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The unisex Bullpadel X-Compact 2 LTD padel racket has a strong handle covered with a micro-perforated grip . It continuously absorbs sweat and keeps your hand dry.

Special Price £49.95 Regular Price £138.54

Why buy the unisex Bullpadel X-Compact 2 LTD padel racket?

It is a low-balance padel racket with a very wide contact point. These two elements simplify the execution of well-placed smashes and returns. The different-sized holes are distributed across most of the faces, which makes the racket lightweight.

What type of player is the unisex Bullpadel X-Compact 2 LTD padel racket for?

It is for adult women and men who play padel and need an ergonomic racket for a control style.

Design and colours

It is round. The frame and faces are dull black. The typical, stylish "B" of Bullpadel stands out in the centre of the faces. At the top of the faces are the words "X COMPACT 2", in very small letters.

Technical characteristics of the unisex Bullpadel X-Compact 2 LTD padel racket

  • The frame is made of a high-strength carbon fibre. This resists the standard impacts from very rough use and helps to prolong durability.
  • The fibreglass faces incorporate a smooth finish. This makes it easy to achieve very effective topspin shots.
  • The EVA ultra-soft rubber core absorbs vibrations and adds comfort to high-torsion shots.
  • It is finished with extra reinforcements in the heart, which make the entire structure very solid. This prevents damage due to frequent collisions with walls.
  • The heart has a large triangular hole. This allows for optimal airflow regulation, which provides stability and strength to swings.
Brand Bullpadel
Color Black, Orange
Product Padel Rackets
Balance Low
Core Soft Eva
Face Fiberglass
Format Normal
Level Beginners / Intermediate
Finishing Matt
Shape Round
Surface Flat
User Man, Woman

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