Royal Padel Racket - Padel racket pioneers

Since 1991 ROYAL PADEL SPORTSYSTEMS, manufactures and markets its brand ROYAL PADEL. One of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991, the first collection of Royal Padel padel rackets was presented, with only two brands on the market and a reduced collection of three models. Royal Padel Sportsystems began marketing the brand. The padel rackets were wooden, heavy and with few benefits. Nowadays, the products include a series of technical materials such as carbon, aramid fiber, glass fiber and fabrics, titanium dioxide among others, achieving an excellent power and control with light weight and balanced padel rackets.

Do you want to know what are the best padel rackets by Royal Padel? Well, at Pādel Nuestro you have them all: Royal Padel Whip Extreme, Royal Padel 32 Aniversario Hybrid or the incredible model Royal Padel RP 109 Crono. Try them now!


  • ROYAL PADEL CROSS POLIETILENO 2022 Stand out in important padel matches with this Royal padel Cross ...
    £187.90 £208.78
  • ROYAL PADEL 32 ANIVERSARIO HYBRID This Royal Padel 32nd Anniversary Hybrid racket is made with top- ...
    £142.62 £278.37
  • ROYAL PADEL 32 ANNIVERSARY POLYETHYLENE, A BETTER DESIGN Now with a new revolutionary mould design, ...
    £158.28 £278.37
  • ROYAL PADEL 771 EFE, HIGH CONTROL AND POWER Your new ROYAL PADEL 771 EFE padel racket gives you a p ...
    £125.27 £156.58
  • ROYAL PADEL 790 WHIP HYBRID Stand out on the court with the new Royal Padel 790 Whip Hybrid padel r ...
    £132.18 £226.17


  • Royal padel Cross polietileno 2022 - Great design padel racket made for advanced level players.
  • Royal Padel America Master - Excellent for players who play a technical game and who usually play on the right and want to enjoy the best control.
    £178.29PVP £278.37
    36 %
  • Royal Padel 32 Anniversary Woman - This padel racket is commemorative and brings together a lot of knowledge learned over the years in the Padel industry.
    £162.63PVP £278.37
    42 %
  • Royal Padel 32 Aniversario Hybrid - Stand out on padel courts with this Royal padel racket for professional padel players.
  • Royal Padel 32 Anniversary Polyethylene - Padel racket designed with carbon fiber and glass materials that make it more resistant and durable for your most intense hits.
  • Royal Padel Cross Pro - Padel racket designed with fiberglass materials, comfortable and easy to handle thanks to its lightness. Strong and durable.
    £156.54PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • Royal Padel Whip Extreme - Padel racket designed with resistant polyethylene and fiberglass materials that allow players to have control and power in their strokes.
    £155.67PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • Royal Padel 771 EFE - An ideal padel racket that provides you two benefits in one, ideal for victory, is exclusive to Royal padel.
    £125.27PVP £156.58
    20 %
  • Royal padel 790 Whip Hybrid - This Royal padel racket offers great ball output and gives power and control.
    £132.18PVP £226.17
    42 %
  • Royal Padel 760 Carrera - Good control, wide sweet sport, nice design.
    £91.33PVP £139.18
    34 %
  • Royal padel 771 Ra - Feel comfort during your padel matches thanks to this padel racket ideal for professional players.
    £93.90PVP £200.08
    53 %
  • Royal Padel 130 Factor - Quality, power, amazing design.
    £78.25PVP £113.09
    31 %
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