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In our online shop you will be able to find all the variety of padel rackets, padel racket bags, sports clothing and other complements by this brand. Eclypse is one of the padel rackets brands which started in January, 2014, thanks to the union of a group of business owners who join strength to create a new brand in the padel world. Trust-worthy, durably and different padel rackets are in the catalog of Eclypse padel rackets. Its design and architecture makes them a reference within the tracks. Elegant aesthetics and the latest technology to offer the padel player first-class padel rackets.

  • ECLYPSE LUNAR FUCHSIA 2.0 Here we leave you the new Eclypse Lunar 2.0 Fuchsia. A racquet that oscil ...
    £101.63 £204.11


  • The Eclypse padel racket Lunar Carbon is an exceptional efficient padel racket in every point, it is a padel racket which is good on power and control strokes.
    £84.55PVP £229.73
    63 %
  • Eclypse Solar 2.0 | For the most demanding players we find the new Eclypse model. Loaded with potency to give the ball that plus.
    £93.09PVP £204.11
    54 %
  • Eclypse Lunar Fuchsia 2.0 | With an elegant cut, we receive the new Eclypse model for demanding players who need great balance on the court.
    £101.63PVP £204.11
    50 %
  • Eclypse Total 2.0 | If youre thinking about changing racquets and dont know which one to choose, take a look at this magnificent Eclypse model and enjoy.
    £101.63PVP £204.11
    50 %
  • Eclypse Lunar 2.0 | If youre looking for a racquet with great perks that allow you to perform at the maximum level, take a look at the new Eclypse model.
    £101.63PVP £204.11
    50 %
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Find out in our catalog the great Eclypse padel rackets such as the padel racket Eclypse Space, with great control and quality, an efficient padel racket, or the Eclypse Lunar Carbon, one of the main stars within the range of Eclypse.

Discover the Eclypse padel rackets which best fit to your level of game and the best guaranteed price that you can find on the internet.