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HEAD brigns the best padel products in both professional and amateur ranges, always with the highest quality of the market. Buy HEAD padel rackets in our online shop, like always with the best price at padel rackets by this brand, HEAD. This brand works to bring the world of Padel to all levels and improve every day in the development of their products.

The brand Head opts for offering the best guarantees on its padel rackets. The famous padel champion Fernando Belasteguin opts for the padel racket Head Graphene XT Delta Pro, a bat which provides an extraordinary efficiency, and power. Head adds in every padel racket some innovation along with the best materials to provide high quality and guarantees.

  • HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH DELTA HYBRID Head Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid is a magnificent paddle to meet t ...
    £109.36 £266.51
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ DELTA MOTION WITH CB, MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Discover the new Head Graphene 360+ De ...
    £137.80 £202.18
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ DELTA ELITE, COMFORT AND HANDLING One of the new Head brand launches for 2020 ha ...
    £115.75 £183.80
  • HEAD GRAPHENE XT ALPHA PRO LTD Try the new Head Graphene XT Alpha Pro LTD and enjoy its great featu ...
    £128.61 £248.13


  • HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH DELTA HYBRID |Head Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid is a magnificent paddle to meet the needs of demanding players
    £109.36PVP £266.51
    59 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro | If youre looking for one of the best racquets in the market, here we introduce you the new Head model; made with the best.
    £146.99PVP £257.32
    43 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Delta Hybrid With Cb - This Head shovel, is ideal for advanced or professional level gamers looking for a high performance shovel for the big games.
  • Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion - Its a padel racket with a modern and original design, created for players who seek a very comfortable polyvalent padel racket.
    £128.61PVP £220.56
    42 %
  • Head Graphene 360+ Delta Motion With CB - Discover the excellent performance that this Head padel racket offers, to dominate the game,
  • Head Graphene Speed | Padel racket with high quality and design by Head which you can alreadry buy in Padelnuestro.
    £73.47PVP £202.18
    64 %
  • The new Graphene Tornado Control LTD Gold padel racket comes in strongly to the padel courts. | Classic and elegant style with great technical benefits.
    £73.47PVP £202.18
    64 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Gamma Pro - Perfect model for playesr who seek more potency in hits with great precision.
    £109.32PVP £192.99
    43 %
  • Head Graphene Touch Alpha Elite - Designed for players who seek a great design and incredible comfort, its a polyvalent type of padel racket.
    £110.23PVP £183.80
    40 %
  • Head Graphene Touch Zephyr Pro With Cb - This Head shovel provides a game full of control. It is also ideal for intermediate players.
  • Head Graphene 360 Gamma Motion - Get this top quality padel racket and enjoy a great experience in your padel matches.
    £91.85PVP £174.61
    47 %
  • Head Graphene Touch Zephyr With CB - Don't hesitate to get this great paddle for more precision in your paddle matches.
  • Head Graphene 360+ Delta Elite - Take to the court with the new Head Power Paddle, a design designed for top players who want more powerful and aggressive play.
    £115.75PVP £183.80
    37 %
  • Head Flash Pro With Cb - Stand out in important paddle matches with the new Head paddle for beginners.
    £96.50PVP £128.66
    25 %
  • Head Graphene XT Alpha Pro LTD | With an original and very pretty design, the new Head also offers spectacular performance on the court. You can already get it at the best price on your favourite specialised online padel store.
    £128.61PVP £248.13
    48 %
  • Head Graphene Touch UL - Conquer the padel court with this new Head control padel racket, a design for intermediate players looking for control, comfort and precision.
  • Head Graphene Touch Alpha Power - Dont hesitate to get this top-quality padel racket and enjoy maximum performance.
    £90.98PVP £183.80
    51 %
  • Head Alpha Sanyo Junior - Perfect model to ensure that the little ones enjoy great comfort on the track, while increasing their level of play.
    £50.49PVP £82.71
    39 %
  • Head Flash With CB - Dont hesitate to get your hands on this amazingly balanced padel racket that will give you the comfort, power and control you need when hitting.
    £58.82PVP £78.12
    25 %
  • Head Flash Woman - A padel racket that will make you stand out from anywhere on the track, it has an eye-catching design and excellent performance that guarantees power and control.
    £58.82PVP £78.12
    25 %
  • Head Delta Junior With CB - Get this perfect model for your little ones to exploit their full potential on the court.
    £62.49PVP £78.12
    20 %
  • Head Evo Sanyo - Do not hesitate to get this high quality padel racket, which will offer you the best features on the track.
    £47.74PVP £68.93
    31 %
  • Head Evo Delta With Cb - Catch the attention on the track with this Head padel racket for beginners. Designed in a teardrop shape and medium balance.
    £54.22PVP £68.93
    21 %
  • £42.22PVP £59.74
    29 %
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