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The Black Crown Piton Limited racket is a padel racket designed for all-terrain players to improve their control. Suitable for playing styles that favour defensive shots without sacrificing play based on attack.

Special Price £142.95 Regular Price £225.14

Why will you like the Black Crown Piton Limited racket?

The Black Crown Piton Limited racket has a sophisticated design and a rough finish, which allows for better spin. It is a padel racket made with an 80% carbon Bitubular frame and 3K carbon faces, covered with two layers of PitonGlass. It provides a high level of power and control in each shot thanks to its balance.

What type of player is the Black Crown Piton Limited racket for?

The Piton Limited is designed for advanced and professional players who are looking for an effective defensive shot without sacrificing their attack power.

Design and colours

The racket has a simple and professional design. It combines shades of black and grey with the gold of the brand's logo.

Technical features of the Black Crown Piton Limited racket

  • Bitubular Frame made of 80% carbon. This gives the racket increased rigidity.
  • 3K carbon faces covered with two layers of PitonGlass, providing a particular level of resistance to strong shots.
  • Medium Balance that provides the whole racket with good balance, stability and control.
  • Its Eva SC White Rubber core is responsible for providing greater comfort and improved spin when hitting the ball.
  • Elegant and professional design. The black background is combined with the golden colour of the logo.
Brand Black Crown
Color Black, Gold
Product Padel Rackets
Balance Medium, Low
Core Medium Eva
Face Carbon 3k
Format Normal
Level Advanced / Competition
Finishing Sandy
Shape Round
Surface Rough
User Man, Woman

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