Padel balls for sale in our online padel shop. 

Padel balls at the best price of the internet and that fulfills the official rules about colours, measures and pressure that a padel ball must have. It is our mission, offering and giving advice about the best balls to play padel.

According to the Spanish Padel Federation, the padel balls must be "a rubber sphere with uniform yellow or green external surface". Its weight must not be over 60 grammes and shall have a rebound between 135 cm and 145 cm when you hit a hard surface from a height of 2.54 m". In padel, as in many other racket plays, it is common to have several balls on the court, with different units or a box of balls. This way you will be equipped for your training sessions avoiding any unexpected event.

Offers on padel balls

Now you can buy your padel balls on offer with the best prices at our padel online store. Regarding prices of the padel balls, we can point out several differences among different brands. For instances, a box of 24 cans of 3 Dunlop balls can be around 100€ on offer while a box of 23 cans of 3 Wilson balls can be found on offer around 80€.

You can find the chepiest balls in packs. For instances, a pack of 3 cans Head Padel Pro can be around 13€ and a pack of 3 cans by the brand Dunlop can be around 10 euros. We help you choose your padel balls.

Contact our Customer Service and one of our specialists will give you advice about padel balls for your training sessions and your matches. Tell us the usage you will give to them and we will say if you need a box of balls or a small can and even we can help you choose the best brands such as Head, Wilson, Slazenger among others.

At Pādel Nuestro you have the best offers on padel balls so that you can enjoy your favourite sport.

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