Wingpadel is a Spanish padel brand that is born from the work and effort of a large group of padel with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of padel products.

Our padel rackets have been manufactured in Spain and in the best factory in Asia with very studied molds that fit the current needs of the most demanding paddle players with incredible results both in the quality of their materials and in their designs.

Wingpadel is one of the padel brands that comes strongly, they are padel rackets that highlight by their exceptional performance in every point with models that adapt to all the players' games. We can find among their famous models, padel rackets with power, control or balance between control and power.

  • WINGPADEL AIR FORCE 2.0 Made to offer power with great control, the Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 reaches ...
    £129.29 £303.69
  • WINGPADEL AIR FORCE 3.0 CTRL, EXCELLENT CONTROL The new Wingpadel Air Force 3.0 Ctrl is here, one o ...
    £137.96 £207.38
  • WINGPADEL AIR COMBAT TITANIUM CONTROL, THOUGH AND DURABLE If you are looking for a blade with great ...
    £129.29 £216.06
  • WINGPADEL AIR COMBAT 3.0 ATTACK, EXCELLENT DESIGN Take with you now the new Wingpadel Air Combat 3. ...
    £129.29 £137.96
  • WINGPADEL AIR CYCLONE 2.0 Be surprised by Wingpadel Air Cyclone 2.0, the second version of one of t ...
    £120.61 £303.69
  • WINGPADEL AIR COMBAT 3.0 CONTROL BLACK, GREAT PERFORMANCE You will turn heads while playing padel w ...
    £120.61 £137.96
  • WINGPADEL AIR VAPOR 2.0 FUCHSIA Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Fuchsia is a control padel racket for playe ...
    £120.61 £182.22
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 The Wingpadel Air Storm 2 is a padel racket that includes the latest technolo ...
    £120.61 £303.69


  • Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 | Enjoy your game to the maximum with power and control hits, thanks to the new Wingpadel. A high performance racket for the most demanding players. Incorporates a new rubber for comfort.
    £129.29PVP £303.69
    57 %
  • Wingpadel Air Attack 2.0 | Feel the power in your hands with the new Wingpadel in the image and likeness of Alvaro Cepero. Designed with a modern and youthful aesthetic, it brings a touch of class to your game.
    £120.61PVP £303.69
    60 %
  • WingPadel Air Force 3.0 - Jump on the court with this Wingpadel racket, a model of the new collection that stands out for its balance between power and control.
  • Wingpadel Air Force 3.0 CTRL - Get now this Wingpadel control racket, a model of the new collection that stands out for its elegant design and high performance.
    £137.96PVP £207.38
    33 %
  • Wingpadel Air Combat Titanium control - Experience the best control on the padel court with this high performance padel.
  • Wingpadel Air Combat 3.0 Attack - Amazing padel racket was made for professional players.
    £129.29PVP £137.96
    6 %
  • Wingpadel Air Attack 3.0 control - This padel racket is aimed to professional players.
    £137.96PVP £224.73
    39 %
  • Wingpadel Air Attack 3.0 - Get now this Wingpadel padel racket created with carbon materials for added strength and durability.
    £137.96PVP £224.73
    39 %
  • Wingpadel Air Combat Titanium Attack - Great design padel racket with a teardrop shape design.
  • Wingpadel Air Cyclone 2.0 | One of the most awaited rackets of this year arrives in its second version. Its renovated design adds a more elegant and sophisticated touch with an energetic and alive point through its sober combination of black and yellow.
    £120.61PVP £303.69
    60 %
  • Wingpadel Air Combat 3.0 control black - Great padel racket aimed to professional level players.
  • Wingpadel Air Tornado Ctrl - Fabulous padel racket made for professional level padel players. Its frame is 100% carbon.
    £94.58PVP £111.93
    16 %
  • Wingpadel hirricane - Feel great on any court with the Wingpadel racket that will make you stand out in padel matches.
    £68.55PVP £85.90
    20 %
  • The Wingpadel Air Storm is characterised by its design and strength, a padel racket with which we can enjoy playing padel.
    £212.59PVP £303.69
    30 %
  • Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Fuchsia | Model of the new 2018 racket collection for women of one of the reference firms in the padel world, Wingpadel.
    £120.61PVP £182.22
    34 %
  • Wingpadel Air Attack Alvaro Cepero, padel racket which guarantees the best performance in every point, but also nice design.
    £111.93PVP £303.69
    63 %
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 | A high power and balanced padel racket that provides the best performance to the padel players during their game.
    £120.61PVP £303.69
    60 %
  • WingPadel Air Tornado Attack - Amazing padel racket that provides extra rigidity, stability and great shots. Amazing for intermediate to advanced players.
    £94.58PVP £111.93
    16 %
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