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Padel Rackets for woman

In we offer a list of the best padel rackets prepaired for the female players. You will enjoy the latest news on padel for women, achieving the best prices in padel rackets designed for the female audience. We have a list with padel rackets at an unbeatable price aht you wil match with any product of our website.


  • ROYAL PADEL RP M27 WOMEN 2019 With the new Royal Padel M27 2019 women racquet, we note the evolutio ...
    £253.12 £297.75
  • SIUX OPTIMUS PRO 2.0 FUCHSIA Optimus Pro 2.0 Fuchsia is the new polyvalent racket padel from Siux f ...
    £261.92 £261.92
  • ELEKTRA FLUOR FUCSHIA Elektra Fluor Fuchsia belongs to the 2016 collection of Just Ten. It is a spe ...
    £215.19 £253.16
  • VIBOR-A NAYA 2018 Vibora Naya 2018 will be your best ally thanks to its high-quality and ultra-resi ...
    £174.32 £249.66
  • PADEL SESSION V-FORCE PRO WOMAN, BETTER EFFECTS The Padel Session V-Force Pro Woman padel racket&nb ...
    £183.96 £245.28
  • JUST TEN THORK FUCHSIA 2016 The Just Ten Thork Fuchsia 2016 is a padel racket designed to provide t ...
    £212.87 £236.52
  • JUST TEN BRUK FLUOR YELLOW WOMEN The Just Ten Bruk Fluorescent Yellow Women is a padel racket for p ...
    £189.22 £210.24
  • JUST TEN BRUK FLUOR PINK WOMEN PADEL RACKET The Just Ten Bruk Fluor Pink padel racket arrives by th ...
    £189.22 £210.24
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 790 WHIP WOMAN 2019 Royal Padel introduces us to its new model. The RP 790 Whip Woma ...
    £178.62 £210.15
  • Dabber Sur Fem is a padel racket that especially stands out this season for its coarse surface. Than ...
    £60.44 £174.32


