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    Wield the Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro and share a padel racket with the number 3 of the WPT, Sanyo Gutierrez. With EVA Soft core and 18K carbon faces.

    Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro, a top-of-the range racket for professionals

    The Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro is a top-quality racket that has been specially designed for men who play padel at an advanced or professional level. It is the model gripped by Sanyo Gutierrez, the number 3 player on the World Padel Tour.

    It has a hybrid shape with medium balance and a large sweet spot. On court, this results in a versatile game, offering the player a perfect balance between control and power. The player increases his versatility when facing his opponents, being able to defend or attack without difficulty when the game requires it.

    The weight of this racket ranges between 355 and 375 grams; thus, the manageability and lightness are quite acceptable and will allow the player to move comfortably on the surface.

    Durability, resistance, and good cushioning

    As for the faces of the Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro, they have a shiny, smooth finish and are made of 18K Silver carbon, a resistant material that gives the racket more flexibility and a faster ball release.


    On the other hand, the tubular frame has been made using 100% carbon, which ensures extreme lightness and durability. In addition, it offers excellent damping of the vibrations that occur after an impact. It is both stiff and flexible at the same time.

    The core is made of EVA Soft Rubber, a soft foam with a soft touch, which increases the ball bounce and provides a very good ball release.

    Modern and stylish design

    This new racket from the Siux Pro Series has a very smart and superb design in neutral colours, with a glossy finish that will make you stand out in every match.

    It incorporates ShockOut technology, an anti-vibration system strategically located in the lower part of the racket to eliminate vibrations and add comfort and solidity to your shots.


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