The SIUX brand started in the year 2013 and has become a best seller in the padel industry. With accesories, materials, compoundss and selection of models, the brand has reach its way to success 

It also have a great team of professional players such as Stupa or Lucho Capra who fight in every single match in the court to show the best of Siux.


Siux padel rackets of power and control for every taste

This brand made in Spain has a new collection of padel rackets for every audience and level of game. From the well-known Siux Diablo, for many the best one in the world, which has several versions, Diablo Mate, Diablo Granph with graphene and Diablo Fuchsia, as well as the professional padel rackets such as Platinum or Origen, or wrinkled models like Siux Furtive or padel rackets with a closed throat like Siux Odyssey. Female public has also got its models adapted for the women players, for instance the Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition or SX6. Enjoy its more than 20 models of padel rackets.

  • SIUX PEGASUS 1K LIMITED EDITION, RESISTANT AND POWERFUL This new padel racket is designed in a hybr ...
    £278.32 £304.46
  • SIUX SPARTAN LUXURY The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balanc ...
    £182.64 £347.09
  • SIUX ELECTRA ST1, A GREAT STUPA PADEL RACKET! Finally, what is going to be, without a doubt, one of ...
    £182.64 £260.10
    £180.90 £207.91
  • SIUX SPYDER LUXURY GRAFENO Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene: a diamo ...
    £180.03 £391.45
  • SIUX PLATINUM REVOLUTION 24K, RESISTANCE Siux Platinum Revolution 24K padel racket aimed at advance ...
    £166.98 £347.09
  • SIUX ODYSSEY FUCHSIA 2017 The Siux odyseey women's version is characterised by its striking colours ...
    £165.28 £260.10
  • SIUX DIABLO ALL BLACK, ALL-PURPOSE RACKET Siux Diablo All Black, one of the new multipurpose shovel ...
    £139.14 £365.36
  • SIUX FENIX 12K, HIGH-QUALITY Experience the best comfort on the padel court with this Siux Fenix 12 ...
    £136.53 £234.00
  • SIUX FENIX 3K, NEW SIUX 2021 COLLECTION Meet the new multipurpose racket Siux Fenix 3K, a racket of ...
    £129.57 £234.00
  • SIUX QUANTUM 2.0, AMAZING DESIGN Feel great on padel courts with this new Siux Quantum 2.0 racket o ...
    £117.39 £155.71


