Choose the Vibor-a which best fits to your characteristics as a padel player and also receive an exclusive gift at With us you can fin the best models, such as the Yarara, Naya, Black Mamba, Bamboo or Taipan, at the best prices of the internet. This brand of padel rackets is made in Spain with the best design and the most advanced materials such as glass fiber, Kevlar, Carbon + and EVA rubber of high recovery.  Besides, Vibor-a has made a wide collection of models, knowing that every player have their own necessities.

  • VIBOR-A LIQUID KING COBRA 2021, MODERN DESIGN Stand out at important padel matches with this Vibora ...
    £339.80 £399.77
  • VIBOR-A DIVA, AMAZING DESIGN You can get now the new Vibor-a Diva, a polyvalent padel racket for wo ...
    £312.46 £367.60
  • VIBOR-A KING COBRA 21, NICE FEELING A nice feeling in every movement of your strokes with the new&n ...
    £217.80 £256.40
  • VIBOR-A MAMBA BLACK SERIES 1K Meet this Vibora Mamba Black Series 1k, it is one of the best padel r ...
    £212.84 £317.06
  • VIBOR-A NAYA 2019 The Vibor-A Naya 2019 padel racket in fuchsia color was made with Kevlar that pro ...
    £129.07 £261.92


  • Vibora Yarara Edition 2019 - Attract everyones eyes on the court with the daring and modern design of this Vibora padel racket, designed with stupendous quality resistant materials.
    £181.13PVP £330.84
    45 %
  • Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019 | this padel racket stands out for its incredible design and aesthetic, the best quality and recent benefits to improve performance on the court.
    £179.16PVP £303.27
    41 %
  • Vibora Liquid King cobra 2021 - Stand out at important padel matches with this high-performance padel racket.
    £339.80PVP £399.77
    15 %
  • Vibor-a King Cobra Black 1K - Get now this incredible padel racket that will help you win many games, thanks to its great power
    £265.67PVP £399.77
    34 %
  • Vibora Diva 2019 - Take a look at this versatile padel racket with a refined and feminine design made in collaboration with the Swarovsky brand. It offers a lot of power and control on any track.
    £312.46PVP £367.60
    15 %
  • Vibora Liquid Yarara 2021 - Go to courts with this Vibora padel racket that provides a great wear resistance .
    £292.93PVP £344.63
    15 %
  • Vibora Liquid Mamba 2021 - Experience the best comfort on courts with this Vibora padel racket with a soft touch and great comfort.
    £269.50PVP £317.06
    15 %
  • Vibora Liquid Naya 2021 - Take a look at these Vibora padel rackets, from the new collection that returns with a renewed design and high performance. Ideal for high-level players.
    £222.63PVP £261.92
    15 %
  • Vibor A King Cobra 21 - Total power and pleasant sensation in each hit with this new padel racket designed to provide you with comfort and reduce impacts on your arms.
    £217.80PVP £256.40
    15 %
  • Vibora Yarara Black Series 1k - Enjoy a great comfort in padel matches with this high-end padel racket for professional players.
    £231.54PVP £344.63
    33 %
  • Vibora Yarara Advance - Stand out on any court with this high performance padel racket ideal for professional padel players.
    £202.09PVP £238.94
    15 %
  • Vibor-A King Cobra 2019 | Obtain the best potency hits with this Vibor-A padel racket made of materials that improve the touch during hits and favour the balls output.
    £223.27PVP £385.98
    42 %
  • VIBOR-A LETHAL ATTACK | Padel racket with good control and excellent handling.
    £180.76PVP £312.46
    42 %
  • VIBOR-A LETHAL HYBRID - Padel racket of excellent performance and high quality.
    £215.92PVP £312.46
    31 %
  • black mamba black 1k - Dont miss out on one of the best rackets of this season at an incredible price
    £212.84PVP £317.06
    33 %
  • Vibora Hydra - Meet this polyvalent Vibora padel racket, a high performance design that helps to get an excellent power and great control while playing.
    £179.66PVP £211.37
    15 %
  • Vibora Mamba Advance - Get now this new Vibora padel racket that will offer you the best performance on any track to exploit all its performance.
    £183.80PVP £211.37
    13 %
  • Vibora Lethal Advance - Turn heads at padel matches with this new power padel racket, a striking design made with high quality materials that ensure great power on any court.
    £187.47PVP £220.56
    15 %
  • Vibora Copperhead 2019 - Attract everyones eyes on the court with this Vibora padel racket designed with quality materials that provide stupendous control.
    £176.86PVP £303.27
    42 %
  • vibor A Skin - Make yourself notice with the best style on any court with this stylish and powerful vibora padel racket at the best price.
    £137.84PVP £211.37
    35 %
  • Vibora Mortal Carbon - Great padel racket intended for players with a professional level of play.
    £136.93PVP £211.37
    35 %
  • Vibora Yarara 2019 - Get this high-performance padel racket, which will give you the best performance to dominate the track and your rival.
    £160.85PVP £275.70
    42 %
  • Vibor-A Naya Fucsia 2019 - This Vibor-A racket is aimed at advanced level players who are looking for a racket with excellent performance and great durability.
    £129.07PVP £261.92
    51 %
  • Vibora Black Head Carbon - It is a high quality padel racket that stands out at first glance for its original design in white and red. Created to reduce vibrations.
    £136.93PVP £211.37
    35 %
  • Vibora Assassin Junior 2021 - Take a look at this Vibora padel racket, a design aimed for junior players who want to improve their level in padel.
    £93.74PVP £110.28
    15 %
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