Harlem Padel Rackets for all players

The Harlem Padel brand was founded in 2016 and in recent years it has specialized in the manufacture of padel rackets focused on advanced and professional level players.

This brand highlights its commitment to providing a high level of quality to its clients and players. All are made and designed in Spain.

The new collection has different models, for example, versatile padel rackets such as Haakun, Alexya, or Akyra. Plus, it has a padel racket for control players like the Vulcan. This brand has a wide variety of options for all players.

  • HARLEM NIRVANA 12K, HIGH POWER AND CONTROL Harlem Padel presents us with the new Nirvana 12K, a pad ...
    £199.21 £199.21
  • HARLEM CYCLONE 12K HP-198, POLYVALENCE Your new HARLEM CYCLONE 12K HP-198 padel racket has a hybrid ...
    £179.19 £199.21


  • Harlem Corex 18K - A padel racket is composed of resistant materials that give the padel racket firmness and lightness, having better control in movements and power in each hit.
  • Harlem Nirvana 12K - Let yourself be carried away by the great features of this padel racket and fall in love with the power and control that it offers you, ideal for advanced or professional level players.
    £199.21PVP £199.21
  • Harlem Cyclone 12K HP-198 - Versatile game
    £179.19PVP £199.21
    10 %
  • Harlem Bionic - The great allies on the court are control and power alike due to your new Harlem padel racket.
    £164.41PVP £164.41
  • Harlem Euphoria Soft Lady - Get noticed in the game with this padel racket with an innovative and striking design, recommended for professional players.
  • Harlem Euphoria - Hit the court without your innovative padel racket that provides you with versatile games and total resistance.
  • Harlem Helix - The most resistant padel racket with the best strength with 100% carbon construction offers you what you need.
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