The padel rackets Star Vie are exceptional for the personal touch that stand out in each of their designs. They are unique for the quality of their materials, the last technologies used in every model and because they are made in Spain 100%. The consumers are always on hold waiting for the next model to appear. Now you have many reasons to get your own and capt the attention instantly at the padel court.

    £146.12 £284.88
  • STAR VIE BASALT GRAVITY, HIGH QUALITY StarVie Basalto Gravity - This blade stands out for its compo ...
    £192.07 £284.89
  • STAR VIE S2 RED CARBON EFFECT, GREAT PADEL RACKET Go to courts and stand out in important padel mat ...
    £142.40 £284.88


  • Starvie Metheora Warrior 2021 - This starvie blade is designed with first class materials and technologies.
    £275.65PVP £335.43
    18 %
  • StarVie Brava Carbon Soft Aluminium LTD - You can already get this exclusive Star Vie padel racket to guarantee excellent performance to dominate the match.
  • Starvie Triton pro 2021 - Take a look at the court with the starvie paddle of modern and bold design intended for professional paddle players.
    £256.81PVP £284.84
    10 %
  • Starvie Raptor 2021 - starvie shovel for advanced players who are looking for a shovel with a modern and bold design.
    £248.04PVP £275.65
    10 %
  • StarVie Triton - Now you can get this high performance blade that will give you the best performance for extra hitting power.
    £192.37PVP £302.35
    36 %
  • Starvie Basalt osiris 2021 - This Starvie shovel is made with first class materials and technologies that provide comfort.
    £190.19PVP £254.52
    25 %
  • Star Vie Raptor Pro - Be the best during the workouts or padel matches with the modern design Starvie padel racket and durable fabrics that favor breathability.
    £188.30PVP £275.70
    32 %
  • Starvie triton 2021 - This starvie blade is composed of premium materials and technologies that provide a comfortable fit.
    £248.04PVP £284.84
    13 %
  • StarVie Metheora Warrior - Excellent quality padel racket that was created for expert players to enjoy control and power on the paddle court.
    £236.64PVP £344.63
    31 %
  • StarVie Dronos Galaxy 2021 - This multipurpose shovel is a design of the new collection StarVie 2021 that comes for players who want to evolve their level of play.
    £170.85PVP £229.70
    26 %
  • StarVie Basalto Gravity - This StarVie padel racket was created with highly resistant materials, is a very aerodynamic padel racket.
    £192.07PVP £284.89
    33 %
  • StarVie Aquila Space Pro 2021 - Stand out on the court with this StarVie shovel, a model full of versatility that offers excellent performance in the game.
    £165.89PVP £188.35
    12 %
  • StarVie Aquila Space 2021 - Enjoy the best performance on the court with this multipurpose StarVie shovel, perfect for the most demanding players.
    £165.89PVP £188.35
    12 %
  • Star Vie Basalt Carbon Gold - Take with you this control padel racket, to power your plays with its incredible design.
    £174.56PVP £284.89
    39 %
  • StarVie Titania Kepler Pro 2021 - Discover this StarVie control paddle, perfect for lighter and more manageable play. Made for intermediate players.
    £156.14PVP £173.65
    10 %
  • Starvie alumunium 2020 - Stand out in the paddle competition with the StarVie paddle that provides great handling and control in the game.
    £167.26PVP £252.73
    34 %
  • Star Vie Aluminum Carbon Soft S2 Black - Make this new padel racket yours that offers you total control without losing power, with excellent performance.
  • Starvie Basalt Carbon Soft 19 - Dont hesitate to get this high-quality padel racket thatll offer you the best benefits on the court.
    £156.18PVP £284.88
    45 %
  • Star Vie Shovel Titania Kepler - Arrives at the paddle courts to succeed accompanied by this beautiful Star Vie shovel, ideal for maintaining control of the game.
    £153.27PVP £173.60
    12 %
  • Pala Star Vie Spika 2021 - Take the great style of this beautiful shovel Star Vie, ideal for trinfar in the paddle courts.
    £137.75PVP £152.46
    10 %
  • Star Vie S2 Red carbon Effect - Stand out on courts with this Starvie padel racket aimed at demanding padel players who want to stand out with style on courts.
    £142.40PVP £284.88
    50 %
  • Star Vie s2 fluor carbon effect - Get now these great deals on padel rackets.
    £141.53PVP £284.88
    50 %
  • Padel racket Star Vie Icarus 2021 - Enjoy the great design of the new Star Vie padel racket, ideal for keeping control in padel matches.
    £112.67PVP £127.65
    12 %
  • StarVie Prodigy 24K - Check out this new Stravie racket, with an exclusive design it is the ideal racket for expert players looking for control and precision in every shot.
    £119.42PVP £179.20
    33 %
  • Pala Star Vie Vesta 2021 - Take to wings the brilliant design of this high quality shovel, ideal to develop your best moves.
    £97.32PVP £112.03
    13 %
  • StarVie Black carbon pro - It is a multi-purpose padel racket from the new StarVie 2020 collection created for high-level players looking for excellent power and great control on the track.
    £91.85PVP £284.89
    68 %
  • Starvie Furius Pro 2020 - Modern design padel racket with great wear resistance to grab track views.
    £91.85PVP £284.89
    68 %
  • Pala Star Vie Arcadia 2021 - Feel the excellent design of this beautiful shovel, with strong structure, very light and high quality
    £73.43PVP £81.70
    10 %
  • StarVie Raptor Junior 2021 With this shovel for children, junior players can enjoy a game full of power and great control.
    £56.89PVP £63.37
    10 %
  • Starvie Metheora junior 2021 - Experience the best control and handling on the track with this modern design star vie shovel.
    £56.89PVP £63.37
    10 %
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