Prince Padel Rackets, innovation and development in the padel world

After a long period of time without new launches, Prince padel has lauched its padel rackets collection for this season. Among the main models, we can find the Prince Padel Jet, Mach, Phantom V2 or Quartz. Wide fan of padel rackets which can adapt to your necessities when playing padel. High level players or intermediate ones as well as beginners.

Prince is one of the pioneer brands in the padel world, it is one of the first padel manufacturer. Since its origin it is a brand which has been characterised by its lauch of new innovations and developments which have changed the way of playing and seeing padel.


  • PRINCE MACH V2, HIGH POWER The new Prince Mach V2 padel racket has arrived with a modern and striki ...
    £177.02 £260.96
  • PRINCE PREMIER V2, POWER You will get power with the new Prince Premier V2 padel racket, designed w ...
    £138.27 £234.83


  • Prince Mach V2 - Get your padel games to the fullest with the innovative Prince Mach V2 padel racket manufactured with high-quality materials.
    £177.02PVP £260.96
    32 %
  • Prince falcon - Stand out on courts with the new high-quality Prince padel racket
    £233.09PVP £260.93
    11 %
  • Prince padel Jet - Stand out at important matches with this great quality prince padel racket.
    £217.43PVP £243.53
    11 %
  • Prince Tour Di Legend - Incredible design padel racket made of lightweight materials for greater ease of use, giving you power in each stroke; comfortable and practical.
    £143.52PVP £208.73
    31 %
  • Prince Phantom V2 - You can get now this padel racket aimed at advanced level players.
    £143.49PVP £234.83
    39 %
  • Prince Premier V2 - Great prince padel racket designed with resistant and durable carbon materials.
    £138.27PVP £234.83
    41 %
  • Prince Rocket - Get this padel racket composed of latest technologies such as the new Eva Balance Rubber, an ESF textured impact surfaces, a Pro Evo hole distribution and a Wristband wristband.
    £106.08PVP £165.24
    36 %
  • Prince Quartz - Padel racket with the latest technology developed by Prince to obtain the best performance.
    £116.52PVP £182.64
    36 %
  • Padel Racket Prince Armor Black Orange - Nice design padel racket with the latest technology developed by Prince to get the best performance.
    £100.00PVP £156.54
    36 %
  • £65.20PVP £104.34
    38 %
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