The SIUX brand started in the year 2013 and has become a best seller in the padel industry. With accesories, materials, compoundss and selection of models, the brand has reach its way to success 

It also have a great team of professional players such as Chico Gomes or Paula Eyheraguibel who fight in every single match in the court to show the best of Siux.

  • SIUX PEGASUS LUXURY Get now with the new Siux Pegasus Luxury and enjoy its benefits in the most int ...
    £477.88 £477.88
  • SIUX PEGASUS GRAFENO LADY Enjoy the maximum of each stroke with Siux Pegasus Lady, a versatile padd ...
    £256.40 £449.39
  • SIUX SPYDER LUXURY GRAFENO Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene: a diamo ...
    £449.39 £449.39
  • SIUX PLATINUM LUXURY Discover the new Siux Platinum Luxury and let yourself be seduced by its charm ...
    £366.68 £366.68
  • SIUX BLACK CARBON LUXURY The Siux Black Carbon Luxury is a padel racket that provides a great perfo ...
    £274.78 £274.78
  • SIUX TSUNAMI 3.0 GREEN Siux Tsunami 3.0 Green: power and control, all in one, for polyvalent player ...
    £182.88 £274.78
  • SIUX ODYSSEY YELLOW 2017 With this Siux padel racket, you are going to feel comfortable during offe ...
    £274.78 £274.78
  • SIUX DIABLO RED MATTE We have here the new Siux Diablo Mate 2018, a racket for the most demanding p ...
    £182.88 £385.98
  • SIUX PREDATOR HYBRID Give a touch of style and comfort to your matches with the new Siux Predator H ...
    £182.88 £294.08


