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    Starvie Corvus Columns, paddle tennis racket with a teardrop-shaped body to hit with power. 12K carbon planes and EVA Soft rubber core.

    2 Starvie Corvus Columns, teardrop paddle tennis racket

    Starvie Corvus Columns, paddle tennis racket with a teardrop-shaped body. Designed for paddle tennis players who play with power technique on the court. Its balance is directed towards the head of the body of the racket to accompany the blow. Allows you to get the ball with more power.

    Ideal racket for players looking for a perfect balance between power and control on the court. With its innovative design and high performance features, this racket will allow you to stand out in every hit.

    StarVie paddle tennis racket with 12K carbon

    The blade is built with 12K carbon planes, 12,000 threads per strip, which makes it resistant and durable. The 12K carbon offers an excellent relationship between weight and resistance, which translates into greater stability and a solid feeling on each shot.

    The EVA Soft PK28 rubber core provides excellent shock absorption and a soft touch when hitting. This combination of materials provides a perfect balance between control and power, allowing you to place the ball with precision and generate speed in your shots.

    Starvie shovel with striking and sporty design

    The racket is designed to have optimal balance. This translates into better handling and stability during the game, allowing you to make quick and precise movements on the court.

    In addition, the racket has a modern and attractive design, with bright colors and elegant details. The frame and cuff are black with the faces in a vibrant blue. It has details, like the heart, the color lime green. Buy your StarVie teardrop racket now to stand out at your next game for its design and features.

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