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The Star Vie S2 Fluor Carbon Effect racket is a versatile padel racket specially developed for mid-level players looking to achieve maximum performance on the court.

Special Price £106.95 Regular Price £257.29

Why does the Star Vie S2 Fluor Carbon Effect padel racket stand out?

This padel racket is ideal for its attractive and comfortable design that provides the necessary elements to exhibit power and control. In addition, it has a core that makes it comfortable during shots and its manageability contributes to high performance.

Who is the Star Vie S2 Fluor Carbon Effect padel racket for?

This padel racket is intended for intermediate level players who want a Star Vie racket that is comfortable, solid and powerful, to reach their maximum performance and control on the court. Its mould provides a high contact point to meet such requirements.

Design and colours of the Star Vie S2 Fluor Carbon Effect padel racket

The colourful design of this padel racket features the logo on each side, in a vibrant fluorescent yellow that makes this model stand out from the rest. Some aesthetic details have also been added to the heart of the racket.

Technical characteristics of the Star Vie S2 Fluor Carbon Effect padel racket

  • Carbon frame. It makes it more durable and resistant.
  • Fiber glass faces. They provide an extra dose of comfort.
  • EVA soft rubber core: It ensures better spin.
  • Manageable profile. It is 38 mm thick.
  • Light weight. Its 360-370 grams contribute to increased comfort.
Brand Starvie
Color Black, Yellow
Product Padel Rackets
Balance Medium
Core Medium Eva
Face Carbon
Format Normal
Level Advanced / Competition
Finishing Glossy
Shape Round
Surface Flat
User Man, Woman

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