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The best 2020 padel rackets and the leading padel brands

The new Padel 2020 collections have reached Padel Nuestro. As an official padel dealer, we have specialized brands and brands with multiple brands. Bullpadel, Star Vie, ASICS, Vibor-A, Siux, Nox, Wingpadel, Adidas, Head, Babolat, Akkeron, Orygen, Varlion or Black Crown stores are among others their latest collections in our online padel stores.

The best rackets of 2020 include:

- The Siux Graphene Silver, one of the best rackets for the 2020 season, is characterized by its excellent track performance. One of the rackets that offers the best sensations to win every point with great certainty.

- The Bullpadel Hack 2020 is a top performer as it was developed exclusively for Paquito Navarro, one of the best professional padel players

- The Adidas Adipower Soft 2.0 with its groundbreaking design is one of the most popular Adidas rackets at the moment. Among its features, we highlight the level of control and strength it offers, as well as a striking and groundbreaking aesthetic.

The best rackets of 2019 and the first padel brands

The leading brands on the market trust Padel Nuestro as their official distributor. Specialist and multi-brand brands await you. Bullpadel, Star Vie, ASICS, Vibor-A, Siux, Nox, Wingpadel, Adidas, Head, Just Ten, Akkeron, Orygen, Varlion or Black Crown are among others represented in our online padel stores with their latest collections..

The best rackets of 2019 include:s

- The Siux Pegasus Luxury, which is currently the best racket, is characterized by excellent performance in all respects. It is also a very durable padel racket with an exceptional design.

- The Bullpadel Hack 2019 is a high-performance racket developed with Paquito Navarro, one of the best players on the World Padel Tour. It is a racket with a spectacular design that will not leave you indifferent.

-Adidas Adipower Ctrl 1.9 is one of the best Adidas rackets. Designed to offer control, it is also a racket with very good performance and a very attractive design.

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Our catalog consists of the most important companies in the world of padel. We have the latest models from the most anticipated collections, companies like Bullpadel, Asics, Head, Adidas etc. They are in our padel shoes area with big discounts so you can save on your padel shoes. Footwear is one of the most important aspects in order to perform well in every game. Having the right sports shoes is essential for a complete and outstanding game. Some of the best-selling models on our website are the Asics Gel Bela 6G shoes by Adidas Solecourt Boost, a new model from the German company that is to replace the old models Barricade and Babolat Jet Premura. These are some of the most requested sports shoes on our website. Don't wait any longer and save with the incredible offers from Padel Nuestro.

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