Padel Rackets for kids with attractive designs

The youngest members of home already have their own padel rackets so that they can play padel without injuries, funnily. In the last year the main brands have thought in the small public and are launching junior padel rackets with very attractive designs, some funny, other interesting for this small audience which is starting in this sport. Consult our offer on padel rackets for kids by the brands such as Drop Shot, Bullpadel, Akkeron or Head, some of this padel brands which have started to make junior bats. This padel rackets, unlike adults', are characterised because they are smaller, lighter and funnier.


Find out our offers on junior padel rackets with interesting discounted prices. You can already find at our online shop the padel rackets for the youngest members of the family. Moreover, take advantage of our continuous offers and discounts on junio padel equipment. You will be able to acquire your padel racket for your son or daughter at discount.

Do not hesitate longer and contact us. Our team will give you advice about the padel racket that best fits to your son's necessities. You will check how they enjoy and spend time playing with you or their friends. Find now the junior padel racket that you need.



  • Wilson Bela Junior - Get the power with your innovative exclusive Wilson padel racket for advanced juniors.
    £82.64PVP £104.39
    21 %
  • Wilson Blade Junior V2 - Padel racket is made with comfortable, soft and lightweight materials to have great handling in the game.
    £86.99PVP £95.69
    9 %
  • Nox AT10 Genius Ultralight 2021 - With this Nox padel racket, the youngest players will be able to jump onto the court and enjoy great lightness, control and manageability in each hit.
    £77.42PVP £86.12
    10 %
  • RS Padel Cobra Edition Junior - Padel racket is intended for beginner players that give them ease in their strokes due to the control and lightness it offers.
  • Varlion Maxim Summun Junior - Light and comfortable design padel racket, good quality.
    £68.72PVP £75.67
    9 %
  • Sanyo Junior Head Alpha - This is a design adapted for junior players. It stands out for its design, comfort and excellent handling. It offers a balance between power and control.
    £62.63PVP £78.29
    20 %
  • Head Delta Junior 2022 - It has a teardrop shape design and is made with Power Foam, with the frame reinforced with Innegra technology to improve shock absorption and stability.
    £58.96PVP £86.95
    32 %
  • The Black Crown Piton Junior is a striking padel racket by its elegant design in bright black, it is a bat which will leave you run out of words.
    £60.02PVP £60.89
    1 %
  • Bullpadel Hack Jr 2022 - With this padel racket, your kid can enjoy total strength on the court with incredible performance.
    £40.84PVP £65.20
    37 %
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