Prince Padel Rackets, innovation and development in the padel world

After a long period of time without new launches, Prince padel has lauched its padel rackets collection for 2019. Among the main models, we can find the Prince Propulsion Ahs Sq, Tour Propulsion, Premier Propulsion Lady or Warrior Propulstion. Wide fan of padel rackets which can adapt to your necessities when playing padel. High level players or intermediate ones as well as beginners.

Prince is one of the pioneer brands in the padel world, it is one of the first padel manufacturer. Since its origin it is a brand which has been characterised by its lauch of new innovations and developments which have changed the way of playing and seeing padel.



  • Prince Premier Ahs - buy this padel racket and get a giveaway nylon backpack to carry your padel racket and keep it protected from abrasions during the game.
    £101.04PVP £248.08
    59 %
  • Prince Premier Sq orange -The best potency padel rackets for advanced players. Constructed with carbon and super-soft Eva rubber.
    £82.66PVP £211.32
    61 %
  • Prince Tour Sq - A control padel racket for players who seek maximum quality in the hits with impressive control.
    £91.89PVP £192.94
    52 %
  • Prince Beauty R - A feminine padel racket with excellent manageability, control and potency. Constructed with carbon and high-quality fibreglass.
    £73.47PVP £137.80
    47 %
  • Prince Beast R black blue - Stand out on the court with this polyvalent padel racket destined to the most demanding professional players who seek a resistant padel racket.
    £73.46PVP £137.80
    47 %
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