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The Wingpadel racket is a 2021 racket, designed for expert players. This padel racket has an EVA soft rubber core and carbon faces.

Special Price £73.95 Regular Price £206.02

Why choose the Wingpadel Air Force 3.0 Ctrl racket?

The Wingpadel racket is a high-performance sports tool. It has an EVA soft rubber core, and the frame and faces are made of carbon, a highly resistant, hard and durable material. It offers low and medium balance for control type play.

What type of player is the Wingpadel Air Force 3.0 Ctrl racket for?

This racket is recommended for advanced players with a control technique.

Design and colours

This is a round padel racket. It is black with red details.

Technical characteristics of the Wingpadel Air Force 3.0 Ctrl racket

  • Its heart area has two anti-vibration arms. Less vibration means fewer injuries.
  • For more precise shots. The hard carbon and soft rubber improve the direction of the ball.
  • A highly resistant, durable piece of equipment. Its double carbon tube ensures premium quality and a long life.
  • It improves control. Its hexagonal shape enables it to withstand high speed and long distance impacts.
  • It improves spin. This racket perfects the balance of the ball, as well as increasing its spin speed.
Brand Wingpadel
Color Black, Gold, Red
Product Padel Rackets
Balance Medium
Core Soft Eva
Face Carbon 21k
Format Normal
Level Advanced / Competition
Finishing Glossy
Shape Round
Surface Rough
User Man, Woman

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