Sane padel rackets, high range padel rackets

They are focused on developing medium-high and high range padel rackets with significant added value based on technological innovations typical of the sport of padel (many of them with exclusive patents). In their catalogue, we can find padel rackets that will provide us with the best output in each play.



  • Sane Agressor III Textreme + Innegra - Ideal for players seeking exceptional output with the best benefits for their matches.
  • SANE IMPRONTA V TEXTREME HCT | Perfect racket for advanced or professional players, with an advanced and broad sweet point. Shaped with carbon fibre and hybrid nuclues, ideal racket for a polyvalent game.
    £119.42PVP £280.30
    57 %
  • SANE IMPRONTA V TEXTREME EVA POWER | Racket in black, red and fluor tones for professionals and the most experienced of the court. Soft Eva rubber nucleus and carbon fabric to achieve a polyvalent game. Plus, the finish in matte is for hits with effect.
  • Sane Aggressor III Carbon | This racquet has been made to provide the best benefits to a polyvalent type of player in order to adapt to the games demands.
    £218.26PVP £256.40
    15 %
  • SANE RISSING CARBON 3D SHINY | Discover the new balanced Sane racket with excellent potency and exceptional control. Designed with high-quality materials. Modern, elegant and current design. Its soft inner nucleus is perfect for people with elbow issues.
    £118.55PVP £215.97
    45 %
  • SANE RISSING CARBON 3D MATTE | Polyvalent racket for intermediate level demanding players that seek quality, design and great benefits at an irresistible price. Reduce vibrations when hitting thanks to the Soft Eva rubber nucleus.
    £118.55PVP £215.97
    45 %
  • Sane Impronta V Textreme Polythene Soft | Ideal model for professional players who wish to improve their control in each hit. Medium balance and carbon fabric. Its a racket to bring out our best game level.
  • SANE TOTAL FIBRE EVA SOFT | For intermediate or professional level players, the new Sane structure avoids breaks. Designed to increase hit potency, experiencing great sensations on the court. Get it at an irresistible price.
    £108.42PVP £179.21
    39 %
  • Sane Impronta 4.2 Full Carbon Eva Soft | This Sane racquet is elaborated with soft EVA rubber nucleus that maximises potency without losing control hit after hit.
  • Sane Impronta HCT Retro | This racquet is manufactured with the best materials to provide the player with technical benefits and long useful lifetime in the racquets use.
    £117.17PVP £137.85
    15 %
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