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The Akkeron padel rackets are available at the best price in You can choose any model of Akkeron padel rackets for your padel matches. Akkeron is the Spanish brand par excellence, offer an unbeatable price in its products, as well as an I+ D and Know-how the process of manufacturing very few reach. A manufacturing by hand with the most demanding quality standards and products development in which you will be able to check their high quality and better level. The most important characteristics of the Akkeron padel rackets is their closed throat to reduce the vibrations and improve the padel racket driving.



  • The new Akkeron Atlas R X8 padel racket has a very broad sweet point and greater aerodynamics. A very complete racket that will offer you exceptional control and potency.
    £153.30PVP £337.26
    55 %
  • Akkeron Kronos R X8, the 2018 Kronos collection is a racket that stands out for its excellent balance between control and potency. Its a racket with which to perform at the best level in all situations. Plus, its a racket with an exceptional design, one of the best current rackets.
    £131.36PVP £337.26
    61 %
  • Akkeron Helios R X8 2018 with closed bridge and great Akkeron potency. Its one of Akkerons most classic models that arrives totally renovated, a racket of striking design.
    £153.30PVP £337.26
    55 %
  • AKKERON ANDROMEDA LEGACY C X8 | High-range racket for great level players who seek control and potency in a balanced way. Created in tear shape, it offers comfortable and easy management. Get it at the best price on Padel Nuestro.
  • AKKERON gold KAOS LEGACY C X8 | Discover the new high-performance balanced racket for professional players seeking polyvalence and versatility in their gameplay, reaching all points efficiently and comfortably. Light, manageable and very resistant thanks to its innovative technologies.
  • Akkeron Atlas R X9 - Its a padel racket designed for players who seek great comfort and output on the court. It has a striking blue colour.
  • Akkeron Gea R X9 - Created to satisfy the comfort needs of advanced players, its a padel racket produced with quality and longlasting materials.
  • Akkeron Helios R X9 - With this padel racket, youll obtain great output to play padel, as it gives excellent comfort. Its a great quality and durability padel racket.
  • AKKERON GOLD BEAST LEGACY R X8 | New Akkeron model for expert players seeking a balanced game between control and potency. Very masculine design in red and black.
  • Akkeron Kronos R X9 - Its a padel racket that lets you play with a lot of comfort, its polyvalent for you to enjoy control and potency at all times.
  • AKKERON ORO KAOS LEGACY R X8 | Discover the new Akkeron racket for demanding players, its excellent control and potency, favouring polyvalent and versatile gameplay.
  • Enjoy the comfort this new Akkeron x8 padel racket offers, one of the best on the market thanks to their Ultra Soft Eva rubber thatll help you avoid epicondylitis problem.
    £131.36PVP £262.80
    50 %
  • Akkeron Gold R X9 | Get one of the best padel rackets for advanced level players with an attractive design and at the best price on your trustworthy online store.
  • Akkeron Silver R X9 | Experience more potency in each hit in the padel match with this padel racket for high-performance players of the best quality.
  • Akkeron Gold Spain R X9 | This Akkeron padel racket will be your best ally on the padel court thanks to its incredible benefits to stand out on the padel court.
  • AKKERON FALCON R X8 | Racket with high benefits that stands out for its control and incredible innovations. Transgressor and colourful design, focusing the attention of all eyes. New TRA drilled system for greater hit efficiency.
    £105.08PVP £210.24
    50 %
  • AKKERON ECLYPSE R X8, padel racket focused on medium level players seeking potency and good ball output. Its broad sweet point allows comfortably reaching balls of a certain difficulty.
    £87.56PVP £166.44
    47 %
  • AKKERON NEXUS LEGACY R X8, to achieve optimum control. Directed to intermedium level players, design in orange and black colours that offers grand manageability for its lightweight, which is very good to avoid injuries.
  • AKKERON CALYPSO LEGACY R X8 - New Akkeron model for women, ideal for intermediate or advanced level players who want maximum control on the court.
  • Akkeron Nexus R X9 green | This Akkeron padel racket is ideal for intermediate level players who seek maximum control hit after hit and the best sensations.
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Take advantage of the offers and discounts on Akkeron padel rackets in its 2017 collection. The Spanish padel brands has put on sale a renewed catalog with elegant designs for this new year. Akkeron Fenix Carbon X7 is its most important model for 2017, but other names are also highlighted such as Atlas Carbon X7, Helios X7 or Kronos X7 without forgetting the amazing Akkeron Gold, the best-seller by this firm year after year because of its unbeatable properties and its great relation between quality and price.

The Akkeron Andromeda padel rackets are thought for women, with attractive designs. But if you are looking for control, you must try the Akkeron Atlas, the best regarding control by Akkeron for this 2017.