Discover the SideSpin padel rackets, for all levels and every type of player. At the best price at Pādel Nuestro.



  • Side Spin Focus 3K - Padel racket is manufactured with lightweight 3K carbon materials that give you power in every stroke.
    £219.21PVP £243.56
    10 %
  • Side Spin AW5 FCO TEX - Padel racket is made of materials that offer you comfort and ease of movement.
    £107.68PVP £165.27
    35 %
  • Side Spin AW6 FCO 3K MATT - Padel racket is focused on players looking for control and ease of handling in their games for a better hit.
    £113.08PVP £165.27
    32 %
  • Side Spin Vexa carbon frame - Get noticed on the court with this padel racket designed for professional padel players.
    £109.61PVP £121.79
    10 %
  • Side spin ss1 Fiber glass - Good quality, control and low balance.
    £78.29PVP £86.98
    10 %
  • Side spin SS2 Fiber glass - Get noticed on the court with this innovative padel racket made of quality materials and technologies.
    £66.97PVP £86.98
    23 %
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