Akkeron is the Spanish brand par excellence, offer an unbeatable price in its products, as well as an I+ D and Know-how the process of manufacturing very few reach. The Akkeron padel rackets are available at the best price in Pādel Nuestro. The most important characteristics of the Akkeron padel rackets is their closed throat to reduce the vibrations and improve the padel racket driving.You can choose any model of Akkeron padel rackets for your padel matches. A manufacturing by hand with the most demanding quality standards and products development in which you will be able to check their high quality and better level. 



Take advantage of the offers and discounts on Akkeron padel rackets in its 2022 collection. The Spanish padel brands has put on sale a renewed catalog with elegant designs for this new year. Akkeron Fenix Edition 2022 is its most important model for 2022, but other names are also highlighted such as Helios Edition 2022 or Poseidon 2022 without forgetting the amazing Akkeron Gold, the best-seller by this firm year after year because of its unbeatable properties and its great relation between quality and price.

The Akkeron Andromeda padel rackets are thought for women, with attractive designs. But if you are looking for control, you must try the Akkeron Atlas, the best regarding control by Akkeron for this 2022.

  • AKKERON ORO FURIA 2022, GREAT CONTROL AND POWER FaceTense Drill System that makes the Akkeron Oro F ...
    £243.57 £400.15
  • AKKERON HELIOS EDITION 2022, INCREDIBLE HIT WITH HIGH BALANCE Take a look at the new Akkeron Helios ...
    £234.87 £356.66
  • AKKERON ANDROMEDA 2022, REDUCE VIBRATIONS Let yourself be surprised by the benefits that the new Ak ...
    £226.17 £347.96
  • AKKERON PLATA 2022, COMFORT Very light, soft and comfortable, the new Akkeron Silver 2022 padel rac ...
    £208.78 £304.46
  • AKKERON POSEIDON LEGACY CARBON, VERSATILE RACKET Discover the high performance offered by this Akke ...
    £174.80 £452.35
  • AKKERON COBRA PROTECTOR 2021, POLYVALENT PADEL RACKET Get the new Akkeron cobra protector padel rac ...
    £169.60 £347.96
  • AKKERON ATLAS EDITION 2022, IMPROVE YOUR HITS Let yourself be surprised by all the benefits that th ...
    £157.42 £356.66
  • AKKERON ORO 2022, RESISTANT Improve the ball output with the new Akkeron Oro 2022 padel racket, des ...
    £140.01 £304.46
  • AKKERON COBRA EDITION 21, A CONTROL PADEL RACKET Turn heads with the elegant and modern design of t ...
    £138.27 £374.06
  • AKKERON HELIOS LEGACY R 20, POWER PADEL RACKET Jump on the track and grab glances with the new Akke ...
    £128.70 £347.96
  • AKKERON CALYPSO 2022 Capture glances on courts with the high performance of the new Akkeron Calypso ...
    £128.70 £217.47
  • AKKERON GOLD LEGACY CARBON 20, PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS Enjoy a game full of quality and high performan ...
    £122.61 £282.72
  • AKKERON NEXUS CARBON LEGACY R 20, CONTROL SET The new Akkeron Nexus RC 2020 is a control racket bui ...
    £111.30 £200.08
  • AKKERON COBRA GRAPHENE 2021, TOP QUALITY Discover the high performance of this Akkeron cobra graphe ...
    £182.68 £365.36


