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    This amazing Babolat Counter Veron 2023 is aimed at counterattack players who play dynamic games full of powerful shots and deserve a soft-touch padel racket.

    Get the innovative Babolat Counter Veron 2023 now and hit with power easily on your counterattack

    Intended for dynamic players with power on the counterattack, Babolat Counter Veron 2023. With a body manufactured with an elastic Black EVA interior. A flexible interior allows for some comforting touches by absorbing and cushioning the blow while sending the ball out with speed and power.

    This padel racket presents impact surfaces built with two different materials to take advantage of the best features of each one. The Carbon Flex is a combined fabric of carbon and fiberglass, which provides you a flexible and efficient surface in shooting power. Carbon is rigid and fiberglass flexible.

    Impact surface designed with better grip for amazing shooting effects

    Designed with great impact surfaces, they have a 3D roughness that enhances grip and feel and makes it easier for you to control spin. The effects will also be more accessible due to the design of the distribution and the size of the holes in the body of the padel racket. These holes increase the distribution of energy.

    You can also play with the support you want since this padel racket adds a system to extract the strap from the body of the fist. So you can easily remove it to wash it or use another with another design or features.

    A soft and pleasant play by feeling fewer vibrations generated by the blows

    A padel racket designed in carbon material with elastomer on the bridge to maximize the sensations during the game since vibrations are better absorbed. Play with power and dynamism without being uncomfortable by the vibrations generated in the hit and avoid future injuries. Enjoy the best counterattacks with a polyvalent and soft padel racket.

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