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    Varlion LW One 2023 padel racket for players who are starting in the sport. Round padel racket, made of fiberglass to play with control technique.

    Varlion LW One 2023 padel racket for padel players who are just starting out in the sport.

    Varlion LW One 2023 padel racket for players in initiation level to play mainly with control technique and score with lethal blows. Made of fiberglass with soft touch rubber with round shape and low balance. Fresh and modern design combined black, silver, red and blue colors.

    Special design of the dies to reduce turbulence.

    They have been made with their Hexagonal frame with a shape that provides a more rigid and resistant frame thanks to its design with edge and chamfer. Aerodinamic Drilling dies reduce turbulence, creating a stronger core and more accurate hits.

    The Hypermedium core is a medium soft-touch Foam core for comfortable, bouncy shots. It plays with power but mainly with control technique. It is a padel racket designed for those who are starting in padel and have little experience in the game. Enjoy smooth and manageable strokes.

    Padel racket with wrist strap fastening more comfortable and safer.

    Designed with Handlesafety technology. In general line in the padel racquets the strap comes out of a hole at the end of the end of the fist. In this model, the cord comes out of the ends of the end of the cuff for a more comfortable and secure grip.

    With hollow core, 12 centimeter grip, and weighing between 345 to 370 grams. If you have arrived here it is because they are beginning to practice padel and you need a comfortable racket with which to begin to learn the manageability of the racket and techniques of game. Buy your new Varlion padel racket for this new season.

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