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  • If the return of one of the items is requested, £1 will be refunded.
  • In case of product warranty, if only 1 unit is requested and it is accepted, the amount to be refunded would be £1.
  • In case of product warranty, if 2 units are requested and this is accepted, the total balance of the order will be refunded.
  • Promotion valid from April 21th to May 2nd until 23:59.


Get your padel products on sale

The best offers have arrived at Pādel Nuestro, and with them one of the most powerful padel promotions of this season: get your second unit for just £1 more


At Pādel Nuestro you will find padel products from the best brands: Bullpadel, Siux, Black Crown, J'Hayber or Nox, among others.


This great offer is a great opportunity for all those players who want to save as much as possible on their purchase. And what better way to save than to buy two padel items for practically the price of one. Crazy! 


Are you and your padel pair looking for the same padel racket? Do you love these padel shoes so much that you'd love to have a spare pair? Do you and your partner want to wear the same padel gear? Then this promotion is tailor-made for you! 


Buy a racket, shoes or textile and the second unit of the same model will cost you only £1. Don't miss this opportunity and get for £1 more your second unit practically for free!


  • SIUX PEGASUS 1K LIMITED EDITION, RESISTANT AND POWERFUL This new padel racket is designed in a hybr ...
    £278.32 £304.46
  • SIUX SPARTAN LUXURY The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balanc ...
    £182.64 £347.09
  • ORYGEN CARBON EDITION PRO 3, GREAT HANDLING Enjoy your Padel matches with the new Orygen Edition Ca ...
    £119.13 £138.31
  • SIUX FENIX 12K, HIGH-QUALITY Experience the best comfort on the padel court with this Siux Fenix 12 ...
    £164.37 £234.00
  • SIUX STONE CARBON BLUE Make yourself noticed on padel tracks with this Siux Stone Carbon racket, th ...
    £120.87 £129.62
  • SIUX FENIX 3K, NEW SIUX 2021 COLLECTION Meet the new multipurpose racket Siux Fenix 3K, a racket of ...
    £158.28 £234.00
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 7.0 Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level ...
    £107.82 £217.47
  • SIUX DIABLO ALL BLACK, ALL-PURPOSE RACKET Siux Diablo All Black, one of the new multipurpose shovel ...
    £139.14 £365.36
  • VARLION LW CARBON 8 PRISMA PANSY WOMAN, FIBERGLASS Get now this Varlion LW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy pa ...
    £249.62 £278.36
  • AKKERON ORO FURIA 2022, GREAT CONTROL AND POWER FaceTense Drill System that makes the Akkeron Oro F ...
    £295.72 £400.15
  • SIUX QUANTUM 2.0, AMAZING DESIGN Feel great on padel courts with this new Siux Quantum 2.0 racket o ...
    £120.00 £155.71

