NOX padel rackets have a wide variety of models that fit every player necessity, and they're at the best prices. A whole variety of padel rackets at your disposal by the brand NOX. Players, such as Miguel Lmaperti, use NOX and craft padel racket of higher level. They have padel rackets for women, kids or professional players, etc. 

  • NOX STINGER 10TH ANNIVERSARY, POLYVALENT PADEL RACKET Nox Stinger 10TH Anniversary - NOX has celebr ...
    £127.74 £202.18
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP 10TH ANNIVERSARY, SPECIAL EDITION Nox ML10 Pro Cup 10TH Anniversary - This is a pa ...
    £127.74 £202.18
    £256.31 £302.35
  • NOX VENTUS POWER CARBON, 3K CARBON The new exclusive Nox Ventus Power Carbon padel racket has arriv ...
    £264.67 £302.35
  • NOX TITANIUM CARBON 18K LUXURY SERS, PLAY WITH A GREAT STYLE This season comes the Nox Titanium Car ...
    £220.55 £264.67
  • NOX ML10 LUXURY BAHIA 2021, A PADEL RACKET DESIGNED BY LAMPERTI The Nox Luxury ML10 Bahia 2021 pade ...
    £217.21 £264.67
  • NOX MP10 LUXURY BY MAPI SANCHEZ ALAYETO 2021, ENJOY THE CONTROL The Nox MP10 Luxury by Mapi S&aacut ...
    £209.98 £264.67
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP BLACK EDITION ARENA, ATTRACTIVE DESIGN Feel the power of the incredible Nox ML10 P ...
    £165.92 £202.18
  • NOX AT10 PRO CUP SURVIVOR GREY This new Nox padel model belongs to the 2019 Nox racquet collection. ...
    £171.81 £202.18
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP BLACK EDITION, SPECTACULAR DESIGN Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition - This padel rack ...
    £142.44 £202.18
  • NOX EMOTION WORLD PADEL TOUR EDITION 2021, GREAT CONTROL Enjoy the new Nox Emotion World Padel Tour ...
    £136.93 £160.83
  • NOX EQUATION LADY WORLD PADEL TOUR EDITION 2021, HIGH PERFORMANCE This "Lady" version is the same a ...
    £136.93 £160.83
  • NOX ATTRACTION WORLD PADEL TOUR EDITION 2021, BETTER POWER Discover the new Nox Attraction World Pa ...
    £132.39 £160.83
  • NOX SHADOW CONTROL FIBER, FOR PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS The new exclusive Nox Shadow Control Fiber padel ...
    £146.99 £302.35
  • NOX ULTRA CARBON PRO Play with maximum control thanks to Nox Ultra Carbon Pro. This high performanc ...
    £100.17 £321.65
  • NOX VOLCANO PRO P.3 2018 The new Nox Vulcano Pro P.3 2018 is spectacular: it has a rugged surface w ...
    £100.17 £321.65
  • NOX NX 4.0, RESISTANT This nox Nx 4.0 padel racket provides high performance thanks to its modern a ...
    £101.04 £302.35


  • Nox Stinger 10TH Anniversary - A special edition padel racket made to celebrate 10 years of Nox, Nox produced this multi-purpose padel racket.
    £127.74PVP £202.18
    37 %
  • Nox ML10 Pro Cup 10TH Anniversary - A padel racket that presents itself with its original design, is a special edition racket created for a control game.
  • Nexo WPT Luxury Series 2021 - This Nox control padel racket is built for the WPT 2021. Incredible for experienced players looking for control, comfort and precision in the game.
  • Nox Nerbo WPT oficial racket - Buy this Nox power padel racket, an Official WPT 2021 design. It offers an elegant design and excellent power during the game.
  • Nox Ventus Power Carbon - The ideal padel racket for professional players looking for maximum power on the court.
    £264.67PVP £302.35
    12 %
  • Nox Tempo WPT official racket - Now you can get your hancd on this this multipurpose Nox racket, an official WPT 2021 design that offers you high performance and better performance in the game.
  • Nox Titanium Carbon 18k Luxury Sers - Feel all the design of this great light and control padel racket to respond with power.
  • Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2021. The Luxury Series padel racket designed by Miguel Lamperti. The perfect racket to finish off each play with maximum power.
    £213.65PVP £264.67
    19 %
  • Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia Padel racket. It is named after the Argentine city where Miguel Lamperti was born, Bahí Blanca. Wide sweet spot and good touch. Shipping 24 / 48h.
    £217.21PVP £264.67
    18 %
  • Nox Titanium Carbon 3k Luxury Series - Feel the power that this great padel racket offers you with an incredible and attractive design.
  • Padel racket Racket Nox ML10 Luxury Perto. Model chosen by Lamperti for 2021. Round shaped padel racket, low balance and great maneuverability to facilitate precision on the track.
    £224.70PVP £264.67
    15 %
  • Nox AT10 Luxury Genius. The Tapia padel racket for 2021. Excellent performance, both control and power. For a multipurpose game. Padel Nuestro
  • Nox MP10 Luxury by Mapi Sánchez Alayeto 2021 - Go to the padel court with this smooth racket with high control and power in the response of hits.
