Jhayber Padel Rackets

The Jhayber padel rackets are designed to provide the best efficiency in every game situation. One of the most long-lived Spanish sports brands and it has presented its own padel rackets.

They are padel rackets which are characterised by their great performance in every game situation. They are perfect for professional players but they are also for amateur players. Their facility of adaptation and good efficiency in every point makes them the perfect padel racket for every type of player.

They are also padel rackets which are characterised by their mobility. They are designed with great aerodynamics and they are very drivable.


Jhayber sponsors high level padel players trying this way its products of footwear and textile in competitions and demanding matches.

All the materials used in their manufacturing are characterised by their quality, such as carbon fiber or Black Eva rubber.

Within this catalog of padel rackets Jhayber 2022 we find the Jhayber Warrior, Attack or Dominator. Highly efficient padel rackets with amazing aesthetics.

They have also a very careful design with striking and attractive moulds.

The Jhayber padel rackets are made to guarantee the best experience of game. Highly efficient and resistant padel rackets. It is a brand which has launched its best collection of padel rackets.

  • J HAYBER DOMINATOR D3K, HANDLING Something that distinguishes this racket is its handling, thanks t ...
    £130.45 £208.78


  • Jhayber Attack SH12K 2022 - Padel racket designed with comfortable, soft and resistant materials that provide durability and power in each stroke without losing comfort.
    £156.54PVP £234.87
    33 %
  • Jhayber Spartack - Take a look at this new Jharbey multipurpose padel racket, a model that stands out for its balance and great performance.
    £142.63PVP £217.47
    34 %
  • J Hayber Dominator D3K - This padel racket is made of lightweight carbon materials that provide ease of use during training and matches.
    £130.45PVP £208.78
    38 %
  • jhayber Warrior - Feel great on the court with this Jhayber padel racket made with durable materials and technologies.
    £125.22PVP £187.03
    33 %
  • Jhayber Warrior fit - Train with the best comfort provided by this Jhayber padel racket with a modern and striking design.
    £54.75PVP £86.99
    37 %
  • Jhayber Dominator 12k - Take a look at this polyvalent Jhayber padel racket, the perfect padel racket for the most demanding players looking for control and power while playing.
    £121.74PVP £226.17
    46 %
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