  • Siux SG Copper Edition 18K - The great padel racket intended for players who enjoy beating their opponents with an incredible versatility on the court.
  • Siux Tsunami 4.0 red - Stand out with the best potency in padel matches with this Siux padel racket destined to profesisonal players with ample experience.
  • Siux Genesis Hybrid 12k - Get noticed on the court with this Siux padel racket, made with quality materials.
  • Siux Black Carbon Luxury | A padel racket characterised by its elegant design and excellent performance. It is an amazing control padel racket.
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Black - Dont hesitate to get this high-performance padel racket to guarantee victory in each one of your matches.
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K - Get this Siux padel racket now, a versatile model that stands out for its incredible design and high performance in the game.
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Silver - Ideal for advanced level players who seek a balanced padel racket to improve their game technique.
  • Siux Diablo Revolution 12 k - Enjoy the padel court with this padel racket siux for men of professional level.
    £243.53PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • Siux Diablo Granph Blue | Spectacular performance with this padel racket on the court. Amazing properties. It is characterised by its oversize rounded shape. Siux high quality.
    £242.70PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • The Siux Diablo Granph is clearly one of the best padel rackets in the world, a bat with superior behaviour both in power and control.
    £242.70PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • Siux Diablo Revolution 24k Negro Red - Play with this great quality padel racket and show your top level in your trainings and matches.
    £242.66PVP £391.45
    38 %
  • Siux Genesis Power 12k - Get noticed on the court with this Siux padel racket intended for professional padel players.
  • Siux Black Carbono Revolution 3K - The amazing padel racket is intended for players looking for taking total control of the court.
    £208.74PVP £260.10
    20 %
  • Get now the new Siux Tsunami Revolution, a high quality and high performance racket that incorporates an anti-vibration system and 3K carbon planes.
  • Siux Genesis Hybrid Black - This polyvalent Siux padel racket belongs to the new 2020 collection. It is a model for the most expert players who are looking for power and control from anywhere on the court.
  • Siux Black Carbon Revolution 24k - Power and control will be your best allies and will lead you to victory in every encounter.
  • Siux Diablo Revolution 3k - Play with this premium quality padel racket and check its smoothness and high level design in your padel matches.
    £202.64PVP £365.36
    45 %
  • Siux Cayman | Medium balance, excellent quality and nice design.
  • Siux Genesis Attack - You can already get this top quality padel racket thatll offer you the best behaviour inside the court to dominate the game.
    £182.67PVP £304.46
    40 %
  • Siux Spartan Luxury | The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balance
    £182.64PVP £347.09
    47 %
  • Siux Electra ST1 - Show off an amazing style with this new padel racket, made with carbon materials on the impact surfaces and frame, focused on advanced professional level players.
    £182.64PVP £260.10
    30 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Siux Pegasus | It is considered the best padel racket in the world. It is a padel racket with which we can show our best play.
    £181.81PVP £452.35
    60 %
  • Siux Tsunami All Black 3K Red - Get high control with your innovative Siux exclusive padel racket, perfect for victory.
    £180.90PVP £207.91
    13 %
  • Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno | Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene
    £180.03PVP £391.45
    54 %
  • Siux Platinum Revolution 24K - Padel racket designed with carbon and graphene materials that make it more resistant in matches, aimed at players looking for a perfect balance.
    £166.98PVP £347.09
    52 %
  • Siux Odyssey fuchsia 2017 | Padel racket with a renewed design and 100% made of carbon and Black Eva Ultra Soft rubber.
    £165.28PVP £260.10
    36 %
  • Siux Diablo Black - A padel racket that surpasses all limits of potency and control with its high-quality materials and advanced technologies.
    £165.24PVP £391.45
    58 %
  • Siux Pegasus 3k yellow 2022 - Stand out on the court with the new Siux padel racket for professional padel players.
    £156.54PVP £452.35
    65 %
  • Siux Tsunami All Black - This Siux padel racket turns heads in providing the best performance in major padel matches.
    £155.71PVP £260.10
    40 %
  • Siux Diablo All Black - A great power and control padel racket for high level players. A model from the Siux 2020 collection.
    £139.14PVP £365.36
    62 %
  • Siux Impact - Take a look at this Siux padel racket, one of the new control rackets made for beginner to intermediate players. It is of attractive design and resistant materials.
    £139.14PVP £260.10
    47 %
  • Siux fenix 12k - Hit the track the new high-quality Siux Fenix padel racket.
    £136.53PVP £234.00
    42 %
  • Siux Raven Control 18K - Get now this Siux control padel racket, a design from the new Sioux 2021 collection that stands out for its excellent control and high performance.
    £133.04PVP £286.20
    54 %
  • Siux Alaris - Your innovative highly resistant fiberglass padel racket, hybrid shape for versatile games is ideal to reach victory.
  • Siux Fenix 3k - Now you can get this new Siux padel racket, one of the new models of the 2021 collection that stands out for its design and great balance between power and control.
    £129.57PVP £234.00
    45 %
  • Siux Tsunami 5.0 24k - Get this high-quality padel racket and improve your control and power in each movement in your padel matches.
    £126.96PVP £207.91
    39 %
  • Siux Tsunami 5.0 12K - Obtain this Siux padel racket and enjoy great power and great control in the game. Perfect for advanced to professional level players.
    £125.22PVP £207.91
    40 %
  • Siux Snake 2021 - Stand out on padel courts with the new Siux Snake, a design from the new 2021 collection that comes to give the best performance to the most demanding players.
    £121.74PVP £216.61
    44 %
  • Siux Tsunami 5.0 3K - Get noticed on the court with this Siux padel racket, a design for advanced level players who are looking for balance and high performance during the game.
    £120.86PVP £207.91
    42 %
  • Siux Quantum 2.0 - Great power, flexibility, precision, medium-high balance and matte finish.
    £117.39PVP £155.71
    25 %
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