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Carry all your padel equipment with RS padel racket bags. The young firm has a wide variety of bags and backpacks with which you can carry your padel rackets, shoes, clothes and other accessories in the easiest, most comfortable and protected way.

At Pādel Nuestro we believe that the best way to protect your padel products is with an RS Padel padel bag, because of its finishes, design and resistance it offers the best protection. However, we are not only talking about protection, thanks to its design you also have more capacity and different compartments to be able to use them according to your needs. Store your shoes and clothes in different pockets and use the smaller ones to store your personal accessories.


Carry all your equipment with RS padel bags and backpacks.

The entire RS Padel padel bag collection, created by Robin Söderling, offers you the best performance thanks to its capacity and timeless designs. In this collection of RS Padel bags and backpacks you have everything you need to protect and transport your padel rackets easily and comfortably. The Nordic firm has put together a very complete catalogue with models made with resistant materials and latest generation technologies to achieve the best protection and care for your padel items.

Remember at Pādel Nuestro we always have the best prices and the best service. We are the leading padel shop in Europe and the official shop of the best brands in the padel world.



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