The best of Special 2nd unit

  • Siux Evoque 2.0 - It presents a hybrid shape and a wide sweet spot that allows great ball outputs and extra power.
    £93.91PVP £129.62
    28 %
  • ADIDAS Xtreme Black Lime - Made with a rough surface that maximizes the effect of the ball when hitting. Thanks to its great manageability and hitting sensation, it is perfect for any level of play.
    £96.52PVP £191.38
    50 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Bullpadel Kitter 037 - Stand out while playing with this high-performance Bullpadel padel racket.
    £97.39PVP £121.79
    20 %
    Icono Categoria
  • RS Padel Pro Edition Cayetano Rocafort - Get the opportunity and turn heads in each game with this amazing padel racket.
  • Siux Raven Control 18K - Get now this Siux control padel racket, a design from the new Sioux 2021 collection that stands out for its excellent control and high performance.
    £157.41PVP £286.20
    45 %
  • Bullpadel Legend 4.0 Woman - Go to your games with this padel racket made for beginner players looking for perfect control.
    £93.04PVP £173.98
    47 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Mystica Quimera - This Mystica padel racket provides great control and manageability during padel matches.
    £86.95PVP £173.98
    50 %
  • Dunlop Skin Attack soft- Take a look at this Dunlop paddle, a unique design that comes to advanced players looking for excellent power in the game.
    £64.33PVP £165.28
    61 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Siux Curve Avant Lady - Excellent performance, good quality. Nice design.
    £86.08PVP £86.12
  • Varlion Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma - Intended for advanced games providing you control and power at all times, this new padel racket is great for the court.
    £253.97PVP £278.36
    9 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Ultimate Pro Black - Great performance, nice design.
  • Siux Diablo Granph Blue | Spectacular performance with this padel racket on the court. Amazing properties. It is characterised by its oversize rounded shape. Siux high quality.
    £242.66PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Black - Dont hesitate to get this high-performance padel racket to guarantee victory in each one of your matches.
  • Siux Alaris - Your innovative highly resistant fiberglass padel racket, hybrid shape for versatile games is ideal to reach victory.
    £52.15PVP £129.62
    60 %
  • adidas x5 Ultimate red - Do your most competitive side with this adidas brand padel racket that will help you get your best performance due to its top performance.
    £95.65PVP £200.08
    52 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Siux Tsunami 5.0 24k - Get this high-quality padel racket and improve your control and power in each movement in your padel matches.
    £139.14PVP £207.91
    33 %
  • Bullpadel Black Dragon 4.0 - Top experiences on the court are offered by your innovative padel racket that only Bullpadel can give you.
    £93.91PVP £173.98
    46 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Softee Swat Red - If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile and intermediate-level padel racket, this is an excellent option with an attractive design.
    £78.25PVP £78.29
  • Nox Ultimate Power Black LTD - La pala ideal para jugadores de potencia máxima.
  • Siux Spartan Luxury | The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balance
    £182.64PVP £347.09
    47 %
  • ADIDAS X5 Ultimate Yellow - Ideal for any level of game and any player. Great design, good quality.
    £95.65PVP £200.08
    52 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Dunlop Sonic - Take to the court with this Dunlop paddle, a model full of versatility ideal for advanced to professional level paddle players.
    £65.20PVP £173.98
    63 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Siux Diablo Revolution 24k Negro Red - Play with this great quality padel racket and show your top level in your trainings and matches.
    £242.66PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • Siux SX6 2022 - Great quality, amazing design, balance, control and power.
    £79.12PVP £120.92
    35 %
  • Siux Infernal - It has roughness on its impact surfaces to favor spinning and topspin shots.
    £113.04PVP £173.11
    35 %
  • Siux Quantum 2.0 - Great power, flexibility, precision, medium-high balance and matte finish.
    £120.00PVP £155.71
    23 %
  • Siux Diablo Revolution 3k - Play with this premium quality padel racket and check its smoothness and high level design in your padel matches.
    £202.64PVP £365.36
    45 %
  • ADIDAS Radogar CTRL 3D - The REINFORCEMENT structure of the frame ensures great breathability to impacts and torsion.
    £93.91PVP £200.08
    53 %
  • Siux Stone Carbon Blue - Great performance, nice design, good quality
    £120.87PVP £129.62
    7 %
  • Siux fenix 12k - Hit the track the new high-quality Siux Fenix padel racket.
    £164.37PVP £234.00
    30 %
  • Orygen Carbon Edition 3 - Stand out on any court with this polyvalent padel racket from Orygen, an exclusive model created with high quality materials that offer great power and good control.
    £119.13PVP £138.31
    14 %
  • RS Padel Prime Team Edition Black Grey - Medium balance, good handling.
  • Eclypse Luna 3.0 woman - Turn heads on any court with this control padel racket from the new Eclypse 2020 collection, a model built with materials that provide better control and greater performance.
    £80.86PVP £207.91
    61 %
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K - Get this Siux padel racket now, a versatile model that stands out for its incredible design and high performance in the game.
    £248.75PVP £248.79
  • Varlion LW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy Woman - This padel racket will give you the control and comfort you need.
  • Siux Radical Pro IV - Enjoy the excellent quality of technologies and materials this padel racket brings to you.
    £95.65PVP £103.52
    8 %
  • ADIDAS X-treme Lime - Padel racket is made with fiberglass materials that allow you to have great handling during your movements.
    £93.04PVP £191.38
    51 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Dunlop Nemesis - Made with quality materials that allow you to have control and power in each shot.
    £93.04PVP £173.98
    47 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Siux Snake Woman - The innovative padel racket with a hybrid shape for control and power with carbon fiber in the frame and fiberglass in the impact surfaces for incredible resistance.
    £135.66PVP £199.21
    32 %
  • Dunlop Skin Control NH - Get to the competitions or training sessions with the great professional style of this new shovel.
    £65.20PVP £165.28
    61 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Akkeron Cobra Kronos 21 - Padel racket made with light and comfortable materials for greater precision in each stroke during training and padel games.
    £242.66PVP £400.15
    39 %
  • Vibora Yarara Black Series 1k - Enjoy a great comfort in padel matches with this high-end padel racket for professional players.
    £239.18PVP £326.21
    27 %
  • Siux Platinum Revolution 24K - Padel racket designed with carbon and graphene materials that make it more resistant in matches, aimed at players looking for a perfect balance.
    £203.51PVP £347.09
    41 %
  • Dunlop Gravity - A padel racket manufactured with quality materials that provide you with better sensations during your most important games.
    £86.95PVP £173.98
    50 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Softee Galaxy - Get noticed on the padel court with this Softee control padel racket, ideal for players with an intermediate level of play.
    £59.11PVP £85.25
    31 %
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