  • Siux Astra Attack | For the most demanding players, the new Siux model is introduced loaded with innovations and technologies that meet expectations.
    £155.31PVP £339.11
    54 %
  • The Siux Diablo 2015 is the new model of the well-considered best padel racket in the world, a model with aesthetic news.
    £182.88PVP £385.98
    53 %
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Black - Dont hesitate to get this high-performance padel racket to guarantee victory in each one of your matches.
  • Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K - Get this Siux shovel now, a versatile model that stands out for its incredible design and high performance in the game.
  • Siux Pegasus Luxury - Get now the new Siux Pegasus Luxury and enjoy its benefits in the most intense matches.
    £477.88PVP £477.88
  • Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1k Lady - This Siux shovel is made with the best materials on the market to stand out in the game.
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Silver - Ideal for advanced level players who seek a balanced padel racket to improve their game technique.
  • Siux Pegasus Lady | Enjoy the maximum of each stroke with Siux Pegasus Lady, a versatile paddle for the most demanding players
    £256.40PVP £449.39
    43 %
  • Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno | Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene
    £449.39PVP £449.39
  • Siux Spartan Luxury | The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balance
  • Siux Spyder Pro Graphene | Padel collection Siux 2017 which is characterised by being original and amazingly powerful.
    £229.29PVP £431.93
    47 %
  • Siux Diablo Black - A padel racket that surpasses all limits of potency and control with its high-quality materials and advanced technologies.
  • The Siux Spartan is one of the best padel rackets made by Siux, it is a padel racket with exceptional quality.
    £182.88PVP £413.55
    56 %
  • Siux Diablo Luxury Graphene | Discover this new padel jewel. One of the brands most awaited padel comes to enchant the most demanding players. Made of high-quality materials and innovative technologies that achieve the greatest comfort.
  • £182.88PVP £385.98
    53 %
  • The Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2015 is possibly the best padel racket crafted for woman padel players. Exceptional design and efficiency.
    £228.83PVP £385.98
    41 %
  • Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0, incredible padel racket in every point. It is a new version of one of the best padel rackets in the world.
    £228.83PVP £385.98
    41 %
  • Siux Diablo All Black - A great power and control padel racket for high level players. A model from the Siux 2020 collection.
  • Siux Diablo fuchsia 3.0 - Its a padel racket created for demanding players who seek an excellent quality padel racket, type polyvalent.
  • Siux Platinum 24K - Move safely around the court with this Siux padel racket for professional players looking for a high performance padel racket.
  • Siux Platinum Luxury | Enjoy the maximum of your padel matches with the new control Siuc, an incredibly easy to manage racket and directed for high-level or professional players. Get it now and dispute your games with great precision.
    £366.68PVP £366.68
  • Siux Astra Control | If youre looking for a new racquet to control the match, dont let this magnificent Siux model pass to control the game.
    £155.31PVP £339.11
    54 %
  • Siux Astral Hybrid | Manage to reach your maximum level and a game style that attracts everyones eyes on the court thanks to Siuxs new model.
    £155.31PVP £339.11
    54 %
  • Siux Genesis Hybrid - Ideal for players who seek the best performance to improve their technique inside the court and dominate the game.
  • Siux Trilogy Control - Take this high-quality padel racket that offers you the best behaviour on the court.
  • Siux Trilogy Hybrid - Its a padel racket created with a very wide sweet point. This padel racket is characterised by its durability and reducing vibrations very well.
  • Siux Jaguar - This Siux padel racket is perfect for professional players who suffer from elbow problems thanks to its technologies.
  • Siux Panther black - Take the eyes with the Siux padel racket for professional players with extensive experience at padel looking for a sturdy shovel.
  • Siux Odyssey Lady 2.0 - Dont hesistate to get this magnificent padel racket and discover all the qualities and benefits that itll offer you to exploit its maximum performance.
  • Siux Tsunami 4.0 red - Stand out with the best potency in padel matches with this Siux padel racket destined to profesisonal players with ample experience.
  • Siux Tsunami 4.0 green - Attract looks on the padel court with this Siux padel racket destined to advanced level- professional players who seek a polyvalent padel racket.
  • Siux Odyssey Pro 2.0 - Get this stupendous padel racket with high benefits thatll help you obtain great polyvalence to defeat your rival.
  • Siux Black Carbon Luxury | A padel racket characterised by its elegant design and excellent performance. It is an amazing control padel racket.
    £274.78PVP £274.78
  • Siux Tsunami 3.0 Green - Padel Nuestro and Siux padel offer you the new 2018 padel racket's catalogue. This model for intermedium or advanced level player will let you practice the game of attack or control.
    £182.88PVP £274.78
    33 %
  • SIUX ODYSSEY YELLOW 2017 | A Power padel racket of a great durability. Its core is made of Eva Ultra soft rubber for a higher stability and control.
    £274.78PVP £274.78
  • Siux Phantom - Dont hesitate to get this magnific padel racket of high performance to keep more potency and precision over the ball.
    £118.55PVP £256.40
    54 %
  • Siux Predator 2.0 - This Siux padel racket incorporates world-class technologies and provides extra power without sacrificing control.
  • Siux Bat Pro 2.0 - You can alredy get this magnificent balanced padel racket thatll help you raise your level and improve your techniques in the game.
    £183.34PVP £228.83
    20 %
  • Siux Genesis Attack - You can already get this top quality padel racket thatll offer you the best behaviour inside the court to dominate the game.
    £228.83PVP £321.65
    29 %
  • Siux Trilogy Attack - You can already get this elegant top quality model thatll offer you the best performance to dominate your matches.
    £228.83PVP £321.65
    29 %
  • Siux Adrenaline Pro | For intermedium and advanced level players who seek a racquet to develop their game style and reach the maximum level.
  • The Siux Diablo Granph is clearly one of the best padel rackets in the world, a bat with superior behaviour both in power and control.
    £201.26PVP £413.55
    51 %
  • Siux Diablo Granph Blue | Spectacular performance with this padel racket on the court. Amazing properties. It is characterised by its oversize rounded shape. Siux high quality.
    £201.26PVP £413.55
    51 %
  • Siux Pegasus | It is considered the best padel racket in the world. It is a padel racket with which we can show our best play.
    £201.26PVP £449.39
    55 %
  • Siux Black Coal Shiny Effect | One of those racquets that won't go unnoticed for the capacities it offers to develop yourself as a player.
  • Siux Black Coal Matte Effect | Dont let the opportunity of getting this marvellous racquet escape. Perfect for an advanced level or professional players.
  • Get the best price for the new Siux Diablo Matte 2018, a racket in a perfect hybrid shape to get good control and great power. Enjoy your matches to the fullest with this new Siux model, made with carbon and Black EVA rubber.
    £182.88PVP £385.98
    53 %
  • The new Siux Optimus Limited Edition is a paddle with teardrop shape ideal for maximum control on the court.
  • Siux Predator Hybrid | Get now this new Siux, a polyvalent racket created for professional players or with a high-level. You can get it at the best price on your favourite online specialised padel store.
    £182.88PVP £294.08
    38 %
  • Siux Spartan Graphene | Padel racket with great balance which is characterised by its quality. Versatile bat with great design and precision in every point. Siux Padel Quality.
    £182.88PVP £422.74
    57 %
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