Padel for kids, the best products for kids at the best prices of the market

Selection of the best padel products for kids, a section with everything that’s necessary for junior players to equip themselves with the best brands and the best prices.

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The best of PADEL KIDS

  • Wilson Blade Junior V2 - Padel racket is made with comfortable, soft and lightweight materials to have great handling in the game.
    £86.99PVP £95.69
    9 %
  • Wilson Bela Junior - Get the power with your innovative exclusive Wilson padel racket for advanced juniors.
    £82.64PVP £104.39
    21 %
  • Nox AT10 Genius Ultralight 2021 - With this Nox padel racket, the youngest players will be able to jump onto the court and enjoy great lightness, control and manageability in each hit.
    £77.42PVP £86.12
    10 %
  • RS Padel Cobra Edition Junior - Padel racket is intended for beginner players that give them ease in their strokes due to the control and lightness it offers.
  • Varlion Maxim Summun Junior - Light and comfortable design padel racket, good quality.
    £68.72PVP £75.67
    9 %
  • Sanyo Junior Head Alpha - This is a design adapted for junior players. It stands out for its design, comfort and excellent handling. It offers a balance between power and control.
    £62.63PVP £78.29
    20 %
  • The Black Crown Piton Junior is a striking padel racket by its elegant design in bright black, it is a bat which will leave you run out of words.
    £60.02PVP £60.89
    1 %
  • Head Delta Junior 2022 - It has a teardrop shape design and is made with Power Foam, with the frame reinforced with Innegra technology to improve shock absorption and stability.
    £58.96PVP £86.95
    32 %
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