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The Dunlop padel rackets always offer quality, technology and innovation so that they can provide the greatest efficiency. Another year, we can appreciate it in the Dunlop padel rackets 2017 collection which is completely renewed, providing a great proposal of padel rackets for players of every level, from beginners to professionals or advanced players.

Dunlop is one of the greatest brands in the padel world. It is a historical firm within the racket sports and leader in padel with a trayectory of more than 20 years developing padel products of an unbeatable high quality.

Juani Mieres (#7 WPT) will choose again for this season the new Dunlop Galactica Pro, one of the best padel rackets of the moment, thanks to its technology Power Flex which provides a perfect combination of control, comfort and durability.

Dunlop padel rackets 2022 for every level and category

  • DUNLOP AERO-STAR, POWERFUL AND LIGHTWEIGHT Take a look at the new Dunlop Aero-Star 2021, a racket t ...
    £131.31 £234.87
  • DUNLOP INFERNO CARBON ELITE, IDEAL BALANCE Have a better balance thanks to the power and control pr ...
    £124.35 £191.38
  • DUNLOP AERO-STAR LITE, ULTRA LIGHT AND MANAGEABLE The new Dunlop Aero-Star Lite is the lightest and ...
    £115.65 £208.78


  • Padel racket Dunlop Gravity Carbon G1 HL - Go to padel courts with this beautiful padel racket, with a great resistant design and professional style.
    £211.34PVP £234.87
    10 %
  • Dunlop Galactica Pro 2022 - It incorporates an extra carbon called 45 FACE to offer even more structural rigidity on the face of the padel racket for firmer hits.
    £195.68PVP £252.23
    22 %
  • Dunlop Galactica - Great control and power. Great design.
    £182.64PVP £234.83
    22 %
  • Dunlop Galactica Lite - Great durability, Extra grip technology.
    £160.89PVP £208.73
    23 %
  • Dunlop Galactica Team - Enjoy the new Dunlop padel racket that takes you to victory thanks to its sports technologies.
    £139.14PVP £173.94
    20 %
  • Dunlop Aero Star - Take a look at this Dunlop power racket; It stands out for its light weight and excellent maneuverability. Made with premium quality materials.
    £131.31PVP £234.87
    44 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite - This padel racket is made with resistant carbon materials that give you comfort and resistance in your versatile games.
    £124.35PVP £191.38
    35 %
  • Dunlop Aero Star Team - Take a look at this Dunlop padel racket, from the new 2021 collection made to make hits full of power without losing control.
    £124.35PVP £173.98
    29 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis Carbon - Playing intense games with this new padel racket is ideal for a balance between control and versatility.
    £121.74PVP £217.47
    44 %
  • Dunlop Aero Star Lite - It is a raquet of the Dunlop Aero Star series made with a lighter weight that guarantees excellent handling. Ideal for high level players.
    £115.65PVP £208.78
    45 %
  • Dunlop Blitz Attack 2022 - Padel racket designed with light, resistant and easy to handle materials to provide greater power on the court.
    £106.09PVP £147.88
    28 %
  • Dunlop Inferno carbon - This Dunlop padel racket is made with quality materials and technologies that provide resistance.
    £104.39PVP £208.78
    50 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis Silver - Padel racket designed for advanced level players giving them greater resistance and durability for a better quality; giving you a greater advantage while playing.
    £104.34PVP £217.47
    52 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Carbon Racket - Racket for high level players, with technologies to provide greater grip and precision in each shot; with an elegant, sophisticated and at the same time energetic and attractive design.
  • Dunlop Speed Attack 2022 - Amazing design padel racket, aimed at players looking for control and power.
    £93.90PVP £130.48
    28 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis - Made with quality materials that allow you to have control and power in each shot.
    £86.95PVP £173.98
    50 %
  • Dunlop Gravity - A padel racket manufactured with quality materials that provide you with better sensations during your most important games.
    £86.95PVP £173.98
    50 %
  • Dunlop Galactica - Jump onto the padel court with this Dunlop racket with a modern and daring design, for demanding players.
    £86.95PVP £217.47
    60 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Ultimate Pro White - Light and soft materials. Nice design and good quality.
  • Dunlop Inferno Ultimate Pro Black - Great performance, nice design.
  • Dunlop Boost Lite 2022 - Stand out on padel tracks with the new dunlop padel racket composed of top-level technologies.
    £81.72PVP £113.09
    28 %
  • Dunlop Boost Attack 2022 - Stand out on padel courts with the new Dunlop racket designed with the best quality materials and technologies.
    £81.72PVP £113.09
    28 %
  • Dunlop Infinity Pro Metal - Padel racket is composed of comfortable and lightweight materials to obtain a versatile game.
    £78.28PVP £217.47
    64 %
  • Dunlop Impact Carbon Pro Ltd Green - Feel the excellent shots offered by this innovative Dunlop padel racket designed with the best quality materials.
  • Dunlop Infinity Pro Black - Padel racket is composed of carbon materials that give you durability and resistance during your most intense games.
    £78.25PVP £208.78
    63 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Elite LTD Yellow Blue - It will provide you with high balance and comfort during use in padel training and matches.
  • Dunlop Inferno Gold - This offers higher stability and consequently control. As a technology to highlight, it features the Tri-Bar system in the bridge.
    £73.90PVP £173.98
    58 %
  • Dunlop Titan LTD Pink - The 100% carbon bridge enhances the rigidity of the frame, ensures high stability in the game and superior control.
    £73.90PVP £217.47
    66 %
  • Dunlop Infinity Pro Silver - Padel racket is manufactured with resistant carbon materials that offer you security, control and power in each stroke.
    £73.03PVP £217.47
    66 %
  • Dunlop Titan LTD Yellow - Designed with a 100% carbon bridge increases the rigidity of the frame and ensures great stability in the game and superior control.
    £70.42PVP £217.47
    68 %
  • Dunlop Blitz Evolution Red - Its fiberglass impact surfaces offer a great ball output with more power and precision due to its flexibility.
    £66.95PVP £139.18
    52 %
  • Dunlop Rapid Power 2.0 - This Dunlop padel racket is composed of first-rate materials and technologies that provide resistance.
    £62.59PVP £78.29
    20 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Silver - The holes pattern in the impact surfaces allows achieving high powerful hits in the auctions and great precision.
    £61.72PVP £173.98
    65 %
  • Dunlop Skin Attack - Compete very lightly without losing control within the padel court.
    £60.85PVP £165.28
    63 %
  • Dunlop Sonic - Take to the court with this Dunlop paddle, a model full of versatility ideal for advanced to professional level paddle players.
    £60.85PVP £173.98
    65 %
  • Dunlop Skin Control NH - Get to the competitions or training sessions with the great professional style of this new shovel.
    £60.85PVP £165.28
    63 %
  • Dunlop Skin Control Soft - Compete with the great style of this beautiful padel racket, light with great control.
    £60.85PVP £165.28
    63 %
  • Dunlop Skin Attack soft- Take a look at this Dunlop paddle, a unique design that comes to advanced players looking for excellent power in the game.
    £60.85PVP £165.28
    63 %
  • Dunlop Sonic Soft - Experience a game full of control and comfort with this high quality Dunlop padel racket.
    £60.85PVP £173.98
    65 %
  • Dunlop Samurai Nh Black Red - Take this amazing padel with lightweight design and strong structure to all padel courts.
    £59.98PVP £156.58
    62 %
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