HEAD padel rackets in Pādel Nuestro

HEAD brigns the best padel products in both professional and amateur ranges, always with the highest quality of the market. Buy HEAD padel rackets in our online shop, like always with the best price at padel rackets by this brand, HEAD. This brand works to bring the world of Padel to all levels and improve every day in the development of their products.

The brand Head opts for offering the best guarantees on its padel rackets. The famous padel champion Sanyo Gutiérrez opts for the padel racket Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro, a racket which provides an extraordinary efficiency, and power. Head adds in every padel racket some innovation along with the best materials to provide high quality and guarantees.


Head Padel Rackets Collection 2022


    £313.16 £347.96
  • HEAD SPEED MOTION 2023 GREAT VERSATILITY Take with you now the new SPEED MOTION 2023 racket, endors ...
    £203.47 £226.17
  • HEAD DELTA MOTION 2022 The DELTA MOTION padel racket is designed so that you feel the power, in add ...
    £160.93 £226.13
  • HEAD DELTA ELITE 2022, POWER PADEL RACKET Increase your power with the DELTA ELITE padel racket, th ...
    £138.31 £191.33
  • HEAD GRAVITY ELITE 2022, GREAT STYLE Run to courts with the new racket that Head brings for you, Gr ...
    £132.22 £173.94
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ ALPHA MOTION Skip the track and catch the eye with the sleek Head Graphene 360 A ...
    £129.62 £252.27
  • HEAD ZEPHYR PRO 2022, CONTROL AND HANDLING Discover the Graphene Zephyr Pro padel racket, a model w ...
    £129.62 £165.28
  • HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH ALPHA PRO, HIGHLY DURABLE Meet the new Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro racket, ma ...
    £117.44 £234.83
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360 ALPHA ULTIMATE, STABILITY Take with you this new padel racket by Head, Graphene 3 ...
    £103.52 £208.78
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360 + ALPHA ELITE, HEAD COLLECTION 2021 Meet the new Head Graphene 360 + Alpha Elite, ...
    £103.52 £173.98
  • HEAD DELTA PRO 2022, IDEAL FOR ADVANCED LEVEL PLAYERS Every day the world of padel rackets is growi ...
    £207.91 £278.32
  • HEAD GRAVITY PRO 2022, MODERN DESIGN Find the design of your own game with the Head Gravity Pro rac ...
    £165.19 £243.53


  • Head Speed ​​Pro X Special - New padel racket, versatility. Nice and elegant design.
  • Head Speed ​​PRO X 2023 can now be yours! For advanced level padel athletes who want maximum speed in each hit. Shipping in 24-48 hours.
    £297.42PVP £330.56
    10 %
  • With the HEAD SPEED PRO 2023 racket, a versatile racket with the latest technology, you will achieve a very varied game. Get it!
    £250.44PVP £278.37
    10 %
  • Amazing design, excellent quality technologies. Good quality.
    £203.47PVP £226.17
    10 %
  • For elite padel players, a new high-end range. Head Speed ​​Elite 2023! With a sweet spot optimized to have versatile plays.
    £172.20PVP £191.38
    10 %
  • Head Gravity Motion - Get an excellent structure exclusive to Head.
    £164.41PVP £208.73
    21 %
  • Head Delta Motion 2022 - This Head padel racket stands out for providing great power without sacrificing control.
    £160.93PVP £226.13
    29 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro - Experience a game full of comfort and convenience with this Head shovel made of quality materials.
    £155.71PVP £252.27
    38 %
  • Head Ultimate Power II With CB Orange - Padel racket is manufactured with comfortable, soft and resistant materials to give you maximum power and control in each game.
    £140.92PVP £156.58
    10 %
  • Head Delta Elite 2022 - Stand out on the court with the new Head padel racket for professional players.
    £138.31PVP £191.33
    28 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Gamma Motion 2022 - Padel racket made to provide advanced level players with greater power in each of their strokes, for greater advantage in games.
  • Head Gravity Elite 2022 - Power, control, nice design. Made with resistant materials.
    £132.22PVP £173.94
    24 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold - Good design padel racket made for power games, giving you an advantage over your competitors.
    £130.44PVP £217.47
    40 %
  • Head Graphene 360 alpha motion - This Head paddle is recommended to professional paddle players who are looking for a multipurpose paddle.
    £129.62PVP £252.27
    49 %
  • Head Zephyr Pro 2022 - Stand out at important padel matches with this high quality Head padel racket.
    £129.62PVP £165.28
    22 %
  • Head Zephyr Ultralight 2022 - Get a great control in padel matches with this new padel racket of excellent quality.
    £86.12PVP £121.79
    29 %
  • Head Challenge Red Orange - Nice design padel racket perfect to attack from the bottom of the track. Good power.
    £78.25PVP £173.98
    55 %
  • Head Speed ​​Junior 2023, for Junior players who want to improve their level to reach the top. Teardrop-shaped and fiberglass surface.
    £77.42PVP £86.99
    11 %
  • Head Challenge Blue Green - This head padel racket is ideal for demanding padel players.
    £77.42PVP £173.98
    56 %
  • Head Challenge Yellow Green - Nice design padel racket made in a teardrop shape with a medium balance that helps provide a great relationship between power and control for a game full of versatility.
    £77.42PVP £173.98
    56 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Head Ignition - Designed for players looking for a polyvalent game for doing their best at each game due to the ease of use of this new padel racket.
    £77.42PVP £95.69
    19 %
  • Head Ultimate Power II with CB Yellow Green - Padel racket is manufactured with carbon materials that make it resistant and with total manageability.
  • Head Ultimate Power Green With CB - This racket has power and excellent durability.
  • Head Ultimate Power With Cb - This padel racket gives an excellent balance between power and control.
    £68.72PVP £139.18
    51 %
  • Head Flash 2022 - It is a very light model, for much easier handling, that brings together some of the best materials, technologies and design.
    £65.24PVP £78.29
    17 %
  • Sanyo Junior Head Alpha - This is a design adapted for junior players. It stands out for its design, comfort and excellent handling. It offers a balance between power and control.
    £62.63PVP £78.29
    20 %
  • Head Calibre Pink - The perfect racket to start in the padel world with a perfect design so that you have a great experience on courts.
    £60.85PVP £139.18
    56 %
  • Head Edge Ultimate - Train and padel match with the new padel racket and its new technology that will give great power during use.
    £60.85PVP £139.18
    56 %
  • Head Caliber Orange - The perfect racket to start in padel world, achieve great performance and find your style of play.
    £60.02PVP £139.18
    57 %
  • Head Evo Delta 2022 - Try this incredible and new Evo Delta with which you can obtain perfect versatility, power, touch and comfort.
    £60.02PVP £78.25
    23 %
  • Head Caliber Red - New Head padel racket ideal for maintaining control on padel courts.
    £60.02PVP £139.18
    57 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Head Flash W 2022 - Do not miss out on enjoying the Innegra system, which is a much harder compound than carbon and much lighter, protecting the racket even more without increasing its weight, which helps reduce vibration.
    £60.02PVP £78.29
    23 %
  • Head Evo Sanyo - Come to the tracks with this excellent padel racket, ideal for starting your adventure in the world of padel.
    £56.54PVP £69.59
    19 %
  • Head Edge Yellow Ltd - Enjoy the power and stability that the new padel racket that Head has for you will give you.
    £56.50PVP £139.18
    59 %
  • Head Edge Ltd Orange - Go to your training sessions and padel matches with the innovative padel racket that Head brings especially for beginner players.
    £47.80PVP £139.18
    66 %
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