Top Force 2023 padel rackets

The Top Force sports brand has been in business since 1985, which means it has more than 35 years of history behind it. This extensive experience in the manufacture of padel equipment has led them to become one of the most long-lived and recognised brands in the sector. It is one of the first padel brands that appeared when this sport was not yet at its peak, and they have remained until today, and as one of the best.

Some of the most renowned padel players have used padel rackets from this brand, such as Matías del Moral, Alejandro and Mariano Lasaigues, Alejandro Novillo, Javier Siro and Raúl Arias. And female players include Daniela Banchero, Iciar Montes, Virginia Mazzuchi, Nela Brito and Araceli Montero, among others.

In the Top Force collection we find several lines or ranges, among which we can mention Fiberglass, Fiberglass+ Abrasive, Fiber Carbon, Abrasive Carbon, Elite Carbon, Abrasive Elite, Tech One and Evolution Pro.

Top Force has found a way to bring to the highest level a flawless product of the best quality, and looking for excellence, they manufacture their padel rackets. The symbols of the brand are power, aesthetics and control, and they have been governed by this premise since 1985.


Why choose a Top Force padel racket?

The Top Force brand is characterised by being a firm that cares about achieving the highest quality in the manufacture of its products and, therefore, they take care of even the most insignificant details to achieve it.

Top Force padel rackets are durable and comfortable, and players, when buying them, have the guarantee that they are getting a highly reliable product that will provide a great playing experience in every game. 

One point to highlight is the lamination of the rackets, which is handmade, including reinforcements strategically to achieve maximum durability. In addition, they choose quality materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre, which are combined or included separately, depending on the characteristics that are sought for the racket in question.


New Top Force 2023 padel racket collection 2023

Top Force comes loaded with new features for the 2023 season and presents two star padel rackets that promise to be a hit for the most committed and demanding padel players, due to the extreme quality of the materials and their innovative and modern design.

The two rackets that headline the collection are the Top Force Phantom Tech One 12K and the Top Force Partner Tech One 18K. Let's talk about them in more depth.


  • Top Force Phantom Tech One 12K: is a high quality padel racket with a teardrop shape and a medium balance. The faces are made of 12K Woven carbon fibre, the frame is also made of carbon and the core is made of Black 13 EVA rubber. 
  • Top Force Partner Tech One 18K: is a padel racket for advanced players, which offers great performance on court thanks to its EVA Soft rubber core and its 18K carbon fibre faces. It has a rounded shape with a fairly large point of impact that will allow you a greater number of correct shots.


So, don't hesitate any longer and get one of the new Top Force padel rackets and start winning all your matches. Once you try this brand, you won't want to change to any other.



  • Enjoy the innovative Top Force Partner Tech One 18K padel racket, manufactured with Black 15 EVA rubber and WOVEN 18K carbon flats!
    £115.30PVP £208.77
    45 %
  • Made with a new and attractive design, the new Top Force Phantom Tech One 12K padel racket will become your best ally in padel matches.
    £111.41PVP £191.37
    42 %
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