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    Discover the innovative Varlion Bourne Prisma Radio S 2023, a high-end padel racket with a rough texture that gives the achievement of effects!


    With a diamond shape and medium-high balance, the new Varlion Bourne Prisma Radio S 2023 is an ideal padel racket for players with a professional level of technique. It is designed for a type of game mainly of power, so it is necessary to have a good level.

    This Varlion model incorporates a Prisma frame, which considerably improves the maneuverability of the padel racket and allows greater acceleration in the blows.

    As for the external part of this padel racket, we can mention its rough texture, called SLICE, and gets the ball to hook more and can spin with effect. The surface has been made with 12K carbon fiber in the form of rhomboid as the main material. The 7 RHOMBUS CARBON FABRIC fabric gives the core greater flexibility.

    Provides a stable and consistent game

    The Bourne Prisma Prisma Radio S padel racket owes its name to the RADIO technology, a new and innovative way of manufacturing in which the padel racket comes out of its own mold already perforated. This revolutionizes the performance and strength of the padel racket since the core strength is increased and, in addition, the use of fabrics is reduced by 50%.

    Another great novelty that presents this padel racket for men is the AIRFLOW technology, which by means of elongated holes located between the core and the frame, manages to provide more fluidity to the passage of air.

    It also includes SUMMUM technology, which adds four innovations that result in a much more complete padel racket. The hitting surface and height of the rough texture have been increased. In addition, the handle of the Varlion padel racket has been lengthened to provide a much more comfortable grip for the player. It also includes the WINGS DIFFUSER, aerodynamically improved to achieve a much faster, controlled and precise airflow.

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