Varlion was born in 1993 in Argentina thanks to Felix Regalia's passion for padel. At the end of the 90s, in 1999, when Varlion lands in Spain and begins to present its entire collection of products, from the outset Varlion have a great acceptance, proof of this is that today it continues opening more lines of business around padel, such as padel rackets, footwear, textiles or accessories. In our online you will find this brand at the best prices.

  • VARLION AVANT DIFUSOR BLACK LTD, BALANCED Take a look at this Varlion Avant Difusor Black LTD padel ...
    £146.12 £329.92
  • VARLION LW ITSV SOFT The new Varlion LW ITSV Soft is a control model with a warm and youthful desig ...
    £113.96 £142.45


  • Varlion Cannon Difusor Carrera 15 W | Potency in its maximum exponent in the new Varlion racket for demanding players with a high-level on the game field. In its making, the use of solvents and paintings was reduced, reducing contaminating elements.
  • Varlion LW Difusor Titan aesthetic defect - Dont hesitate to get this magnificent high-performance padel racket thatll satisfy each one of your needs on the court.
  • Varlion LW Alu Carbon TI Soft | Be surprised by the quality of this new Varlion racket, made of the best materials to provide amazing benefits. Directed to professional players.
    £90.98PVP £183.80
    51 %
  • Varlion Avant Ti Bg2 Aesthetic defect - This Varlion padel racket is designed with quality materials that provides comfort in padel matches.
  • Varlion Lw H Itsv Hard, innovative padel racket with the two faces in a different colour, great control and good potency, a great quality-price relationship.
    £68.46PVP £136.93
    50 %
  • Varlion LW One Soft - If youre a new padel player and looking for exquisite hit precision, this new Varlion padel is ideal for you. Enjoy your padel matches at the maximum with this model and its magnificent benefits.
    £51.40PVP £101.09
    49 %
  • Varlion LW One Hard aesthetic defect - Put your skills to the test with this incredible top-quality padel racket that'll help improve your game technique.
  • Varlion Avant Junior | Transform your little kids in professional players with the new Varlion for kids. An initiation racket designed for the childrens learning phase.
    £36.71PVP £78.12
    53 %
  • Varlion Lethal Weapon Carbon 3 Original aesthetic defect - Stand out in your padel training with this padel racket destined to professional padel players.
  • Varlion Avant Difusor Limited Edition black - Get this high-performance padel racket to obtain the perfect balance between control and potency.
    £146.12PVP £329.92
    56 %
  • Varlion Lw Difusor Black - This Varlion padel racket is made of first-class level materials and quality technologies that provide sensations of comfort and quality.
    £146.12PVP £328.08
    55 %
  • Varlion Lw Carbon 3 GT | Enjoy a game of control with the most comfort in your movements and hits, thanks to the new Varlion racquet. Conceived for expert players who seek precision and control.
    £90.98PVP £211.37
    57 %
  • Varlion Avant H Alu Carbon Ti Soft, padel racket of Varlions new range, innovative padel rackets with original designs and spectacular output, Varlion quality at the best price.
  • Varlion LW ITSV Hard - We already have here the new Varlion control racket composed of fibreglass and Eva rubber to provide you with amazing benefits. Enjoy padel like never before and get impressive precision in each hit.
    £72.60PVP £142.45
    49 %
  • Varlion LW ITSV Soft | Give a touch of style and comfort to your padel matches with this new Varlion racket, light and very comfortable to play the most intense points. Get it now and obtain magnificent control.
    £113.96PVP £142.45
    20 %
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