Terms of use


Below the hiring document is exposed. It will regulate the hiring of products and services through the web site www.padelnuestro.com, property of Padelnuestro S.L(from now on the provider). The acceptance of the present document entails that the customer:

  1. Has read, understands and comprehends the exposed text.
  2. That s/he is a person with the enough capacity to hire.
  3. That assumes every exposed obligation.

The present conditions will have an indefinide valid perod and they will be applicable to every hiring carried out through the website www.padelnuestro.com del prestador.

The provider reserves the right of modifying those conditions, without affecting the goods or promotions that were acquired previously to the modification.

Identity of the parties

On the one side, the provider of goods or hired services is Padelnuestro S.L, with SOCIAL ADDRESS: POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL OESTE, CALLE VENEZUELA PARCELA 1 - 17 30820 ALCANTARILLA MURCIA. CIF: B73676413 , and with telephone fo customer service 629927076, and of another, the CUSTOMER, registered in the website by means of a name of customer and a password about which s/he has the complete responsiblity, use and custody, being responsible of the truthfullness of the provided personal data.

Object of the hiring Contract

The present contract has, as regular aim, the contractual relationship of buying and selling born between the provider and the customer in the moment in which the last one accepts during the process of online hiring in the corresponding square.

The contractual relationship of buying and selling entails the delivery, in change of a determined price and publicly exposed through the website of a product or concrete service.


The procedure of hiring could be only performed in Spanishe language. In case of using another language, it should be pointed before starting the hiring procedure.

In order for the CUSTOMER to access to the offered services by the provide, s/he must register in the web site by means of the creation of a customer account. For that, the customer will have to provide freely and voluntarily the personal data which can be required.

The CUSTOMER will select a name of customer and a password, commiting doing a diligent use of them and not putting them on disposition of any third party; like communicating the provider the loss or stealing of them or the possible access by a third party not authorised in which case s/he proceeds to the inmediate block.

THE CUSTOMER will not be able to chosse as customer name words that have, as aim, to confuse others for identigying this member as one of the provider's group, as well as rude expressions and, in general, contrary to the law or to the moral demands and good traditions.

Once the customer account has been created, s/he is informed that the conformity with the required by the article 27 of the Spanish Law of Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Commerce, the progress of hiring will follow the next steps: Steps that, once the CUSTOMER is registered, has to walk until finishing his/her purchase

  1. Selection of data shipping or where s/he wants to receive the acquired product.
  2. Selection of payment method choosing between: cash on delivery, transfer, credit card or Paypal.
  3. Use of the discount code if applicable.
  4. Fill in the comment of her/his order if applicable.
  5. Election of the billing address.
  6. Confirmation of the order.

In any case, the hiring proponents will inform the customer, once finished the procedure of hiring by an email regarding all the characteristics; price, transport, methods, date of hiring and estimated delivery of the product or the hire service.

Orders Delivery

The order delivery will be performed in the delivery address freely chosen by the customer. So, the provider does not assume any responsibility of the wrong delivery or when the product does not arrive, as a consequence of the provided data by the customer or when they are false, inexact or incomplete or when the delivery cannot be performed because external causes to the delivery enterprise, allocated for such purpose, as it is the absence of the addressee.

Without limiting the foregoing, the provider will have to adopt the required measurements to a dilligent trader in order for the delivery to be able to be carried out in the agreed time, and if not, the sooner, the best, to both the customer's and the provider's satisfaction for both the addresser and the addressee or no responsibility could be attributed against the provider. The delivery period is around 1 and 5 days according to the stock of the product. In any case, the client will be alerted of possible delays.

In the case that the hiring does not entail the physical deliveries of any kind of product and that are directly downloaded from the website, the provider will previously inform the customer regarding the procedure that s/he must follow to perform that download.

The provider commits that those applications will be free of virus or any other content that can affect the equipment in which they can be installed. In the same vein, the provider does not maker her/himself responsible of the different uses of those applications and of the lack of minimum requirements that the system may establish.

Costs and period of an offer validity

The prices which are pointed out regarding every product include the VAT and other taxes that may be applicable and in any case they will be expressed in Euros. Those taxes, unless the contrary is expressed, do not include the shipping costs or manipulation, wrapper, shipping insurance or any other additional services and attachments to the product or acquired service.

The prices applicable to each product will be published on the website and automatically applied to the process of hiring in its last phase. The customer assumes in any case the economic assesment of some products that could vary in real time. In any case, this will be always communicated previously to the customer.

For any information about the order, the customer will have the telephone number of customer service which is 629927076 or by emailcontacto@padelnuestro.com. In any case the number of the order that was assigned by the firest email of confirmation.


According to Geographical Bloc Regulations 2018/302 (RGB), we establish that, in the current website, reviewing processes are made of the content that appears in different languages with the purpose of facilitating the relationship with users located in or residents of other countries members of the European Union. We establish that the prices, per item, will be the same but the purchase's final cost may vary according to other prices that are in function with taxation, distribution, logistics and similar. Due to the item volume contained in the website, their updates, incorporation of new products, promotions and similar, and in agreement that part of these labours are made by people and there can be typographical error, on this matter and with the goal of protecting at maximum consumer rights, in such case, the price associated to the item will be taken as a reference to the established one in Spanish. With the purpose of being the most guaranteed possible, in the event of price controversy, the lowest reference to one same item will be applied. In the case of purchasing (both in its process or finalization), to be able to deal with your claim or request, you must provide us with a screenshot or prove the error in the same time range (it is considered the same range when the error appears in the 24 hours since addressing and/or finalizing the purchase).

