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Discover out selection of outlet padel rackets for man and woman. Choose the padel rackets that you like the most among our proposals. padel racket models for every player. The best padel rackets of the market on sale, by the leading brands.

  • ORYGEN EPIC XTREME The design of the new Orygen Epic Xtreme is very elegant, thanks to its black to ...
    £127.74 £274.78
  • SOFTEE K3 TOUR CARBON 5.0, excellent making and design The Softee K3 Tour Carbon 5.0 is a padel rac ...
    £137.80 £220.56
  • ORYGEN XTREME CARBON PRO Bring out the maximum to your match with the revolutionary Orygen Xtreme C ...
    £127.74 £256.40
  • SOFTEE CARBON ZERO The Softee Carbon Zero is a padel racket intended for intensive padel players wh ...
    £128.66 £128.66
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER 2.0, ADVANCED PLAYERS Discover the new adidas Adipower 2.0 blade that offers maximu ...
    £174.56 £312.46
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER SOFT 2.0, A POWER PADEL RACKET Meet the new ADIDAS Adipower Soft 2.0 power blade, a ...
    £183.75 £312.46
  • VIBOR-A NAYA 2019 The Vibor-A Naya 2019 padel racket in fuchsia color was made with Kevlar that pro ...
    £146.99 £261.92
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 The Wingpadel Air Storm 2 is a padel racket that includes the latest technolo ...
    £127.74 £321.65


  • Orygen Zoom Xtreme | A great opportunity to get a top padel racket at a grandiose price, enjoy an exceptional performance in all ways.
    £155.31PVP £366.68
    58 %
  • Do you already meet the new Orygen Stratus Xtreme? It is a spectacular potency padel racket that also provides extraordinary recovery and cushioning. Get it at a lower price on your favourite online padel store.
    £165.37PVP £321.65
    49 %
  • Orygen Epic Xtreme - Freely move around on the court with this new padel racket, of easy management and great adaptability. Ideal to dispute each point with spectacular potency and exceptional control. Get it here at the best price.
    £127.74PVP £274.78
    54 %
  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN | Softee women padel racket made of carbon fibre in the faces and EVA Soft rubber in the nucleus. Padel racket with a diamond shape.
  • SOFTEE K3 TOUR CARBON 5.0 | Offer on Softee padel rackets made in carbon fibre and Soft EVA rubber nucleus with light weight and high balance for good control.
    £137.80PVP £220.56
    38 %
  • Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019 | this padel racket stands out for its incredible design and aesthetic, the best quality and recent benefits to improve performance on the court.
    £212.29PVP £303.27
    30 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Light 2.0 - This padel racket stands out for its quality materials that provide great control and playability.
    £155.31PVP £248.08
    37 %
  • Orygen Xtreme Carbon Pro | Discover one of the most versatile padel rackets of 2018. Manufactured with innovative technologies, it offers an excellent ball output.
    £127.74PVP £256.40
    50 %
  • The Siux Origen Green 2016 is a padel racket with a new design, a padel racket with great elegance in shiny colours and great performance.
    £136.93PVP £321.65
    57 %
  • The Softee Carbon Zero is a padel racket that will provide you a great performance on each point on all the courts areas. High quality at the best price.
    £128.66PVP £128.66
  • The new padel racket Black Crown Piton 4.0 comes with its usual quality and a spectacular design in light red.
    £90.98PVP £202.18
    55 %
  • The padel racket Siux Tsunami Red has a rigidity on the stroke surface by the carbon fiber which will leave you run out of words.
    £90.98PVP £192.99
    53 %
  • The Siux Spartan is one of the best padel rackets made by Siux, it is a padel racket with exceptional quality.
    £182.88PVP £413.55
    56 %
  • Siux Astral Hybrid | Manage to reach your maximum level and a game style that attracts everyones eyes on the court thanks to Siuxs new model.
    £155.31PVP £339.11
    54 %
  • Siux Astra Control | If youre looking for a new racquet to control the match, dont let this magnificent Siux model pass to control the game.
    £182.88PVP £339.11
    46 %
  • Eclypse Solar 2.0 | For the most demanding players we find the new Eclypse model. Loaded with potency to give the ball that plus.
    £90.98PVP £219.64
    59 %
  • Eclypse Total 2.0 | If youre thinking about changing racquets and dont know which one to choose, take a look at this magnificent Eclypse model and enjoy.
    £90.98PVP £219.64
    59 %
  • adidas Adipower 2.0 - This adidas padel racket incorporates quality technologies and materials that provide a game full of control and manageability.
    £174.56PVP £312.46
    44 %
  • Vibora Yarara Edition 2019 - Attract everyones eyes on the court with the daring and modern design of this Vibora padel racket, designed with stupendous quality resistant materials.
    £197.54PVP £330.84
    40 %
  • The padel racket Siux Tsunami Green has a rigidity on the stroke surface with carbon fiber. Get it now on Padelnuestro.
    £90.98PVP £192.99
    53 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 2.0 is one of the most balanced advanced-level racquets with excellent touch and feelings. Buy with the best.
    £109.36PVP £183.80
    41 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Soft 2.0 - This power padel racket is made with quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies that provide excellent power and great comfort during play.
    £183.75PVP £312.46
    41 %
  • Vibora Mortal Carbon - Great padel racket intended for players with a professional level of play.
    £136.93PVP £211.37
    35 %
  • Vibora Yarara 2019 - Get this high-performance padel racket, which will give you the best performance to dominate the track and your rival.
    £165.41PVP £330.84
    50 %
  • Vibor-A Naya Fucsia 2019 - This Vibor-A racket is aimed at advanced level players who are looking for a racket with excellent performance and great durability.
    £146.99PVP £261.92
    44 %
  • Vibora Black Head Carbon - It is a high quality padel racket that stands out at first glance for its original design in white and red. Created to reduce vibrations.
    £136.93PVP £211.37
    35 %
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 | A high power and balanced padel racket that provides the best performance to the padel players during their game.
    £127.74PVP £321.65
    60 %
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