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Since 1991 ROYAL PADEL SPORTSYSTEMS, manufactures and markets its brand ROYAL PADEL. One of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991, the first collection of Royal Padel padel rackets was presented, with only two brands on the market and a reduced collection of three models. Royal Padel Sportsystems began marketing the brand. The padel rackets were wooden, heavy and with few benefits. Nowadays, the products include a series of technical materials such as carbon, aramid fiber, glass fiber and fabrics, titanium dioxide among others, achieving an excellent power and control with light weight and balanced padel rackets.

Do you want to know what are the best padel rackets by Royal Padel? Well, at Padelnuestro you have them all: Royal Padel RP M27 Yellow 2019, Royal Padel Any Special Edition or the incredible model for women Royal Padel RP M27 Woman 2019. Try them now!

  • ROYAL PADEL WHIP HYBRID APT, HIGH PERFORMANCE Turn heads on the court with maximum performance with ...
    £198.50 £220.56
  • ROYAL PADEL 790 WHIP WOMAN, POLYVALENT PADEL RACKET Turn heads on important padel matches with this ...
    £187.43 £220.56
  • ROYAL PADEL 777 RA, MULTIPURPOSE Feel the comfort while playing thanks to the modern design of this ...
    £179.16 £211.37
  • ROYAL PADEL 778 SUPER CROSS, VERSATILE PADEL RACKET Get the new Royal Padel 778 Super Cross Padel R ...
    £165.37 £192.99
  • ROYAL PADEL CROSS HYBRID, ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE We present you with the new high-end Royal Padel ...
    £173.69 £192.99


  • Royal padel Anniversary 31th - The new padel racket gets the market for risky players.
    £198.04PVP £275.70
    28 %
  • Royal Padel 30 Anniversary Hybrid - Purchase now the new RP padel racket for the 30th-anniversary celebration, featuring high-quality materials and technologies.
  • Royal Padel 31 Whip Hybrid APT - Padel racket made to give you greater comfort in every movement thanks to its lightweight materials that allow you to use it more easily.
    £198.50PVP £220.56
    10 %
  • Royal padel 790 Whip woman - Buy the new Royal padel racket of high quality and modern design.
    £187.43PVP £220.56
    15 %
  • Royal Padel 790 Whip Polyethylene - Padel racket made in a round shape and with soft polyethylene materials; comfortable and easy to handle for great performance.
  • Royal Padel 790 Whip EVA 2020 -
    £155.31PVP £220.56
    30 %
  • Royal padel 771 Ra - Feel comfort during your padel matches thanks to this padel racket ideal for professional players.
    £179.16PVP £211.37
    15 %
  • Royal Padel 787 Pursang - Discover this great versatile padel racket right now, a model intended for advanced-level players who seek a perfect balance between power and control.
    £179.66PVP £211.37
    15 %
  • Royal Padel 30 Anniversary - Get this special anniversary edition padel racket that gives you outstanding performance on the court.
    £201.26PVP £275.70
    27 %
  • Royal Padel 778 Super Cross - Feel total control and power on the court with this excellent performance padel racket.
    £165.37PVP £192.99
    14 %
  • Royal Padel Cross Hybrid - This padel racket features a rubber composition and explosive power for high-performance players.
    £173.69PVP £192.99
    10 %
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