Orygen brand stands out by its quality but mostly by its original design that dazzle the style of any padel player that uses it. Orygen has the latest padel rackets. Made in Spain with the best materials and the most advanced technology. Its padel rackets are developed to offer everything you need inside the track.

Modernity, maximum performance and avant-garde go hand in hand with our blades to offer a top quality product. 


Every Orygen padel racket is characterised by its exceptional quality, in its catalog, we can find  padel rackets such as the Orygen Stratus, a padel racket with exceptional power  and the best design or a padel racket led to the woman padel player, like the Epic Lady with an amazing behaviour and spectacular femenine design.

The Orygen padel rackets are suprising because of their design and their quality.

They would achieve the approval of the most advanced player. Quality at the best price.



  • Orygen Zoom 3 Xtreme - Enjoy the high performance offered by this new Orygen power padel racket, a model made of materials that guarantee excellent resistance and handling.
  • Orygen Carbon Edition 3 - Stand out on any court with this polyvalent padel racket from Orygen, an exclusive model created with high quality materials that offer great power and good control.
  • Orygen Epic 3 Xtreme - Padel racket aimed for professional padel players who are looking for a high performance padel racket.
    £95.65PVP £199.21
    52 %
  • Orygen Epic Xtreme - Freely move around on the court with this new padel racket, of easy management and great adaptability. Ideal to dispute each point with spectacular potency and exceptional control. Get it here at the best price.
    £95.65PVP £260.10
    63 %
  • Orygen Carbon Edition Pro 3 Gold - Check out this Orygen 2020 padel racket, a model for high-level players looking for a balance between power and control.
  • Orygen Epic Lady - Check out the new Orygen padel racket made with carbon materials that provide great resistance to wear.
    £86.95PVP £199.21
    56 %
  • Orygen Genetic Xtreme | Get maximum control of your game with the new Orygen. Comfortable, manageable and very resistant. Designed for advanced players with a good level on the court. Made of high-quality raw materials.
    £78.25PVP £304.46
    74 %
  • £17.39PVP £34.75
    50 %
  • Do you already meet the new Orygen Stratus Xtreme? It is a spectacular potency padel racket that also provides extraordinary recovery and cushioning. Get it at a lower price on your favourite online padel store.
    £69.55PVP £304.46
    77 %
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