Padel Session Rackets authenticity in every design

Since more than 11 years, Padel Session is a model in the padel world, its products are high quality. Since 2008, they are crafting authentic padel rackets for professional players. Check it yourself using its padel rackets.You can already achieve your Padel rackets by the brand Padel Session in the best shop of the internet. The most awaited models by Padel Session are already here and you can buy them at the best price on the internet.

Their most famous models are the invitus, the Matrix, the Cayman, the Carbon Gold  o the V-Force, for instance, authentic padel rackets for competitions.

  • PADEL SESSION INVICTUS 2.0 PRO Make the most of your padel matches with the new Padel Session Invic ...
    £136.93 £275.70


  • PADEL SESSION ANDROID | A padel racket with a great design and quality, it is made for advanced padel players
    £90.98PVP £321.65
    72 %
  • Padel Session Cayman 2.0 Pro Evolution - It'll be the perfect weapon to dominate your rival from any point of the court and increase your game level.
  • Padel Session Invictus 2.0 Pro - Get now the new Padel Session, designed to provide polyvalence on the court at the best price on your favourite online padel store. Enjoy every game with the best sensations.
    £136.93PVP £275.70
    50 %
  • Padel Session Cayman 2.0 exceptional efficiency padel racket in every point, it is a very balanced bat.
    £90.98PVP £275.70
    67 %
  • Padel Session Android Power - You can now get the new Padel Session paddle racquet, conceived to offer the best sensations on the court.
    £127.74PVP £183.80
    31 %
  • Padel Session Android Power Women | Experience a versatile game with this padel racket with a pretty and sophisticated design that provides incredible performance on the court.
  • Padel Session Matrix 4 Fuchsia | If youre looking for a racquet that offers you maximum output, we offer you the new Padel Session model for you to enjoy.
    £90.98PVP £202.18
    55 %
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