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Babolat tennis shoes, high-quality, design at the best price

Babolat has developed high-quality tennis shoes, to play tennis. It’s one of the best-valued brands by professional players and amateurs. They’re tennis shoes that have everything that’s needed to bring out our best game level.

  • BABOLAT JET MACH II CLAY BLACK BLUE Discover Babolat Jet Mach II Clay Black Blue that provide a uni ...
    83,95€ 150,00€
  • BABOLAT JET MACH ll CLAY PINK WOMEN Discover Babolat Jet Mach ll Clay Pink women's padel shoes that ...
    79,90€ 140,00€
  • BABOLAT PROPULSE FURY CLAY RED BLUE Babolat Propulse Fury Clay Red Blue padel shoes have integrated ...
    74,90€ 140,00€
  • PADEL SHOES BABOLAT PROPULSE CLAY BLUE-RED The Babolat Propulse Clay are a pair of padel shoes whic ...
    69,00€ 130,00€
  • BABOLAT JET TEAM CLAY COURT BLUE YELLOW These Babolat Jet Team Clay Court are perfect for whom want ...
    78,95€ 120,00€
  • BABOLAT JET MACH I CLAY BLUE Discover Babolat Jet Mach I Clay Blue that have a technical mesh cover ...
    62,90€ 120,00€
  • BABOLAT JET MACH I CLAY BLACK Pamper your feet by giving them better support and safety with Babola ...
    62,90€ 120,00€
  • BABOLAT PROPULSE BLAST CLAY YELLOW FLUOR Do not miss out on Babolat Propulse Blast Clay Fluor Yello ...
    65,45€ 110,00€
  • BABOLAT PROPULSE TEAM ALL COURT WHITE BLUE The Babolat Propulse Team All court trainers are charact ...
    58,95€ 100,00€
  • BABOLAT PULSION BPM CLAY WOMAN PADEL - HERRINGBONE SOLE For all those female players who are lookin ...
    41,90€ 70,00€


  • Babolat Propulse Blast Clay Blue - designed to give a completely elegant, sporty and unique style to wear with your favourite clothes and play with more comfort and security inside the court.
  • Babolat Propulse Team Clay are especially recommended for your matches on beaten-earth, both for padel and tennis players.
    54,95€PVP 100,00€
    45 %
  • The Babolat Propulse Team All Court will provide the best support in case of any sudden movement. Get them with an amazing discount on our onlins sports store.
  • Padel shoes Babolat Pulsion, developed by the best innovations for Babolat footwear to become the best regarding quality and price.
    41,90€PVP 70,00€
    40 %
  • Babolat Propulse Fury Clay Red blue - don't hesitate to get these incredible padel shoes, designed to provide you with maximum comfort, improving your performance in each training.
    74,90€PVP 140,00€
    47 %
  • Babolat Jet Team Blue Orange - Don't hesitate to try these perfect padel shoes for your games, giving you sensations of comfort and lightness for better performance.
    64,50€PVP 120,00€
    46 %
    69,20€PVP 110,00€
    37 %
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