  • Nox MJ10 Luxury by Majo Sanchez Alayeto - Stand out with the greatest comfort and convenience on the court with this modern design Nox padel racket.
  • Nox AT10 Luxury Genius - It is a great quality padel racket that reduces vibrations very well, this racket is distinguished by its brilliant design..
    £219.81PVP £264.67
    17 %
  • NOX LS5 PRO P.4 | Padel racket of Lucia Sainz with high benefits and modern design. The new Nox stands out for being a high-range padel racket at a special price.
    £90.98PVP £205.86
    56 %
  • Nox ML10 pro cup black edition arena - Get on the track with this new racket with which you will maintain control in all competitions.
  • Nox XForce Blue Fiber - Meet this exclusive Nox padel racket with excellent features, which will change your gaming experience completely.
    £64.28PVP £202.18
    68 %
  • NOX AT10 PRO CUP SURVIVOR GREY - The new 2019 Nox racquets are already available in Padel Nuestro, the padel store most complete in the padel international market.
    £171.81PVP £202.18
    15 %
  • Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition - You will love playing padel with this padel racket, it has an attractive design that will stand out on the court, it is a very durable model.
    £142.44PVP £202.18
    30 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP SILVER - Already available in your padel online store the 2019 Nox raquet collection. The best designs with the best technical perks and maximum quality.
    £171.81PVP £202.18
    15 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP - New Nox control, the racket totally designed by the top player Miguel Lamperti. A model that belongs to Noxs 2018 racket collection. Made of carbon in the frame and fibreglass in the faces.
    £170.01PVP £202.18
    16 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP SURVIVOR | Padel racket with a great aesthetic and striking design that stands out for its quality. Classic Nox model perfect for demanding players.
    £171.81PVP £202.18
    15 %
  • Nox Emotion World Padel Tour - Great model to deliver perfect control over the ball, achieving great comfort in each hit.
  • Nox Equation Lady World Padel Tour - Stand out on the court with this padel racket with an impressive feminine aesthetic and excellent performance.
  • Nox Attraction World Padel Tour - It will be the perfect racket for your attacking games, to achieve the best shots close to the court.
  • Nox Shadow Control Fiber - Enjoy every padel match to the fullest with this great performance padel racket.
    £146.99PVP £302.35
    51 %
  • Nox Shadow Drive Fiber - Padel racket designed for advanced-professional level players; giving them more power in each shot for maximum performance on any court.
    £146.99PVP £302.35
    51 %
  • NOX ATTRACTION A4 | Get this incredible potency padel racket and play padel more comfortable with this new Nox that has a diamond shape. Perfect for obtaining the maximum potency on the court, you can get it at the best price.
    £108.11PVP £128.57
    16 %
  • Nox Mercury Attack Pro - This padel racket stands out for its durability. With it, youll obtain more potency in ball outputs; created with a carbon frame.
    £119.42PVP £264.67
    55 %
  • NOX EQUATION A.4 | Great quality padel racket at a special price on Padelnuestro. It stands out for its design and versatility which makes it perfect in the game of control and potency.
    £110.23PVP £127.74
    14 %
  • Nox Mercury Pro P.4 | If youre looking for a racquet with great performance at a great price, with the new Nox model youll always have an ally.
    £118.55PVP £264.67
    55 %
  • Nox Ultra Carbon Pro | Already available the new control Noz, a racket with high benefits at an excellent price. Conceived with an elegant and juvenile design in black and yellow. Comfortable, manageable and light.
    £100.17PVP £321.65
    69 %
  • Already available the new Nox Volcano Pro P.3 2018, a spectacular racket that provides an extraordinary output on the court. It has a sober and elegant design, perfect to practice a game of control.
    £100.17PVP £321.65
    69 %
  • Nox NX 4.0 - Improve your performance on the court with the new nox racquet for professional players.
    £101.04PVP £302.35
    67 %
  • Nox Integral Pro P.1 2018 - You can already get this new padel racket Now, a magnificent racket of control that provides exceptional benefits on the court. Its designed to be used by high-level or professional players.
    £90.98PVP £321.65
    72 %
  • Nox Drive 21 casual series - Good padel racket made for players who start in padel.
    £73.47PVP £90.98
    19 %
  • Nox Integral Ex PD - A racket of the new Nox collection that stands out for its performance
    £82.66PVP £302.35
    73 %
  • Nox Silhoutte 6 lady - Stand out with the best performance on the padel court with this Nox padel racket manufactured with the best materials on the market.
    £59.69PVP £71.68
    17 %
  • Nox X-One C.6 - Enjoy your matches to the fullest with total control and power, with this great design and high-performance padel racket.
    £52.07PVP £71.68
    27 %
  • Nox XForce Purple Fiber - Padel racket designed to have a greater impact in each stroke in your matches. Made with resistant materials for maximum performance on any court.
    £64.32PVP £202.18
    68 %
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