Choose the Vibor-a which best fits to your characteristics as a padel player and also receive an exclusive gift at With us you can fin the best models, such as the Yarara, Naya, Black Mamba, Bamboo or Taipan, at the best prices of the internet. This brand of padel rackets is made in Spain with the best design and the most advanced materials such as glass fiber, Kevlar, Carbon + and EVA rubber of high recovery.  Besides, Vibor-a has made a wide collection of models, knowing that every player have their own necessities.


Professional players can find the Vibora King Cobra, made of graphene and one of the most awaited ones by all the brand followers. A padel racket with great power and exceptional efficiency  on the court. For the most demanding players, the brand provides the Yarara World Champion Edition with great control and power. For the rounded padel rackets lovers, the brand brings the Vibora Bamboo with a wide sweet spot and a weight between 360 and 380 grammes. For women, Vibora has made a lighter padel racket, Vibora Naya, which is very drivable. Find out all the Vibora padel rackets at our online shop.

  • VIBORA YARARA EDITION, POWER AND CONTROL Take a look at the new Vibor-A Yarara in its 2022 version, ...
    £144.36 £313.16
  • VIBOR-A LIQUID KING COBRA 2021, MODERN DESIGN Stand out at important padel matches with this Vibora ...
    £190.46 £365.36
    £114.85 £187.03
  • VIBOR-A BAMBOO LIQUID EDITION 2022, SMOOTH MATTE FINISH The new Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2022 p ...
    £158.28 £287.07
  • VIBORA ASSASSIN ATTACK Play with one of the most powerful of the new Vibora Padel 2022 collection,& ...
    £121.74 £217.47
  • VIBOR-A BAMBOO CLASSIC EDITION, HIGH CONTROL Hit the court with the new Vibor-a Bamboo Classic Edit ...
    £123.48 £187.03
  • VIBORA KING COBRA CLASSIC EDITION 2022, HIGH PERFORMANCE Performance, comfort and durability with t ...
    £117.39 £217.47


  • Vibora Yarara Edition 2019 - Attract everyones eyes on the court with the daring and modern design of this Vibora padel racket, designed with stupendous quality resistant materials.
    £147.83PVP £313.16
    53 %
  • Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019 | this padel racket stands out for its incredible design and aesthetic, the best quality and recent benefits to improve performance on the court.
    £108.69PVP £287.07
    62 %
  • Vibor-a King Cobra Black 1K - Get now this incredible padel racket that will help you win many games, thanks to its great power
    £148.71PVP £378.41
    61 %
  • Intended for advanced-level players Vibor-a Yarara Liquid Edition 2023. Feel a versatile game with its teardrop shape and 12K carbon impact surfaces.
  • Vibor-a Yarara Liquid Edition 2023 matches power and comfort with 12K carbon fiber impact surfaces and EVA Soft rubber core. Shipping in 24-48 hours.
  • Order now the innovative Vibor-A Black Mamba Liquid 2023 now! A multipurpose padel racket, which gives you a polyvalent game and will accompany you in big matches.
  • Vibora Yarara Black Series 1k - Enjoy a great comfort in padel matches with this high-end padel racket for professional players.
    £219.13PVP £326.21
    33 %
  • Vibora Yarara Edition - An excellent performance padel racket, thanks to its unmatched performance this padel racket gives you power and control to ensure victory.
    £144.36PVP £313.16
    54 %
  • Vibora King Cobra Anniversary - Intended for power players.
    £268.76PVP £391.45
    31 %
  • Achieve your goals with the new Vibor-A Naya Liquid Edition 2023 racket, a highly manageable, light, and multipurpose padel racket that has a rough finish!
  • Vibora-A Black Mamba Classic Edition 2022 - A padel racket that surprises you for its great performance at each point, its high performance promises you a better hit on the court.
  • Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2022 - New padel racket that will offer you great performance on padel courts.
  • Vibora Taipan Classic Edition - Get noticed when you get to the court with the innovative padel racket that Vibora brings for the most demanding players.
    £143.49PVP £217.47
    34 %
  • Vibor-A King Cobra 2019 | Obtain the best potency hits with this Vibor-A padel racket made of materials that improve the touch during hits and favour the balls output.
    £139.14PVP £365.36
    62 %
  • Vibora Assasin 2021 - Jump onto the padel court wearing the new Vibora Assasins, a padel racket that offers balance, great performance and high performance in the game.
    £139.14PVP £217.47
    36 %
  • Vibora Yarara Classic Edition - This padel racket offers a great balance between power and control.
    £125.22PVP £217.47
    42 %
  • Vibora Liquid Naya 2021 - Take a look at these Vibora padel rackets, from the new collection that returns with a renewed design and high performance. Ideal for high-level players.
    £123.96PVP £247.92
    50 %
  • Vibora Bamboo Classic Edition - Get noticed on the track when you arrive with the new Vibora padel racket made with the best quality materials.
    £123.48PVP £187.03
    34 %
  • Vibora Naya Classic Edition 2022 - This padel racket was made of durable, comfortable and resistant carbon materials for better control and power.
    £122.61PVP £187.03
    34 %
  • Vibora King Cobra Classic Edition 2022 - Greater performance, durability and power in your games with this new padel racket designed with carbon materials that make it resistant and comfortable.
  • Vibora Blackhead Carbon 2022 - Comfort and stability in your strokes with this new padel racket designed with resistant and durable carbon materials.
    £104.34PVP £200.08
    48 %
  • Vibor-a Lethal Hybrid - Enjoy the high power and defeat your rivals with your most lethal attacks.
    £86.85PVP £160.93
    46 %
  • Vibora Russell Advance 2022 - Padel racket designed with comfortable, light and easy to handle carbon materials that give you power in each stroke.
    £93.90PVP £147.88
    37 %
  • vibora Mortal Carbon PN 2022 - Get the new Vibora padel racket for professional padel players.
    £88.69PVP £200.08
    56 %
  • Vibor-A Lethal Attack - Do your best on the court with your deadliest attacks.
    £84.34PVP £160.93
    48 %
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