  • Akkeron Oro Furia 2022 - Do not miss the incredible Legacy system, it is unique in the padels world, it improves good performance, resistance and durability.
    £243.57PVP £400.15
    39 %
  • Akkeron Helios Edition 2022 - With Graphene Inside technology, we have obtained a 20% higher performance in power, elasticity and durability.
    £234.87PVP £356.66
    34 %
  • Akkeron Cobra Pegasus - It is composed of 100% carbon and it has a high balance; ideal for high-performance players.
    £230.52PVP £461.05
    50 %
  • Akkeron Andromeda 2022 - This racket has a 20% higher performance in power, elasticity and durability.
    £226.17PVP £347.96
    35 %
  • Akkeron Gold R X9 | Get one of the best padel rackets for advanced level players with an attractive design and at the best price on your trustworthy online store.
  • Akkeron Silver R X9 | Experience more potency in each hit in the padel match with this padel racket for high-performance players of the best quality.
  • Akkeron Cobra Legend - Do a difference in each game with this new padel racket designed to provide you with comfort and power at all times. Lightweight and easy to use.
    £217.47PVP £434.95
    50 %
  • Akkeron Plata 2022 - Incredible padel racket made with soft and resistant materials.
    £208.78PVP £304.46
    31 %
  • Akkeron Armageddon R X20 - Hit the court with this incredible padel racket, which will give you an excellent level of performance in every shot.
    £193.94PVP £278.37
    30 %
  • Akkeron Cobra Kronos 21 - Padel racket made with light and comfortable materials for greater precision in each stroke during training and padel games.
    £189.59PVP £400.15
    53 %
  • Akkeron Poseidon 2022 - You can now get the excellent performance padel racket that will accompany you at the beginning of the year.
    £180.90PVP £452.35
    60 %
  • Akkeron Poseidon carbon - Super versatile racket to stand out in important padel matches.
    £174.80PVP £452.35
    61 %
  • Akkeron black cobra 2021 - Get the new Akkeron padel racket designed with top materials.
    £169.60PVP £347.96
    51 %
  • Akkeron cobra protector 2021 - This Akkeron Padel racket is great for professional players.
    £169.60PVP £347.96
    51 %
  • Akkeron Furia 2022 - The technology of this incredible padel racket is fused with a modern mold that provides maximum control and power.
    £163.50PVP £400.15
    59 %
  • Akkeron Fenix Edition 2022 - Do not miss the incredible black rubber material of intermediate hardness, also with great recovery capacity, with more ball output than the SOFT but with a similar touch.
    £157.42PVP £382.76
    59 %
  • Akkeron Atlas Edition 2022 - New padel racket with great technology and nice design.
    £157.42PVP £356.66
    56 %
  • Akkeron Nexus R X9 green | This Akkeron padel racket is ideal for intermediate level players who seek maximum control hit after hit and the best sensations.
  • Akkeron Calypso R X9 pink | This Akkeron padel racket for women will be your best ally on the court thanks that it shelters your elbow from impacts while it provides great output.
  • Akkeron Athenea 2022 - This padel racket is ideal for demanding players looking for a padel racket with great control.
    £140.01PVP £304.46
    54 %
  • Akkeron Fenix Edition legacy R 20 - This akkeron padel racket incorporates carbon materials.
  • Akkeron Oro 2022 - Amazing design padel racket made with carbon materials.
    £140.01PVP £304.46
    54 %
  • Akkeron Gold Spain 2022 - Padel racket designed with a style that captivates looks, in addition to providing ease of use and comfort in your strokes.
    £140.01PVP £304.46
    54 %
  • Akkeron cobra edition 21 - Turn heads on the game with this high-quality akkeron padel racket and modern design.
    £138.27PVP £374.06
    63 %
  • Akkeron Atlas legacy carbon R 20- Stand out in major padel matches with this akkeron padel racket for professional players.
    £138.27PVP £352.31
    61 %
  • Akkeron Helios Rc - Get noticed in a match full of power and make attacks from the bottom of the court with this Akkeron padel racket.
    £128.70PVP £347.96
    63 %
  • Akkeron Nexus 2022 - Discover the high performance of the new Akkeron Nexus RC padel rackets for demanding players.
    £128.70PVP £217.47
    41 %
  • Akkeron Calypso 2022 - This Akkeron Calypso padel racket is designed with the best quality technologies and materials.
    £128.70PVP £217.47
    41 %
  • Akkeron Nexus RC 20 - Now you can buy this Akkeron control padel racket, a model from the 2020 collection that stands out for its good performance and comfortable handling.
    £111.30PVP £200.08
    44 %
  • Akkeron Gold carbon - Stand out on the track with this Akkeron padel racket made with top accesories.
    £122.61PVP £282.72
    57 %
  • Akkeron Cobra Gea 21 - High precision and control in each stroke thanks to the resistance and light materials of this new padel racket for advanced professional level players.
    £200.08PVP £400.15
    50 %
  • Akkeron cobra 2021 - Turn heads on the game with the new high-quality akkeron padel racket.
    £182.68PVP £365.36
    50 %
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