Varlion was born in 1993 in Argentina thanks to Felix Regalia's passion for padel. At the end of the 90s, in 1999, when Varlion lands in Spain and begins to present its entire collection of products, from the outset Varlion have a great acceptance, proof of this is that today it continues opening more lines of business around padel, such as padel rackets, footwear, textiles or accessories. In our online you will find this brand at the best prices.



Varlion provides news and technologies which will not do other thing than adding improvements to your game. Check its quality acquiring the Varlion padel rackets in our website. If you look for some efficient and durable padel racket, maybe it is one of the best padel manufacturers in the world.

  • VARLION MAXIMA PRISMA RADIO, HIGH CONTROL AND POWER Your new tear-shaped padel racket allows you to ...
    £270.30 £386.23
  • VARLION CANON DIFUSOR W 2021, GREAT CONTROL Enjoy the excellent balance provided by the new Varlion ...
    £260.93 £325.33
  • VARLION BOURNE PRISMA W 2021, GREAT BALANCE Get now this new Varlion Bourne Prisma W 2021 racket, y ...
    £223.56 £372.75
  • VARLION CANON CARBON DIFFUSER S, HIGHER STRENGTH IN THE HIT Professional players will enjoy their g ...
    £203.55 £325.33
  • VARLION LW CARBON 8 PRISMA, EXCELLENT CONTROL You will feel great on padel courts with the new Varl ...
    £194.83 £278.32
  • VARLION LW CARBON 8 PRISMA PANSY WOMAN, FIBERGLASS Get now this Varlion LW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy pa ...
    £194.83 £278.36
  • VARLION BOURNE SUMMUM SEVENRHOMBUS W Check out this new Varlion Bourne Summum SevenrHombus W racket ...
    £173.94 £341.87
  • VARLION LW SUMMUM W 2021, LOOK GREAT AT EVERY MATCH We present you the incredible Varlion Lw Summum ...
    £173.94 £342.73
  • VARLION LW SUMMUM CARBON BLACK, DURABLE This Varlion Lw Summum carbon black padel racket is intende ...
    £170.47 £243.56
  • VARLION AVANT DIFUSOR W 2021 Get now the new Varlion Avant Difusor W 2021 racket, with a great desi ...
    £167.85 £325.30
    £165.24 £325.33
  • VARLION CANON BLACK DIFFUSER, POWER Stand out on the court when you arrive with the new Varlion Can ...
    £164.39 £234.87
  • VARLION BOURNE CARBON, HIGH CONTROL Designed in the shape of a teardrop, the new Varlion Bourne Car ...
    £150.48 £250.97
  • VARLION LW DIFUSOR BLACK, LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE This padel racket has a medium balance, ideal for a ...
    £129.61 £216.60
  • VARLION LW CARBON TITAN, VERY RESISTANT Designed with a carbon frame with a tubular hexagon shape a ...
    £105.25 £176.59
  • VARLION BOURNE CARBON TI, GREAT DURABILITY Make yourself noticed on tracks with this new Varlion Bo ...
    £100.45 £143.52


  • Varlion Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma - Intended for advanced games providing you control and power at all times, this new padel racket is great for the court.
    £250.52PVP £278.36
    10 %
  • Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma W - A great grip to provide the player with a more comfortable and professional grip, as well as to make it easier for those who use both hands to hit backhands.
    £248.42PVP £354.91
    30 %
  • Varlion Bourne Prisma W 2021 - Enjoy the good quality and nice design of this padel racket.
    £223.56PVP £372.75
    40 %
  • Varlion Canon Carbon Difusor S - It features a rough texture with a hexagonal shape on the impact surface, which enhances the effect that the ball takes when contacting this surface in topspin or cut shots.
    £203.55PVP £325.33
    37 %
  • Varlion Avant Difusor S - Get noticed on the court with this Varlion padel racket designed for professional padel players.
    £194.85PVP £325.33
    40 %
  • Varlion Bourne Summum Carbon Black - This padel racket is designed for demanding padel players.
  • Varlion Avant Diffuser W 2021 - Amazing design, great control and quality.
    £167.85PVP £325.30
    48 %
  • Varlion LW Difusor W 2021 - Providing a graduated drilling pattern, by optimizing the diameter of the holes and their placement on the hitting impact surface, you get a larger sweet spot and a better feel on the shot.
    £165.24PVP £325.33
    49 %
  • Varlion Canon Difusor Black - Do better shots and higher comfort during the game with the new Varlion padel racket and beat your opponents with ease.
    £164.39PVP £234.87
    30 %
  • Varlion Avant Difusor Carbon black - Get noticed on the court with this padel racket made of high-level materials and technologies.
  • Varlion Lw Carbon 3 | Just arrived from the new collection with a striking and original design in white and blue colours. Created with light, resistant and rigid materials, it has extraordinary innovations that improve performance on the court.
    £160.02PVP £200.08
    20 %
  • Varlion Bourne Carbon - A padel racket made with carbon materials that provide you balance and control in your strokes and a teardrop shape for versatile games.
    £150.48PVP £250.97
    40 %
  • Varlion LW Difusor Black - New padel racket designed with comfortable and resistant materials.
    £129.61PVP £216.60
    40 %
  • Varlion Avant CTI Difusor Black - Made of lightweight carbon and glass materials that make it easy to use, giving you a balance between power and control.
    £112.63PVP £160.92
    30 %
  • Varlion Canon CTI Diffuser Black - This padel racket has a nice design, made with good quality materials.
    £112.63PVP £160.92
    30 %
  • Varlion LW Carbon Titan - Higher ease in your movements with this new padel racket designed with light materials that give you power and control.
    £105.25PVP £176.59
    40 %
  • Varlion LW Carbon TI - Great sensations with this padel racket that provides you control at every step you take so you can achieve your sporting results.
    £100.45PVP £143.49
    30 %
  • Varlion LW Carbon TI Woman - End your games being number one with this padel racket that provides you control at every moment of the game with wide properties and a phenomenal white and orange design.
    £100.45PVP £143.49
    30 %
  • Varlion Bourne Carbon Ti - This padel racket has a diamond-shaped design, great durability.
    £100.45PVP £143.52
    30 %
  • Varlion Avant Carbon Pro Black - Great technology, nice design, medium-high balance.
    £95.68PVP £160.05
    40 %
  • Varlion Lw Carbon Alu - This Varlion padel racket provides excellent performance to professional padel players.
    £91.30PVP £128.31
    29 %
  • Varlion Bourne Carbon Tital - Get noticed on padel matches with this Varlion padel racket intended for professional players.
    £91.30PVP £128.31
    29 %
  • Varlion LW Hexagon 8.8 - New padel racket with a diamond-shaped design, great durability.
    £79.13PVP £113.08
    30 %
  • Varlion Bourne Hexagon 8.8 - A padel racket designed with teardrop-shaped a carbon hexagon-shaped frame and fiberglass flats with a hypersoft Eva rubber core.
    £79.13PVP £113.08
    30 %
  • Varlion Lw 8.8 Woman - Conquer your rivals easily with the agility and lightness offered by the innovative Varlion padel racket made with the best quality materials.
    £78.28PVP £113.96
    31 %
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