You can contact us in the following email info contacto@padelnuestro.com in case you detect an incidence.

Right of Withdrawal

The CUSTOMER will have to time a limit of 14 working days, counting from the product reception for its return. In any case the costs related to the shipping will be assumed by the customer and the product will have to be returned in its original package and in a proper state

Download Withdrawal Form


All the products offerted on the website are completely original, unless the contrary is indicated in its description.

According to the vigent normative regarding the goods of consumption guarantee, our products have a guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase bill. In addition, during the first months, any defect, which the product may have, is pressumed to be factory's default except for any contradictory prove, so, the customer will have to demonstrate a factory's error if is produced from the sixth month on and until 2 years. Always with bill or puchase ticket.

If before the sixth month, or the period of time that the manufacturer establishes in writing in the product label, any damage is produced within the product and the customer suspects that it may be a manufacturing error, s/he will be able to use his/her rights of guarantee, contacting us through our online customer service in the shipping and returns section.

SportSession S.L will negociate the guarantee with tecnic service of the product brand.

Once the product has been analysed by the tecnic service, three situations can occur:

  • That the tecnic service fixes the product and it is returned to the customer.
  • That the tecnic service changes the product for a new one. In this case, the same product will be ALWAYS given back, without being possible the change for another different one (except for lack of stock).
  • That the tecnic service determines that the product has not got an error of manufacturing and that the change does not proceed. In this case, the customer's original product will be returned to him/her.

(Arts. 114 y ss. from the Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, on 16th de Noviembre, by which the Codified Text of General Law is approved for the customer's defense and other complementary laws- BOE Nº 287, on 30th Noviembre de 2.007)

Applicable Law and Applicable Jurisdiction

These conditions will be registered or interpreted according to the Spanish legislation in those aspects that are not established here. The provider and the customer agree to subject any controversy that may be in the product benefit or services, object of the conditions to the Judges and the Courts of the customer's address.

In the case that the customer has his address out of Spain, the CUSTOMER and the provider renounce to any other forum, submitting to the Judges and Courts that are competent and legally determined the applicable laws to the present contract

When making an order,you accept these terms and conditions of the servicee that appear below.

  1. The physical gifts will be available whilst stock lasts, but in no case the order will be shipped without its corresponding gift or a substition of it if is so indicated.
  2. We reseve the right to change the gift items because of lack of stock, by others of the same value.
  3. The gifts are not changeable for money and we do not accept either changes nor refunds without previous endorsement.
  4. The returns of gift products must be approved previously in writting in the Centre of Customer Service and they can be admitted or not, according to the disponibility of products.
  5. The shipping costs for a change of any gift product, previously approved, will have to be assumed by the customer both from his address and from our installations.
  6. In the case of placing an order to which corresponds a gift and the stock does not last in the moment of the order, we will offer a compensation, for the issue, with another product with the same characteristics to which can correspond some gift products or not.
  7. The resolution of any conflict that may arise about the relationship will be solved in accordance with the Spanish legislation and will be submitted to the Judges and Courts which are competent and legally determined by the applicable laws in the present contract.


All the information, related to the products or services offerted by Sport Club Pādel Nuestro, will be published through the WebSite Web www.padelnuestro.com, indicating the newxt information regarding each one of them:

  • Product Brand
  • Product Model
  • Product Images
  • Product Description
  • Product Price
  • Product Discounts (if applicable)
  • Gifts included (if appicable)
  • Deferred payment Option
  • Otros productos relacionados y recomendados

Any time, new products included in the website could be added, understanding, unless other different thing is pretended, that the new products will be subject to the arranged in the General Conditions in that moment.

In the case that the purchase is out of stock within any offered products, Pādel Nuestro, will inform the Customer of that situation giving him the possibility of waiting for the renewed stock, cancelling the purchase, with its corresponding economic refund or giving him a product of similar or superior characteristics, previously approved by the Customer.

The disponibility of the stock products during the purchase process is given for information only and contractual character will not change since the circumstance can be given of being purchases or the same product at the time, resulting unanavailable and withouth stock.

As it is electronic trade,the stock is updated online, therefore, it could happen that some time, during the process of purchasing, stock is over.

In the case that the product is out of stock, www.padelnuestro.com will contact the customer to inform him about the situation and indicating, on the one side, the date of delivery and without rising the price and on the other side, the customer will be offered the option of sending a product of similar or superior characteristics and the customer could exercise his right of dissent and resolution in the same terms than if it were the product initially required.

If the breaking of stock were definitive and the customer will no accept any other option by the provider, the paid quantity would be refunded according to the vigent law.

Los códigos de descuento no serán aplicables a todos los productos. Para cada código se indicará para qué grupo de artículos aplica. Con carácter general, salvo que se indique lo contrario, no será aplicable a cajones de bolas, tambores y palas de pádel. Los códigos de descuento no son acumulables en ningún caso.

In order to offer you Klarna's payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna's own privacy notice.