NOX padel rackets have a wide variety of models that fit every player necessity, and they're at the best prices. A whole variety of padel rackets at your disposal by the brand NOX. Players, such as Miguel Lmaperti, use NOX and craft padel racket of higher level. They have padel rackets for women, kids or professional players, etc. 

  • NOX NERBO WPT LUXURY SERIES 2022, GREATER CONTROL We present you the sensational Nox Nerbo Wpt Luxu ...
    £274.02 £304.46
  • NOX TEMPO WPT LUXURY SERIES 2022, MASTER THE GAME Control and power in the game with the new Nox Te ...
    £266.19 £295.77
  • NOX AT GENIUS ATTACK 18K, 100% ATTACK PADEL RACKET We present the Nox AT Genius 18K 2022 padel rack ...
    £257.49 £286.20
  • NOX AT10 GENIUS HARD AGUSTIN TAPIA 2022, GOOD BALANCE Greater rigidity thanks to the carbon frame o ...
    £230.52 £256.62
  • PACK NOX AT GENIUS LIMITED EDITION, LIMITED EDITION PACK You can now get this special Nox At Genius ...
    £214.82 £400.15
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP BLACK EDITION 2022, AMAZING FIT We present the incredible Nox Ml10 Pro Cup Black E ...
    £173.89 £193.12
  • NOX AT10 GENIUS 18K AGUSTIN TAPIA, RAISE THE INTENSITY OF YOUR GAME We present you the new padel ra ...
    £164.41 £286.20
    £147.01 £256.62
  • NOX ATTRACTION WPT ADVANCED SERIES 2022, POWER The drop shape of the new Nox Attraction WPT Advance ...
    £138.31 £153.06
  • NOX EQUATION LADY WPT ADVANCED SERIES 2022, WEAR RESISTANT Discover the high performance of the new ...
    £112.22 £153.06


  • Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series - An amazing padel racket intended for players who enjoy reaching victory with their maximum power
  • Nox Nerbo Wpt Luxury Series 2022 - With the incredible technology with a cover and a transparent protector that protects the padel racket against knocks on the frame.
    £274.02PVP £304.46
    10 %
  • Nox Tempo WPT Luxury Series 2022 - Padel racket designed with carbon materials, comfortable, durable and resistant. It gives you power and control in every stroke.
    £266.19PVP £295.77
    10 %
  • Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 2022. New version with Diamond shape and 18K Carbon on the impact faces. An attacking padel racket for the offensive player.
    £257.49PVP £286.20
    10 %
  • Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series Padel racket. A new version of Lamperti ML10 for the 2022 season. Nox successful model is now in Padel Nuestro.
  • Padel racket Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury Series 2022. Designed by Miguel Lamperti and Nox. It is a high-end, versatile and balanced padel racket for intermediate to advanced level players.
  • Nox AT10 Genius By Agustin Tapia 2022 - Power and control at all times with this new padel racket designed with comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-use materials to enjoy on the court.
  • Nox AT10 Genius Hard Agustin Tapia 2022 - Durability, resistance and comfort with this new padel racket designed with comfortable and light materials to enjoy your workouts.
  • Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series 2022 is a padel racket that stands out for its great power and precision. Ideal for mid-level or professional players.
  • Pack Nox At Genius Limited Edition - Take a look at this excellent performance padel racket, in its limited version with this most complete pack for your padel matches.
    £214.82PVP £400.15
    46 %
  • Nox Attraction WPT Advanced Series 2022 - Control and power in each stroke during your games with this new padel racket designed with carbon and fiberglass materials.
  • Nox MM2 Pro By Manu Martin - The great hybrid padel racket is intended for professional players who enjoy having control and power on their side.
  • Nox Ultimate Power Carbon LTD - With a diamond shape design that will maximize your power in each hit.
    £130.44PVP £260.10
    50 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP SILVER - Already available in your padel online store the 2019 Nox raquet collection. The best designs with the best technical perks and maximum quality.
    £121.79PVP £191.38
    36 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP SURVIVOR | Padel racket with a great aesthetic and striking design that stands out for its quality. Classic Nox model perfect for demanding players.
    £120.92PVP £191.38
    37 %
  • Nox Equation Lady WPT Advanced Series 2022 - Stand out in important padel matches with this Nox padel racket for padel players.
  • Nox X Pro - Stand out on the court with this Nox padel racket for demanding padel players.
    £100.00PVP £260.10
    62 %
  • Nox X one Evo Colours - Stand out on courts with the new Nox padel racket for beginner level players.
    £86.12PVP £104.39
    18 %
  • Nox Shadow Drive Fiber - Padel racket designed for advanced-professional level players; giving them more power in each shot for maximum performance on any court.
    £80.86PVP £242.70
    67 %
  • Nox Shadow Control Fiber - Enjoy every padel match to the fullest with this great performance padel racket.
    £80.86PVP £242.70
    67 %
  • Nox control - Stand out on courts with this Nox padel racket made with the best quality materials.
    £76.51PVP £181.81
    58 %
  • Nox TIE - What Nox is looking for with this padel racket is that it can be lethal near the net, when making blows such as shots, attack volleys or trays.
    £73.90PVP £173.98
    58 %
  • Nox Load 3D - Padel racket designed with fiber glass materials that give it lightness to have greater control in its movements.
    £67.81PVP £191.38
    65 %
  • Nox Load Arena - Enjoy the innovative Nox padel racket that gives high control and manageability.
    £67.81PVP £191.38
    65 %
  • Nox AT10 Genius By Agustin Tapia jR 23 - Get noticed on the game with the new Nox padel racket intended for demanding players.
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The Nox 2023 padel rackets have great power and amazing control. They provide the greatest durability because they combine the best and most innovative materials along with the most exclusive technologies of a top brand in the padel world. Every Nox padel racket for 2023 is availed by the firm and Miguel Lamperti's development, the most emblematic player of the World Padel Tour.

Among the main Nox 2023 padel rackets you can find models such as NOX AT10 GENIUS 18K BY AGUSTIN TAPIA 2023 , NOX ML10 PRO CUP LUXURY SERIES 2023 and NOX MP10 GEMELAS ATOMIKAS BY MAPI SANCHEZ ALAYETO 2023