The Softee padel rackets are characterised by their control, power and quality both regarding design and stroke. Softee has padel rackets, specially designed to offer the players high quality padel rackets at a very good price. 

The best prices on Softee padel rackets.

In Pādel Nuestro you can buy padel rackets by Softee at the best price of the market since we have the models TOUR CARBON, HIDRA CARBON, CARBON ZERO, SOFTEE ACID, HAMMER, POPI, SKELECTOR, BOLT, SPIRITY AND THUNDER.

  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN, high balance for demanding players Softee Potenza Woman is one of the brand's ...
    £140.01 £233.13
  • SOFTEE SUMMIT RED POWER, REDUCES VIBRATIONS The Softee Summit red power is a padel racket with a th ...
    £151.36 £208.78
  • SOFTEE SPEED GOLD POWER, POLYVALENT The Softee Speed Gold Power padel racket is made for you to pla ...
    £153.19 £200.08
  • SOFTEE K3 TOUR CARBON PRO, POWER PADEL RACKET If you are an advanced level professional player look ...
    £112.22 £191.38


  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN | Softee women padel racket made of carbon fibre in the faces and EVA Soft rubber in the nucleus. Padel racket with a diamond shape.
    £140.01PVP £233.13
    40 %
  • Pala Softee Potenza Black Edition - Hit the court with this high-end padel racket recommended for professional padel players.
  • SOFTEE Summit Red power - Obtain this quality padel racket for a high-performance game.
    £151.36PVP £208.78
    27 %
  • Softee Speed Gold Power - Softee padel racket, designed for advanced level players. Ideal for a game of power and control.
    £153.19PVP £200.08
    23 %
  • Softee K3 Tour Carbon Pro - Hit the track with this padel racket intended for advanced-level professional players.
    £112.22PVP £191.38
    41 %
  • Softee Potenza Evolution Red Black - Enjoy this Softee padel racket and check all its benefits on the playing court.
  • Softee Helix Black Yellow - Order now this padel racket and experience its design with power in each hit.
    £101.78PVP £154.84
    34 %
  • Softee Freezer Black Gold - Obtain this Softee padel racket and check its technology by exploring your maximum level in each game.
    £94.65PVP £147.88
    36 %
  • Softee victory - Go on any court and stand out with this Softee padel racket designed for professional players.
    £84.81PVP £130.48
    35 %
  • Softee Potenza Rainbow Coral - Check out this Softee padel racket, a model from the new 2021 collection that stands out for its incredible power and great performance in the game.
    £100.04PVP £113.09
    12 %
  • Softee Galaxy - Get noticed on the padel court with this Softee control padel racket, ideal for players with an intermediate level of play.
    £76.55PVP £85.25
    10 %
  • £51.76PVP £78.29
    34 %
  • Softee Swat Red - If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile and intermediate-level padel racket, this is an excellent option with an attractive design.
    £51.76PVP £78.29
    34 %
  • Softee Swat Orange - Discover your maximum potential on padel courts with this high quality dynamic racket.
    £51.75PVP £78.29
    34 %
  • Softee Ranger Coral Black Orange - Obtain this padel racket and get noticed on the playing surface with its absolute control.
  • Softee Ranger Silver - A high quality padel racket that provides the best benefits for players looking for a more dynamic game with greater power in each stroke.
    £43.93PVP £73.07
    40 %
  • Softee Ranger Green - Get now this Softee padel racket, the perfect padel racket to get hits full of power without leaving control behind.
    £48.28PVP £73.07
    34 %
  • Soffe Ranger gold 2022 - Stand out on the court with this high-performance Softee padel racket, for professional padel players.
    £47.84PVP £73.07
    35 %
  • Softee Speed Blue Power Blue Silver - Obtain this Softee padel racket and increase the power of your hits with its powerful and high-quality design.
  • Softee Potenza Rainbow Aqua Black Blue - Get this padel racket and complement your game with its modern and attractive design.
  • Softee Pro Master - Stand out in all your padel games with this Softee padel racket, made with fiberglass and super Soft EVA rubber giving control, power, resistance and manageability.
    £50.80PVP £85.25
    40 %
  • Softee Potenza Fiber - Take a look at this Softee power and control padel racket. It is perfect for intermediate players.
    £42.63PVP £67.85
    37 %
  • Softee Pro Master Red - Take a look at this incredible padel racket that will make you maintain maximum control and with total power in each stroke.
    £41.76PVP £60.02
    30 %
  • Softee Pro Master Fluorescent Yellow - Get your maximum potential on padel courts with a racket that will vibrate with its performance and incredible design.
  • Softee Raze 4.0 - Hit the padel court with this versatile Softee padel racket, created with materials that achieve a perfect balance between power and control.
    £36.53PVP £52.15
    30 %
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