If there is something which characterises the Spanish brand, its is offering a special footwear for professionals at an amazing price. Every padel shoe both for men and women has specific properties to provide excellent efficiency on the court. Perfect breathability and grip onto the court. 

The famous padel player Juan Mieres wears Joma footwear in his padel matches, improving his efficiency and performance in every point.

These padel shoes have optimal cushioning for a fast and efficient takeoff, it has a stability system which provides an amazing safety to the padel shoes during the whole matchare and are thought for high performance players who look for the best footwear in the court. 

From Padelnuestro we want to have the leading brands of the padel world to provide the best performance to our customers. If you need some kind of personalised service or you have any doubt about Joma padel footwear, do not hesitate and contact us. Buy the new Joma padel shoes at an incredible price.

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