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The Dunlop padel rackets always offer quality, technology and innovation so that they can provide the greatest efficiency. Another year, we can appreciate it in the Dunlop padel rackets 2017 collection which is completely renewed, providing a great proposal of padel rackets for players of every level, from beginners to professionals or advanced players.

Dunlop is one of the greatest brands in the padel world. It is a historical firm within the racket sports and leader in padel with a trayectory of more than 20 years developing padel products of an unbeatable high quality.

Juani Mieres (#7 WPT) will choose again for this season the new Dunlop Blast, one of the best padel rackets of the moment, thanks to its technology Power Flex which provides a perfect combination of control, comfort and durability. Within the range of high quality Dunlop padel rackets of 2017 we can also find emblematic models such as Dunlop Turbo, Dunlop Cosmos or Dunlop Paradise, the new padel racket of Patty Llaguno.



  • Dunlop Gravity Soft - An incredibly perfect racquet for players looking for versatility in the game and fast adaptability to stand out with the best performances.
    £68.23PVP £213.50
    68 %
  • Dunlop Gravity - This racquet stands out for its stupendous control when touching the ball, thanks to its lightness it allows hit sensations with more security.
    £92.15PVP £230.58
    60 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Green - This racquet incorporates first-class level technologies that improve the racquets life quality plus it provides maximum comfort on the court when touching the ball.
    £81.04PVP £230.58
    65 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Soft paddle offers a hybrid format with medium balance that makes it more manageable.
  • Dunlop Blast Fluor Red | If youre looking for a versatile padel racquet to perform different sides on the court that lets you generate a defensive game with hits that absorb well the vibrations and allows you make effective counterattacks.
    £63.96PVP £213.50
    70 %
  • Dunlop Omega Yellow Fluor - High-quality perfect model thatll give you more comfort and stability in your movements to dominate the complete game.
    £34.12PVP £85.36
    60 %
  • The new Dunlop Fusion Sport Extreme paddle is made with the best materials and technologies offering the perfect combination between control and power.
  • Dunlop Nemesis - This Dunlop padel racket is designed with stupendous quality resistant materials and technologies at the best price of the online web.
    £126.20PVP £247.66
    49 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis Control - Jump onto the padel court with this Dunlop racket made of resistant materials that provide stupendous quality of useful lifetime.
    £121.18PVP £230.58
    47 %
  • Dunlop Blast Soft yellow - You can already get this high-performance padel racket to dominate the court and your rival, with the best hit sensations.
    £72.16PVP £213.50
    66 %
  • Dunlop Blast fluor green - Obtain this magnificent high-quality padel racket, ideal for advanced players that seek a polyvalent game.
    £72.55PVP £213.50
    66 %
  • Dunlop Blast Soft blue - Preserve excellent manageability in your games with great hit sensations, achieving a great balance between control and potency.
    £76.82PVP £213.50
    64 %
  • DUNLOP APEX GRAPHITE | Classic and excellent design with amazing techncial properties that will make this padel racket incredibly comfortable
    £34.12PVP £204.11
    83 %
  • DUNLOP HOT SHOT ECLYPSE| Control padel racket with excellent power too. It is characterised by its control over the ball.
    £51.20PVP £204.11
    75 %
  • DUNLOP HOT SHOT ELITE| The new and fabulous Dunlop Hot Shot Elite is a great control paddle with round shape
    £42.66PVP £204.11
    79 %
  • DUNLOP HOT SHOT EXTREME | High quality padel racket at exceptional pricee at Padel Nuestro. It is perfect for intermediate and advanced players.
    £42.66PVP £204.11
    79 %
  • DUNLOP HOT SHOT ULTRA| Discover this new Dunlop padel racket, light, precise and with excellent control in each movement.
    £42.66PVP £204.11
    79 %
  • Dunlop Motion Gold - You can already get this high-performance padel racket with a spectacular thatll perfectly adapt to your game style.
    £76.54PVP £196.42
    61 %
  • Dunlop Pulsar 2.2 - This racquet is designed with resistant and quality materials that provide resistance and quality hits in the matches.
    £69.13PVP £196.42
    65 %
  • Dunlop Action Silver - You can already get this padel racket with a great design that provides a great output in each hit preserving the best sensations.
    £76.52PVP £196.42
    61 %
  • The new Dunlop Inferno Elite Pro is a paddle that incorporates a perfect mix between control and power.
    £72.55PVP £166.53
    56 %
  • Dunlop Inferno Graphite 2.0 - Its a polyvalent padel racket thats distinguished for its huge comfort. It has a flat profile of 38 millitmetres. Its longlasting.
    £68.28PVP £153.72
    56 %
  • Dunlop 900 GT fluor green - Obtain maximum performance in your padel matches with this high-quality padel racket that offers excellent behaviour inside the court according to your needs.
    £51.20PVP £149.45
    66 %
  • Dunlop Fusion Sport Plus is a balanced paddle with a low profile and an oversize round shape that is easy to use.
    £59.74PVP £145.18
    59 %
  • Dunlop Speed Control - Stand out on he padel court with this Dunlop speed control racket, made of stupendous quality breathable technologies.
    £51.20PVP £106.75
    52 %
  • Dunlop Sting 365 Lime | enjoy padel in your first games with maximum comfort in its handling and better control in each ball output.
    £42.66PVP £68.32
    38 %
  • Dunlop Sting 360 Orange - Ideal for players seeking the best performance to put the ball on the other side with more potency and precision.
    £38.39PVP £68.32
    44 %
  • Red Dunlop Thruster - Get this Dunlop padel racket created with the comfort to give power and control.
    £46.93PVP £55.51
    15 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Fuchsia Junior - This padel racket is perfect for girls who are beginning to practice padel sports and seek a high-benefits racket.
    £23.91PVP £51.24
    53 %
  • dunlop Gravity Junior yellow - Stand out in your padel training with more security with this Dunlop racket of excellent design thanks to its light materials.
    £29.89PVP £51.24
    42 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis junior - Jump onto the court with this Dunlop padel racket of elegant and striking design that attracts everyones eyes on the court thanks to its seasonal colours.
    £30.90PVP £51.24
    40 %
  • DUNLOP APEX PRO | Get this amazing Dunlop padel racket with rounded shape and profile of 38 mm. Its classic design with new technologies will leave you amazed.
    £31.56PVP £204.11
    85 %
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