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Padel Nuestro has a careful selection of home gym machines. Now you can do the best functional training from your own home with this selection of products. In this category of cardio machines, you will find exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, bodybuilding and rowing machines, as well as benches and weight sets. A wide variety of products to perform all kinds of workouts from home.

Cardio and bodybuilding machines

Do sport without leaving home. Due to the best brands on the market you can perform your functional training routine from home. All the machines selected by the expert team of Pādel Nuestro are designed for all types of users, no matter if you are a professional or you want to start practicing sport, you just have to choose the best option for you.

With these products you will be able to improve your physical condition, burn fat and start your metabolism with the best performance on the market.

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