Bullpadel started in 1995 and is considered nowadays one of the most prestigous padel brandsBullpadel has always worked with the highest quality materials They maintain a constant treatment with their staff, which gives them high standards and the position of one of the bests on the market.

  • BULLPADEL HACK CONTROL 20, LOWER DENSITY The Bullpadel Hack Control 20 has a round format with a lo ...
    £229.70 £257.27
  • BULLPADEL BRAVE The new Bullpadel Brave is an exclusive model, ideal for casual players, of initial ...
    £127.74 £321.65
  • BULLPADEL SILVER 3.0, BETTER EFFECT This Bullpadel Silver 3.0 padel racket in black and silver colo ...
    £256.40 £321.65
  • BULLPADEL BRAVE 2.0, CONTROL ROUND PADEL RACKET We have for you one of the best control padel racke ...
    £257.27 £321.65
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX CONTROL 20, EXCELLENT QUALITY Bullpadel Vertex Control 20 - It is a blade that was ...
    £252.63 £252.68
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX 2 COMFORT 20, POTENCY PADEL RACKET The new Bullpadel Vertex 02 Comfort has arrived ...
    £160.78 £174.56
    £169.97 £436.53
  • BULLPADEL WING PRO PN19, POLYVALENT PADEL RACKET Jump into the court with your perfect equipment an ...
    £137.80 £220.56
  • BULLPADEL WING AVANT 20, MULTIPURPOSE The Bullpadel Wing Avant 20 was designed for advanced players ...
    £128.61 £128.61


  • Bullpadel Hack 02 - A super power padel racket created for the demanding expert level player. It is a durable padel racket, due to its excellent quality.
    £234.30PVP £257.27
    9 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 02 - Capture the glances in your most important paddle training with the eye-catching design of the Bullpadel Man padel racket.
    £252.68PVP £252.68
  • Bullpadel Hack Control 20 - Now you can get the perfect weapon to stand out in your paddle matches and dominate your opponent.
    £229.70PVP £257.27
    11 %
  • The Bullpadel Black Dragon 2015 padel racket is characterised by its good behaviour in every single point, it is an amazing padel option.
    £81.79PVP £339.11
    76 %
  • Bullpadel Brave - Get the new padel rackets by Bullpadel and enjoy your first matches with excellent control. In exclusive design.
    £127.74PVP £321.65
    60 %
  • Bullpadel Silver 3.0 - Dont hesitate to get this top quality padel racket, that will offer you the best performance inside the court.
    £256.40PVP £321.65
    20 %
  • Bullpadel Gold 3.0 - a special padel racket for advanced players who seek polyvalency. Made of carbon and fibreglass.
    £257.27PVP £321.65
    20 %
  • Bullpadel Brave 2.0 - A stupendous padel racket for advanced padel rackets who seek control and precision.
    £257.27PVP £321.65
    20 %
  • Bullpadel Silver 2.0 | Get the high quality racket in great design for an efficient game. Made with the best materials.
    £100.17PVP £321.65
    69 %
  • Bullpadel Black Dragon 3.0 - Obtain the best benefits inside the court with this light and comfortable padel racket with great control.
    £257.27PVP £321.65
    20 %
  • BULLPADEL BLACK DRAGON 2.0 | Control the game with this padel racket by Bullpadel in great design and at a fantastic price.
    £109.36PVP £321.65
    66 %
  • Bullpadel Brave 2.0 Woman - One of the best women padel rackets to obtain the best control and precision.
    £257.27PVP £321.65
    20 %
  • The Bullpadel Silver Edition is a padel racket designed to offer the best control over the ball, it is a high Bullpadel quality padel racket.
    £73.47PVP £274.78
    73 %
  • The Bullpadel Silver Edition 2015 padel racket is characterised by its great control over the ball and its amazing design
    £73.47PVP £274.78
    73 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Control 20 - It is a high quality padel racket that was created for players to get control. It is characterized by very good vibration reduction.
  • Bullpadel Legend 3.0 2019 - A padel racket created to obtain the best control and manageability in the most intense matches.
    £207.23PVP £243.54
    15 %
  • One of the new shovels of 2020. Made with the best technologies to offer a game full of power and control. Look for it right now only in Padelnuestro.esBullpadel Flow Woman 20 -
    £182.88PVP £183.75
  • Bullpadel Hack Comfort 20 - Now you can get this new model that will give you the best performance for maximum performance on the track.
    £174.56PVP £174.56
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 woman - protect your elbows from injury with the new Bullpadel padel racket manufactured with a system that helps reduce vibration caused by impact.
    £174.56PVP £174.56
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 Comfort 20 - The new collection will be available from 25 November. A padel racket developed for the most demanding players looking for power and performance on the court. Its design and innovative technologies will surprise you.
    £160.78PVP £174.56
    8 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Black Series LTD - Dont hesitate to get this magnificent padel racket with an elegant and comfortable design to dominate the court and your rival.
    £169.97PVP £436.53
    61 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Avant - Keep your eyes on the court with the Bullpadel shovel manufactured with top-notch technologies for a game full of power.
    £133.21PVP £146.99
    9 %
  • Bullpadel Wing Pro PN19 - Jump into the court with this high performance padel racket that provides a polyvalent game for intermedium players.
    £137.80PVP £220.56
    38 %
  • Bullpadel Wing Avant 20 - Do not hesitate to get this high performance shovel that features the best technologies to exploit all your performance.
    £128.61PVP £128.61
  • Bullpadel Gold Woman Pn 2019 - The best padel rackets for women who seek polyvalence, the best control and potency.
    £117.63PVP £321.65
    63 %
  • Bullpadel K3 Woman | A unique opportunity of getting a marvellous racket. Perfect for advanced level and professional players who need to carry out a game of control and rival dominion. An exceptional racket.
    £64.24PVP £116.67
    45 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Woman | If youre thinking of changing racquets and finding one that gives you power and extra manageability, take a look at this padel racquet.
    £104.72PVP £169.97
    38 %
  • Bullpadel Legend 2.0 Limited edition | Exclusive padel racket of limited edition with amazing aesthetics and at an incredible price.
    £72.60PVP £243.54
    70 %
  • Bullpadel Sky 2019 yellow - A powerful padel racket with the best quality and the best benefits for intermediate players who are looking for control.
    £66.17PVP £165.42
    60 %
  • Bullpadel Legend Limited If you are looking for an exclusive padel racket, now you can buy the new Bullpadel legend
    £64.28PVP £243.54
    74 %
  • Bullpadel Sky 2019 blue - If you jump onto the court with this padel racket, youll discover the best control and precision. One of the best padel rackets for intermediates.
    £59.69PVP £165.42
    64 %
  • Bullpadel Funny Boy | Dont miss the opportunity of getting a racket with this quality, perfect for your sons to being in the padel world.
  • Bullpadel Funny Girl | A great opportunity of getting a high-quality racket at a very good price.
  • Bullpadel K4 Pro PN 2019 | This Bullpadel padel racket is designed with a round shape, ideal for advanced level and professional players, for comfortable handling.
    £109.36PVP £220.56
    50 %
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