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Padel Rackets for kids with attractive designs

The youngest members of home already have their own padel rackets so that they can play padel without injuries, funnily. In the last year the main brands have thought in the small public and are launching junior padel rackets with very attractive designs, some funny, other interesting for this small audience which is starting in this sport. Consult our offer on padel rackets for kids by the brands such as Drop Shot, Bullpadel, Akkeron or Head, some of this pade brands which have started to make junior bats. This padel rackets, unlike adults', are characterised because they are smaller, lighter and funnier, for example, Akkeron Blue Junior.



  • Star Vie Metheora Junior | With a design in the image and likeness of the Mathe Diaz, adapted to the game and comfort of our little padel stars. Made with high quality materials and resistance, offering excellent comfort.
    £35.03PVP £86.72
    60 %
  • SIUX PEGASUS JUNIOR | Siux junior padel racket made of carbon and graphene with a Eva soft core to avoid vibrations and increase the power.
  • Orygen Carbon Edition Junior | A high quality padel racket that is totally made of carbon and with a great design.
    £56.90PVP £77.96
    27 %
  • Get now the new Siux Diablo Junior in blue colour and enjoy a game of control in all your matches. Ideal for junior players who are beginning.
  • Nox Ml10 Pro Cup Ultra Light Silver Junior | Get the new Nox for girls, a high-performance racquet for the most demanding players. Quality at the best price.
  • HEAD DELTA ALE JUNIOR | Get now the new racket for young padel players who want to achieve excellent power to look like Alejandra Salazar.
    £43.71PVP £74.46
    41 %
  • Varlion Lw Junior | Elaborated with great quality raw materials, incorporating fibreglass in the racket's frame and faces, providing exceptional resistance with a flexible touch that increases comfort for the smallest kids.
    £59.57PVP £74.46
    20 %
  • HEAD DELTA BELA JUNIOR - Get now the new padel racket for children of the Head brand, a model signed by Belasteguin, ideal for players of medium level.
    £47.26PVP £74.46
    37 %
  • Varlion Avant Junior | Transform your little kids in professional players with the new Varlion for kids. An initiation racket designed for the children's learning phase.
    £55.14PVP £74.46
    26 %
  • £43.76PVP £70.08
    38 %
  • Slazenger V400 Supreme Junior | Light padel racket with little weight and tickness, adapted to the young players.
    £33.24PVP £70.04
    53 %
  • Bullpadel Gold Edition Junior | High quality padel racket with perfect balance for junior players. It is characterised by its amazing design and its wide sweet point.
    £61.28PVP £70.04
    13 %
  • Bullpadel Kata Light Woman Junior | Junior Padel Racket which is very versatile for women players who look for improvements on their games.
    £61.28PVP £70.04
    13 %
  • Softee Golden Junior | Light and drivable padel racket for kids who start in padel. It is characterised by its rounded shape.
    £35.00PVP £69.20
    49 %
  • BULLPADEL HACK JUNIOR 2018 | Power padel racket for the youngest players, its high performance makes it suitable for high-level players.
    £35.87PVP £63.51
    44 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 Junior 2018| Power and control padel racket of a modern design in black and orange.
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX 2 JUNIOR WOMAN 2018| Check out this amazing power padel racket for the youngest padel players.
  • £51.64PVP £62.20
    17 %
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER GIRL 1.8 | Designed for the youngest girls with the same style as the Martita Ortega padel racket for adults. Ideal for improving control on the game court.
    £45.99PVP £61.32
    25 %
  • The Black Crown Piton Junior is a striking padel racket by its elegant design in bright black, it is a bat which will leave you run out of words.
    £52.52PVP £61.32
    14 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Girl 1.9 - The ideal option for girls starting out in the paddle world to preserve great comfort and improve their gameplay.
    £55.19PVP £61.32
    10 %
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER JUNIOR 1.8 - Enter the most complete padel website and get the best collection of kids rackets of the Adidas sports firm.
    £45.99PVP £61.32
    25 %
  • Adidas Adipower Junior 1.9 - With this racquet for kids, theyll improve their performance on the court with control and potency to win each point with authority.
    £55.19PVP £61.32
    10 %
  • HEAD BELA KID - Get this new padel racket for the kids who are starting in the world of padel. Ideal to take the first steps.
    £36.70PVP £56.94
    36 %
  • HEAD ALE KID | Get now the new Head padel racket signed by Alejandra Salazar, a model for girls who take their first steps in the world of padel.
    £35.93PVP £56.94
    37 %
  • The best junior padel rackets for beginner players are on Padel Nuestro. Buy already the spectacular Agatha Rainbow Junior, high benefits and exclusive design.
    £43.76PVP £55.19
    21 %
  • adidas Step Junior is a light and comfortable padel racket, it is made to assure a good correction to the junior padel player.
    £39.38PVP £52.56
    25 %
  • £43.76PVP £52.52
    17 %
  • BULLPADEL FUNNY BOY 2018 | High-quality padel racket for the youngest padel players. Striking design, full of colours combination.
    £30.65PVP £37.23
    18 %
  • BULLPADEL FUNNY GIRL 2018| The high quality padel racket for the smallest in the house, gives comfort during the matches and training sessions.
    £26.24PVP £37.23
    30 %
  • Bullpadel Funny Girl | A great opportunity of getting a high-quality racket at a very good price.
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Find out our offers on junior padel rackets with interesting discounted prices. You can already find at our online shop the padel rackets for the youngest members of the family. Moreover, take advantage of our continuous offers and discounts on junio padel equipment. You will be able to acquire your padel racket for your son or daughter at discount.

Do not hesitate longer and contact us. Our team will give you advice about the padel racket that best fits to your son's necessities. You will check how they enjoy and spend time playing with you or their friends. Find now the junior padel racket that you need.