WILSON Padel Shoes

The padel shoes Wilson are the best-sellers of the padel entire history. This brand is like a fish in water in the padel world. This fact makes it take part in many achievements of professional players.

Regarding its padel shoes, Wilson has a great variety due to the numerous public it has. Models for kids, women, men both beginners or professionals. One of the main models of padel shoes is the Rush Pro 2.0.

If you are looking for Wilson trainers at an amazing price, you will see that in you can achieve them and have them at an incredible price. Take advantage and catch the last models of this brand which is so prestigious in the racket world since long time ago.

Wilson has achieved to create a superior pair of padel shoes, thanks to its years of experience. Wilson has achieved to include the greatest technologies to the best padel shoes. We can highlight theis herringbone sole with two different sizes, on one side we have the greatest grip and on the other side, it allow us to slide along the court easily.

They are very comfortable padel shoes, thanks to the technologies used, they provide the best fastening and cushioning. Their careful design makes these trainers extraordinary, efficient and striking with their blue colour and yellow.

The Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 are the padel shoes with amazing speed, explosiveness and comfort one of the best padel shoes for our padel matches.

Padel shoes which adapt to every padel player's necessities with a wide range of price, high quality at the best price.



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