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The brand Kaitt is a Spanish sports brand that designs manufactures and distributes specialized equipment in the world of padel. The brand is characterized by constant innovation and pursuit of excellence. You will be able to acquire your padel rackets and padel packs on the best offers here in

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  • KAITT AGRAVIC | Dont miss the opportunity of getting this Kaitt racquet. Prepared for professionals and advanced level players, its a racquet with a magnificent performance.
    £197.10PVP £394.20
    50 %
  • Kaitt Revolution Carbon | Discover maximum hit control with the new Kaitt racket. Light, resistant and with great technologies that improve the racket's management. Elegant design with a striking touch for the most elegant players of the court.
    £86.72PVP £305.72
    72 %
  • Kaitt Revolution - This Kaitt racquet is designed to give maximum comfort and easy management to hit the ball with more precision from the bottom of the court.
    £95.48PVP £305.72
    69 %
  • Kaitt Titanium | Dont miss the opportunity of getting the new Kaitt Titanium. A versatile racquet in tear shape thatll allow you to generate the game you badly seek.
    £104.24PVP £253.16
    59 %
  • Kaitt Fusion | If youre looking for a racquet to help you improve those aspects related to potency and hits from the bottom of the court, dont miss the new Kaitt Fusion.
    £70.04PVP £245.28
    71 %
  • KAITT GOLD ATTACK | Dont miss the opportunity of getting the new Kaitt Gold Attack, a racquet focused on great players seeking the best qualities.
    £70.04PVP £245.28
    71 %
  • Kaitt K-plus | If youre looking to generate a game of control on the court at the best price, dont miss the opportunity of getting the new Kaitt K-plus and enjoy its qualities.
    £70.04PVP £245.28
    71 %
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