Prince Padel Rackets, efficiency for demanding padel players

Prince is one of the pioneer brands in the padel world, it is one of the first padel manufacturer. Since its origin it is a brand which has been characterised by its lauch of new innovations and developments which have changed the way of playing and seeing padel.

After a long period of time without new launches, Prince padel has lauched its padel rackets collection for 2017. Among the main models, we can find the Prince Propulsion Ahs Sq, Tour Propulsion, Premier Propulsion Lady or Warrior Propulstion. Wide fan of padel rackets which can adapt to your necessities when playing padel. High level players or intermediate ones as well as beginners.



  • PRINCE PREMIER PULSION ESF DI | High quality padel racket that is made of carbon to achieve short power and control hits
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  • Prince Tour Propulsion Esf Di, the padel racket used by Javier Escalante in his padel matches. | Powerful and with a design that's very manageable and light. | Minimum price guaranteed.
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  • The padel racket thought for intermediate level players | Achieve a stronger stroke with this amazing padel racket
  • Prince Premier Propulsion Esf Sq Lady is a racket which will give you more power when you hit a ball without loosing control.
  • The Prince Warrior Propulsion Di Light of a great design is a padel racket that will provide you more power | Get your Prince padel racket at the lowest price.
  • Prince Tour Power Flex R Light. With this padel racket you will achieve the best effect on your strike. Design and Quality.
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