Padel clothes for woman

The sports material and above all the textile for women has been developed from its beginning in every sense. From designs to new materials and textile. The new pieces of clothes ensure us the best comfort on the padel courts. In addition, they have into account our skins' necessities. They avoid erosions. The new fabrics allow the padel woman player to move around the court with complete freedom of movements, providing the best experience of game.

Achieve your padel clothes for woman at a very special price and acquire the greatest comfort. The best brands for girls players of padel here in Pādel Nuestro. Outfit, jackets, t-shirts, skirts, dress, pants, leggins and tracksuits... Now you will be able to play padel comfortably, moving around the court with complete freedom and lightness. You will be in fashion thanks to this section of padel clothes for women, the last news with more elegant and comfortable clothes.


Every one of the women clothes are made of the best materials, allowing breathability, flexibility and agility in every one of our movements. Choose in this section the padel clothes for girls that you like the most.

The best clothes and padel complements for woman

We have the best brands of the padel world such as Asics, Black Crown, Bullpadel, Drop Shot, Head, J'hayber, Kswiss, Mi Activewear, Naffta, Nox, Siux, Star Vie, Wilson and Wingpadel.

In order to match our padel textile, we can find in our section of padel shoes for woman a wide variety of padel shoes. They are perfect for every type of game with different forms and colours. A wide selection which will adapt to the female player's necessities.


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