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Ares padel packs, Perfect combination for your padel matches

Ares is a brand with the guarantee of Vibor-a padel, the little sister of the Vibor-a padel rackets is characterised by their closed shaft, great performance and excellent design.

 The Ares padel packs include high level padel brands such as , Siux or Bullpadel products. With the Ares packs we will be able to enjoy our padel matches with all the equipment.

 These packs includes products as balls, t-shirt and padel bags, they have all you need for your padel matches.



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Padel packs for all kind of padel players at the best price, Save money with your Ares Padel packs

You can find padel packs for women and for men, they adjust for the needs of each padel player.

 We can highlight the design of the Ares padel racket that have a closed shaft. They are padel racket with a wide sweet spot, control and power.

The Ares padel packs will assure you the best quality equipment for your padel matches. Save money and buy now your Ares padel packs that include top brands materials such as Siux and Bullpadel.