  • The Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2015 is possibly the best padel racket crafted for woman padel players. Exceptional design and efficiency.
    £218.12PVP £367.92
    41 %
  • Siux Diablo fuchsia 3.0 - It's a padel racket created for demanding players who seek an excellent quality padel racket, type polyvalent.
  • AKKERON ANDROMEDA LEGACY C X8 | High-range racket for great level players who seek control and potency in a balanced way. Created in tear shape, it offers comfortable and easy management. Get it at the best price on Padel Nuestro.
  • The Wingpadel Air Vapor Fuchsia has been made of high quality materials, its efficiency on the court is amazing.
    £121.76PVP £306.60
    60 %
  • The Orgyen Epic is a female padel racket of amazing design in fuchsia and made of carbon and of an spectacular quality
    £153.30PVP £306.60
    50 %
  • Just Ten Circkle Basaltik Women | a padel racket with envidiable features thatll let you bring out the maximum output to your game style based on control. With a very striking design, so you show off a padel racket with a magnificent cut.
    £130.52PVP £297.84
    56 %
  • Royal Padel RP M27 Women 2019 | One of those racquets that wont go unnoticed, the new Royal Padel is introduced like a complete, balanced racquet with an excellent vibration absorption to make precise counterattacks.
    £253.12PVP £297.75
    15 %
  • Adidas Real Power Ctrl 1.8 Women | Discover the new Adidas control racket that comes this 2018 with a striking and rebellious design in a pink colour that adds a touch of glamour and style to your game. Made of high-quality materials offering resistance and comfort.
    £245.24PVP £280.32
    13 %
  • Padel Session Matrix 3 fuchsia | Padel racket of great aesthetic in black and fuchsia, perfect for demanding players
    £95.48PVP £262.80
    64 %
  • Siux Optimus Pro 2.0 Fuchsia - Designed with striking colours and cared for in maximum detail. That's the new Siux racket of excellent quality for intermedium or advanced level players.
  • Ocho Padel Privee pink is a padel racket that stands out for its excellent quality and output with a great design in black and pink colour.
    £87.56PVP £258.42
    66 %
  • Just Ten Elektra Fluor Fuchsia | Elektra Fluor Fuchsia belongs to the 2016 collection of Just Ten
    £215.19PVP £253.16
    15 %
  • NOX ML10 LUXURY L5 COAL 18K | Get a unique feeling in each hit, thanks to its revolutionary firmness and soundness. Comfortable and with a very light weight.
    £199.68PVP £252.29
    21 %
  • NOX GT7 LUXURY L5 | Discover the new Nox collection with this new Gemma Triay racquet, a control model with high performance for the most demanding.
    £214.58PVP £252.29
    15 %
  • Vibora Naya 2018 - This racket for women is designed to provide maximum potency during the game and long lifetime to the racket. Ideal for advanced players.
    £174.32PVP £249.66
    30 %
  • Kaitt Unno S Fuchsia is a padel racket that stands out for its great control and potency, plus it has a great design in fuchsia colour and Kaitt quality.
    £61.28PVP £236.52
    74 %
  • Just Ten Thork Fucsia padel racket offers a great balance between attack and potency. It's a padel racket with a great design in black and fuchsia colours, Just Ten quality.
    £212.87PVP £236.52
    10 %
  • With a brilliant and elegant design, Vairo Carbon for women is a padel racket for professionals who seek quality on the court.
    £78.80PVP £236.48
    67 %
  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN | Softee women padel racket made of carbon fibre in the faces and EVA Soft rubber in the nucleus. Padel racket with a diamond shape.
  • Just Ten Fluor K | Youre still on time to get this magnificent Just Ten racquet. Perfect to develop a game based on control.
    £204.98PVP £227.76
    10 %
  • Kaitt Duuo S Fuchsia is a padel racket with exceptional control performance that's not short in potency with a spectacular design in black and fuchsia.
    £61.28PVP £227.76
    73 %
  • Dabber Euphoria | The most groundbreaking racket arrives with a fresh and original design, which captures the attention of all eyes on the court. Made with high quality materials, to offer maximum comfort in your game.
  • SANE TOTAL CARBON KING | New Sane racket, ideal for advanced or intermediate level players. It allows flexion on the borders but with a rigid centre in order not to break. Compressed polythene nucleus and carbon structure.
    £131.36PVP £219.00
    40 %
  • Just Ten Neon K women | With benefits thatll meet the expectations of the most demanding players, the new model of Just Ten is introduced. Perfect to elaborate a game based on control of the court.
    £156.80PVP £219.00
    28 %
  • Ocho Padel Animal Print green is a padel racket with a feminine design that'll also provide us with the best output in the padel courts.
    £77.96PVP £214.62
    64 %
  • The Ocho Padel Aghata pink padel racket is characterised by its amazing performance on each point. A padel racket with an outstanding design
    £86.72PVP £214.62
    60 %
  • The padel racket Ocho Padel Animal Print Silver is a nice femenine bat which is also very efficient on control and power.
  • The Ocho Padel Animal Print Red padel racket offers an amazing design and provides a great control and power performance on the padel court.
  • Just Ten Bruk Fluor Yellow Women is another padel racket with exclusive and spectacular feminine design.
  • New Royal Padel 790 Whip women padel racket with shock absorption system in the core to reduce vibrations. Ideal for expert or professional players seeking to obtain polyvalent gameplay. Already on sale on PadelNuestro.
    £118.22PVP £210.24
    44 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion - Its a padel racket with a modern and original design, created for players who seek a very comfortable polyvalent padel racket.
    £166.40PVP £210.24
    21 %
  • Just Ten Bruk Fluor Pink is a padel racket with Spanish making destined to the most demanding players.
  • Vision Avalanche 1.3 with aesthetic defect | Top quality and design padel rackets. Minimum price guaranteed.
  • Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Woman | Dont miss the opportunity of getting Royal Padels new model. In it, youll find all the perks you were looking for in a racquet. With magnificent vibration absorption, Royal Padel has created a majestic racquet.
  • DUNLOP HOT SHOT ECLYPSE| Control padel racket with excellent power too. It is characterised by its control over the ball.
    £52.52PVP £209.36
    75 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 Woman 2018, racket designed for players seeking a racket to strongly hit the ball. It's one of the best feminine potency rackets.
    £122.60PVP £196.22
    38 %
  • NOX GT7 PRO P.4 | Padel racket with great benefits and spectacular design thought for players seeking a great padel racket at an excellent price.
    £91.06PVP £196.22
    54 %
  • NOX LS5 PRO P.4 | Padel racket of Lucia Sainz with high benefits and modern design. The new Nox stands out for being a high-range padel racket at a special price.
    £86.72PVP £196.22
    56 %
  • The new Agatha Heaven padel racket includes a even surface, it is perfect if you want a great combination of power and control on the court.
    £104.24PVP £192.72
    46 %
  • Padel racket Eclypse Ultraviolet, a padel racket design for the female padel player with the best design and at the best price.
  • ASICS HYBRID SOFT CORAL 2018 - New Asics model for 2018 directed to professional or intermediate level padel players. Perfect for practising a game of control and potency.
    £104.68PVP £174.32
    40 %
  • This is a padel racket for advanced level players who demand a padel racket with better control... Experience unequalled control with Dabber Sur Fem 2014.
    £60.44PVP £174.32
    65 %
  • ASICS CONTROL SOFT Woman 2018 - New Asics model for women to face 2018. Racket with round shape, ideal for practising a game of control. Design in black and blue.
    £104.68PVP £174.32
    40 %
  • Ocho Padel Serenity purple is a padel racket that stands out for its exceptional design in purple colour, plus it's a balanced padel racket, potency and control.
    £87.56PVP £170.82
    49 %
  • Ocho Padel Serenity white is an exceptional padel racket in all senses, one of the prettiest padel rackets of the market with a great performance.
    £87.56PVP £170.82
    49 %
  • AKKERON CALYPSO R X8 | New model with a fantasy design, ideal for a game of control and beginner level players. Made of great quality materials, it has carbon and glass fibre in the faces and the frame of the racket, offering incredible resistance and firmness.
    £87.56PVP £166.44
    47 %
  • Prince Premier Propulsion Esf Sq Lady is a racket which will give you more power when you hit a ball without loosing control.
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Discover the best options on padel rackets for women

Only in our catalog of female padel rackets, at, you will find the best choice to enjoy playing padel if you are a woman. You wil find brands such as Akkeron,  Siux, Power Padel, Dabber, Vibor-a, etc... They are designed with low-weight, with unique aesthetics and reinforced durability.

Racket collections for woman

The new collections of female rackets by the leading brands are completely over their previous models, offering more sofisticated padel rackets with the best materials and the highest quality. For example, we can highlight Nox ML 10 Women Cup 3.0, a bat with amazing control and power and great efficiency or Head Zephyr 3.1 N2 with great control and power too.