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  • TECNIFIBRE WALL BREAKER 375 The padel racket Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 375 is characterised by its gr ...
    £104.24 £166.44


  • TECNIFIBRE WALL MASTER 365 | Comfortable padel racket of easy handling thought for players with a medium level who want to try and improve their effects.
    £148.88PVP £166.44
    11 %
  • TECNIFIBRE WALL BREAKER 375| Powerful padel racket for intermediate and advanced players who look for an offesinve game.
    £104.24PVP £166.44
    37 %
  • TECNIFIBRE WALL MASTER 350| Balanced padel racket with tear-drop shape. Excellent power and control which favours your game.
    £65.66PVP £117.38
    44 %
  • TECNIFIBRE WALL BREAKER 365| Padel racket of power and it is characterised by its comfort and powerful strikes. It is thought for padel lovers.
    £65.66PVP £117.38
    44 %
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