Crown Cobra 2015 is a padel racket characterised by its high quality and amazing design, a padel racket which has been made to provide great control.
    £69.20PVP £210.24
    67 %
  • Black Crown Puma Z1 | Redesigned in blue with a daring and striking aesthetic for the most warrior players on the court. Made with high quality materials.
    £157.68PVP £210.24
    25 %
  • Black Crown Caiman - Try this new Black Crown racquet and enjoy your matches to the fullest thanks to the benefits it offers. You can get it now in your favourite paddle online store at a lower price.
    £168.15PVP £210.24
    20 %
  • Black Crown Piton 5.0 padel racket with renewed design, a new evolutuion Piton which will not disappoint you for sure
    £170.82PVP £201.48
    15 %
  • Black Crown Masai | The new Black Crown Masai arrives with a round format and medium balance, obtaining great control with excellent power and great technical potential.
    £163.80PVP £201.48
    19 %
  • Black Crown Piton Attack | This Black Crown padel racket offers an aggressive design in black and red colour, ideal for players in a defence position, equipped with the best benefits.
    £131.27PVP £201.48
    35 %
  • Black Crown Piton 7.0 Soft | If you need to make that quality leap in your game and get to dominate all game facets, the new Black Crown 7.0 Soft won't disappoint you.
    £135.77PVP £201.48
    33 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 5.0 Soft is one of the most awaited padel rackets, a soft padel racket, wide sweet point.
    £170.73PVP £201.48
    15 %
  • The Black Crown Jet is an amazing power padel racket, a padel racket which is also going to provide a great control on the court.
    £78.80PVP £192.72
    59 %
  • The new padel racket Black Crown Piton 4.0 comes with its usual quality and a spectacular design in light red.
    £95.48PVP £192.72
    50 %
  • The Black Crown Sky 2015 is a balanced padel racket, a padel racket which guarantees in every single point with spectaculr design.
    £69.20PVP £175.20
    60 %
  • Black Crown Masai Control | Discover the new Masai Control, one of the most awaited novelties by Black Crown. Comfortable with a fresh design.
    £157.64PVP £175.20
    10 %
  • With a 38-millimetre profile, round and open bridge. That's how the new Black Crown Joke 2018 padel racket is, which arrives at the padel courts to set trends.
    £110.38PVP £157.68
    30 %
  • Black Crown Piton is very different from what we are used to in the market, betting for the black and gold.
    £134.02PVP £157.64
    15 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano - A perfect padel racket for potency and soft for a better control Striking design in black, pink and white colour, an explosive combination for the most daring ones.
    £112.12PVP £153.30
    27 %
  • Black Crown Rhino Pro | designed to provide fun in every single point. It is an excellent padel racket because of its relation between quality and price.
    £79.72PVP £113.88
    30 %
  • The Black Crown Piton Junior is a striking padel racket by its elegant design in bright black, it is a bat which will leave you run out of words.
    £43.41PVP £61.32
    29 %
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Buy Black Crown padel rackets

You will find Black Crown padel rackets at an unbeatable price in our online store. For instance, the Black Crown Jet or the Black Crown Piton 5.0 with amazing discounts. With the high quality and guarantee by Black Crown, you will enjoy your game as no one else. Black Crown stands out by its complete equipments which help you to achieve the best performance.

Choose among all the models, the one which best fits to your game. At Padel Nuestro you will find the widest variety of Black Crown padel rackets for players who look for control or power. The brand offers high quality padel rackets.