• Rox Rx3 carbon | Padel racket in tear shape for intermediate level, perfect for a game of control and potency. It's a padel racket with a stupendous quality-price relationship.
    £78.80PVP £210.24
    63 %
  • Rox RX2 | Padel racket designed by Rox that stands out for being a control padel racket perfect for medium or beginner level players. A padel racket with an excellent quality-price relationship.
    £48.14PVP £174.32
    72 %
  • Rox Rx1 | Light and comfortable padel racket designed for medium or beginner level players. It stands out for its excellent price on PadelNuestro. Padel racket of original design.
    £49.01PVP £131.40
    63 %
  • Rox Rx4 | Light padel racket made in fibreglass and diamond shape. Stands out for its design and excellent price. It's a padel racket for players who go on the attack.
    £43.76PVP £113.00
    61 %
  • Rox RX5 New - Created for intermediate or advanced level players, it's a polyvalent padel racket that stands out for its comfort and manageability. It's top quality.
    £26.24PVP £59.52
    56 %
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