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Buy your Mystica padel rackets at Pādel Nuestro and take advantage of the best offers at Mystica Padel. We have the best selection of Mystica padel rackets so you can choose the one that best suits your game. At the leading padel shop in the market we work every day to expand our catalogue with the best offers on padel rackets. 


Mystica padel rackets are among the best known on the market. Many were the players who wore their blades and among the most famous is Paquito Navarro who came along with Sanyo Gutierrez to conquer the padel and be the best Spanish player in history. In 2015 he was crowned world master with his Mystica Apocalypse Carbon racket. 


Mystica managed to reach the top thanks to the great stars who chose this brand such as Paquito Navarro, Álvaro Cepero, Nacho Gadea, Bea González or Ramiro Moyano. Mystica's success has been partly due to its players but also to the quality of its padel racquets. Each Mystica padel racket is made with the latest generation materials and innovative technologies. At Padel Nuestro we are specialists in padel and the leading shop in Spain and Europe, which is why we have the largest catalogue of brands and the lowest prices on the net. 


Mystica padel, the revolution of its padel racquets for the new season


Mystica padel has launched a collection that aims to revolutionize the world of padel with new technologies and materials that make Mystica padel rackets more attractive, beautiful and, above all, that offer high performance to their players. 


Not only have they manufactured new Mystica padel racquets that are completely renewed, but they have also implemented the most advanced technologies to make the game more efficient, provide greater performance and help the player feel more comfortable on the court.


In this new collection everything has been planned in detail. A lot of hours, work and resources have gone into this collection of Mystica rackets. The firm is looking for padel racquets with hybrid, versatile, playable and high performance models for 2022.


Mystica padel racket technologies


Mystica padel rackets are one of the best options for all types of players, as its collection is made up of a wide variety of padel rackets for different types of players. In this collection we can find Mystica padel rackets made with the following technologies and materials:


  • Carbon 3 Max.
  • Xtreme Frame.
  • High Spin.
  • Sweet Spot.
  • Fiber Glass 1500.
  • Solid Carbon Frame.




  • Mystica Lexum Xtreme - Now you can get this padel racket of great quality and excellent design.
    £97.39PVP £234.00
    58 %
  • Mystica Quimera - This Mystica padel racket provides great control and manageability during padel matches.
    £86.95PVP £173.98
    50 %
  • Mystica Lexum Gold Black Edition - Excellent control, durability, quality and nice design.
  • Mystica Lexum Lite Green - Padel racket designed with fiberglass and carbon materials that make it light and easy to handle, as well as resistant.
    £54.75PVP £86.12
    36 %
  • Mystica Lexum Lite Red - The Fiberglass 1500 material has been used, a fiberglass that is characterized by the rapid release of the ball that provides the increase in power.
    £45.19PVP £86.12
    48 %
  • Mystica Lexum Lite pink - Stand out at important padel matches with this Mystica padel racket for professional players.
    £43.45PVP £86.12
    50 %
  • Mystica Icaro Blue - New padel racket with incredible aesthetics and excellent features to continue practicing.
    £43.45PVP £104.39
    58 %
  • Mystica Icaro Red - With a unique and attractive design comes this Mystica padel racket, for players seeking greater control and manageability.
    £43.45PVP £104.39
    58 %
  • Mystica Icaro Pink - Designed with a great, very light and flexible material that will allow you to obtain great manageability, it provides incredible scoring sensations and a very good ball output.
    £43.45PVP £104.39
    58 %
  • Mystica Proteo Master Fucshia - Padel racket designed with fiberglass and carbon materials that help you have better control during your first games.
    £36.49PVP £104.39
    65 %
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